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Sitting in his room alone, Beast Boy looked around and felt like his life was just like his room, a complete mess. Even though he portrayed himself as a happy-go-lucky changeling on the outside, inside he was almost completely dead. He never once really felt that he was loved. Every time he looked in the mirror, he was reminded of the fact of what he was, a freak. A freak that had no life, no friends outside the team, and no way that he could ever truly be loved.

He had crushes, just like every other boy his age. But there was no way that he could ever tell the two girls that he cared about how he felt. They would ridicule him, make fun of him, or just plain shun him. Everyday he looked at them; he longed to tell them that he wanted to be around them, to love them and to hold them in the good times and the bad.

But neither one really showed any interest in returning those feelings. First off, Starfire was head over heels infatuated with Robin. Once the boy wonder told her how much he cared for her, she would be a lost cause to the changeling. She wouldn't even want to risk a private rendezvous with him. And as far as he was concerned, Raven didn't care that much about him at all. Whenever he found his voice to speak to her, all he ever managed to do was to get on her nerves and make her fly into her rage. If that was all he could get from her, it would be better that he never try to speak with the dark sorceress again.

"And to think, I thought I would be a bit happier today," the changeling thought to himself as he leapt to the floor. "I thought at least one of them would have come to wake me on my birthday. But they don't even care about me enough to do that." As the tears started to fall, he felt even more in tune with his depression. If the others cared about him at all, wouldn't they do something for him? If he meant anything to the team, why didn't they want to talk to him? If there was one person on the team that appreciated him, why didn't they ever want to step up to the plate? Even though he tried to cheer them up, he didn't feel like he got anything in return.

Had the others ever laugh him when he cracked a joke? Did they even try to smile when he gave the punch line? He might not have been funny, but the way that he was seeing them, there wasn't even a remote chance that he was appreciated for trying. Robin glared at him, Cyborg ignored him, Raven's eyes always shone a menacing white that gave him one shot to shut up, and Starfire might have laughed if she wasn't so naïve. Plus, to add to the pain, when he was the blunt of the joke, usually done by the dark sorceress when she was feeling a bit moody towards the changeling, the others would smirk or even break down laughing still their sides hurt. Without any effort, someone that rejected smiling could do what he wanted to do, make the others happy.

Without the technical skills that Cyborg naturally had, the martial arts skills that Robin enjoyed, the power, grace, and good heart that Starfire possessed, or anything close to the intelligence, strength, or the peace that wrapped around Raven, Beast Boy felt that he was even more useless. After all, what could a bear do that a robotically enhanced human couldn't do? What maneuvers could his shape shiftings pull that a kung-fu expert couldn't adapt to? What animal was there that was stronger then an alien that could lift more weight then any machine on Earth could? Was there anything that even existed that could move fast enough to get passed a shield of pure energy that appeared instantly? Thinking over his flaws time and time again, the changeling saw himself as the weakest of the group.

"I bet the others don't even notice me on the missions," Beast Boy said looked up though his tear, staring directly at his door. "If they don't see me now, why would they pay attention to me when we're fighting? They don't. Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven all save Robin. Everyone likes him. I bet if it was his birthday they would be talking to him and waiting on him like a fucking king."

As he finally made his way out his room, Beast Boy looked up and down the hallway. Nobody, not a soul to be seen, was around. Where had the others gone? Without anything to cheer him up, the worst case scenario popped into his mind. If the other titans weren't around, then they weren't in the tower. If they weren't in the tower, they had to be hanging out together. If there had been a mission, he would have heard the alarm. The others might have come to get him for the fight, whoever it was. And if he was fighting, he would have the others around and wouldn't feel so lonely.

"No, I suck at fighting," Beast Boy thought as he turned to go to the roof instead of the kitchen. And heading up the stairs, he reflected on the most recent battles. The most current one was last weak against Slade and an army of the robotic counterparts that the criminal mastermind was so fond of. During the fight, Beast Boy had actually been able to carry his own weight, for about five minutes. Caught off guard, struck from behind, he was thrown straight into the girl that he both feared and adored, Raven. Her response to him was less then friendly. In fact, it was downright cold.

"Get off of me," she had screamed.

"Sorry Rae," the changeling responded, too afraid to move.

"First, don't call me Rae. I'm not Rae to you or anyone else. Got it! Secondly, get off of me now!"

"Sorry," Beast Boy said pushing himself off Raven, avoiding her breast but putting undo pressure on her belly.

The rest of the fight was almost a blur as he watched most of it from the sidelines. Why bother fighting as hard as he had tried when he was only doomed to be beaten down again? Let the others fight the battles; they were better at it anyways. Starfire went at it with a righteous fury and ripped drones like papier-mâché and threw the pieces with so much force that the shrapnel tore right through more of the robotic foes. Cyborg was just as good and also had his sonic cannon to boot. Not single one of the Slade-bot ever got close to the human hybrid. It took at least four, one from each side, to catch Cyborg of guard. And even then it was almost like he couldn't be taken down. Raven looked like was just toying with the ones that were attacking her. Move left, move right, raise a shield, and when she was getting bored, use her powers to encase the robot and break it down into the original components. From there, she moved on. Except for the brief run-in that she had with Beast Boy, she wasn't in much danger at all. And lastly, Robin himself was enjoying the fight.

Naturally the boy wonder was locked in a battle with Slade. It was always that way. When the other would fight off the minions, big bad boy wonder would take on the mastermind. And after a few cliché taunts and threats, the two seemingly identical foes went at each other hammer and tong. Robin took out his bo staff and Slade had one that was identical. Clashing weapons, the two started beating the other with all the force and talent that they could muster. And though Slade broke Robin down, the Beast Boy couldn't help but think that he wouldn't have lasted nearly as long. After all, a single robot had taken him down.

And the aftermath of the fight had almost been worse then the fight itself. Completely out of the loop, he couldn't even start to talk about how he had fought. It was an embarrassment that he just as soon forget. But with Robin around, talking about how he was getting better and that Slade had "barely beaten him", it wasn't going to happen anytime soon. And to top it all off, his name was brought up in what he thought was the worst possible way.

"Beast Boy, are you terribly injured from the battle?" Starfire asked innocently enough, observing how he kept his arms around his waistline, like he was covering a deep wound.

"He didn't even fight that much," Cyborg answered looking in the rearview mirror, "he was knocked down."

"Ok," the changeling had thought, "they think I was taken down by a lucky shot. Not bad."

"I didn't see you fighting," Robin said turning around in his seat, "you need to train more. Got that?"

Nodding, Beast Boy felt worse about everything. He did train, more then the others thought he did. His body just wasn't built to be so powerful. He was how he was. He had endurance, but his animals were almost completely useless against enemies that were made of steel or some other hard materials. Ramming them hurt his skull and like he had thought, sharp teeth didn't do anything to aid in fighting machines. One, he would end up breaking his teeth. And two, he left himself open to an easy counter attack. Out of everything that he got from his powers, of everything that he had with his animal strengths, it gave him all the weaknesses of the animal kingdom.

Back to reality, Beast Boy was passing the gym, yet another room in the tower that held bad memories. At each training session, he watched as the others trained more then he should have. Robin and Cyborg didn't matter to him as more then something to shoot for. Cyborg had power; Robin had agility. If only they could rub off some of that talent on him. Then maybe he could show Starfire that he was just as good as Robin. Maybe not as clever in battles, but he could still explain phrases and protect her. If he had some of Robin's traits, and could somehow combine what little he had, the Tameranian would look at him like she looked at the boy wonder.

And if he had Cyborg's strength, he wouldn't have to deal with being knocked around. Instead of Raven and the others saving him, he could save her. Then there would be no reason for him to be upset with him. He wouldn't touch her; his hands wouldn't get near her. And maybe with that, she might open up to him and by some remote chance she would allow him to love her. Even if she wouldn't love him back, she could lighten up on him and enjoy his open admiration. That would make all the difference to him. Her respect was gold. Love was diamonds but wasn't looking to press his luck. Someday she might go that far. But until that happened, her valuing him as more then a stupid green freak would carry him through.

Passing the door, his mind was once again taken to one of the worst moments that he could remember, the others had somewhat picked on him for his lack of the physical strength.

"….and fifty," Beast Boy said sitting up on the bench press. "Dude, that was exhausting."

"Keep going," Robin said as he worked on the punching bag, "push the limits."

"Dude," the changeling answered as he wiped his brow, "I can only do so much. I don't have anyone to spot me."

"You have some endurance, keep going. Plus, you know if something goes wrong Raven can help you."

"Just what I want, Raven to save my ass again," the green titan thought to himself.

"Um, is that what you've been trying?" Cyborg asked as he looked over the weight Beast Boy had been pressing.

"I…I'm a light weight," the changeling answered as he took a couple steps back, letting the slight shadows around the room cover his face to just above his top lip.

"I am sorry, but I do find it somewhat amusing that one that can control many species of animals can lift no more then a baby borka worm," the Tameranian commented, not at all attempting to psychologically hurt the changeling.

"Please…stop," Beast Boy begged, the shadows hiding his tears. The others couldn't see him cry. He had to be stronger, to have thicker skin. But hearing the Tameranian's comment on how little he could lift was painful to hear. Just being crushed by a crush, time and time again, that was all he would ever receive from the alien beauty.

"Beast Boy's right you guys, lay off," Raven spoke up, once again defending someone that couldn't stand on his own two feet. "And Robin is right too. Beast Boy has endurance and," she started before looking at the amount that the changeling had been bench pressing. And once she did, her face cracked a slight smile. The dark sorceress might not have laughed aloud, but the hint in her eyes told Beast Boy that she did indeed find it somewhat amusing as well. Again, he felt like he was the weakest one on the team.

Once more in the current, Beast Boy climbed the stairs and reminisced how poorly he was feeling so often. "So much for a happy birthday," the green titan told himself as he made his way to the edge of the roof. Leaning over, he wondered how much better it would be if he just ended it all. Instead of being lonely and in despair, he could give himself the gift of a lifetime, the sweet peace of death. No more being laughed at, he wouldn't have to push himself under Robin's orders, there wouldn't be any more times that he had to look at Starfire and wish for her. No more having to put up with Raven telling him that he wasn't funny and he should lay off the crappy jokes. No more having to look at all of Cyborg's grand creations and wishing that he was smart enough. No more pain, no more sorrow, no more tragedies.

All Beast Boy could think of was the pleasantries that ending his mortal existence would bring. Starfire would never have to deal with the possibility of finding out and breaking someone's heart. Raven didn't have to deal with the idiocy that he brought to her. Cyborg could just go with his inventions and forget about him. Robin would just have more of the glory to add to his name. And he would once again see his parents and be loved again. Everyone would end up happier without a green pest around, especially himself.

"This is it," Beast Boy thought as he heard steps. Stunned for a moment, having thought that he was completely alone, the changeling slowly turned around. From the sound of it all, whoever it was was coming up. Who and why? Did someone remember that it was his birthday? Was someone coming up to tell him that he mattered to them? Maybe, just for the moment, he would hold off on his plan to end the pain. But that didn't mean that he was moving from his spot on the roof. He just sat down on the ledge and stared at door that led into his house of horrors.

"I'm telling you, I love you dearly," the angelic voice that he identified as Starfire's said in a cheery tone.

"Great, Robin and Star are coming up here," Beast Boy said about to lean back, until he heard the response.

"I love you too. I always have. I just wish that it didn't take me so long to see that," Raven answered.

"I never had a chance," Beast Boy told himself, "Raven doesn't like guys and Starfire is…bi?" he told the last part to himself with a question. That was a shock. He never thought that the Tameranian was one that liked both guys and girls. Then again, he never really got too much of a chance to talk to her. It was always Robin this and Robin that. He didn't even want to hear about the boy wonder. Crushed again, he got to his feet, turned around, and faced the emptiness on the horizon and in his soul.

"Goodbye you two," he said shedding the tears that he had let flow so many times before, "I hope that you two can make it." Starting to take a step out his mind completely blocked out what the two girls were saying. That was until he heard something that he thought he would never hear Starfire speak off.

"I have told Robin that I wish to no longer be his friend who is a girl," the alien angel said to her lover.

"I know, but you never told me why exactly," Raven responded.

"Because Robin was probably being an uptight jerk," Beast Boy thought. And with a slight smirk, a small piece of his heart celebrated that Robin wouldn't be getting the Tameranian either. Let Raven comfort her love. And let Starfire get her love to open up a little more. They were perfect together, one light and the other dark, Ying and Yang, good and evil.

"I have long wondered why I have not been kinder to friend Garfield," Starfire continued, throwing the changing in a loop once more. One, he was called friend. And two, the Tameranian had addressed him by his real name instead of his alias. He couldn't remember when she had used that for someone other then the ones that she cared about. Did she care about him? Well, at least that would mean that she wouldn't say something that might have some underlining cruelty to it. But that didn't mean that he would be loved. She and Raven were together. His keen hearing had let him know that. Now was the time to end it all. Pay no more attention to the voices behind him. They weren't about to tell him that he mattered more as a friend anyways.

"I know why," Raven answered.

"Please tell."

"Ever hear that you hurt the ones that you love?"

"I am not familiar with that phrase."

"It means exactly what it sounds like. Tell me, do you care about Garfield?"

"She called me Garfield too?" the changeling thought, turning around to the door again. He was almost happy that he had been too lazy to close the door. At least he could hear the kind words, at least seemingly kind words that were exiting the mouths of angels.

"I believe that I am…" Starfire said as she started to appear in Beast Boy's line of vision. "Beast Boy, why are you up here? And what are you doing?"

"Nothin'," the changeling said sitting down, "just uh…enjoying the air and the view."

"You suck at lying," Raven said coming up beside her girlfriend.

"Thanks," Beast Boy said with sarcasm lining his voice as he looked at his feet. "So I guess you know what I was thinking?"

"Yes. And I want to know why?" Raven said, a bit curious as to why the green titan looked like he was on the verge of suicide.

"It doesn't matter. You two don't need to bother with me anyways. It's just been one shitty day."

"Why?" Starfire asked in her innocence.

"I guess nobody ever gave a fuck about me. I just don't want to bother you two anymore. It's all I ever did to you anyways. You'd be happier if I was gone."

"That is not true, friend."

"Please, stop. You're making this harder then it has to be. You two are happy. I could hear you two. You're together. And I…I hope….I hope you two…," Beast Boy stammered, choking on his words. Somehow, face to face with the women that he longed to be with, the two that he loved so deeply, he just couldn't give the farewell speech that was on the edge of his tongue. Something in Starfire's eyes, and the way that Raven had her head at the slightest tilt made him want to reconsider his fate.

"No, I…I have to…I'm a…I hurt this team. I don't do anything that makes either of you two happy," Beast Boy said looking over his shoulder, "and once I'm gone, you won't have to worry about a fucking idiot pissing either of you two off. I just wanted to make you guys happy. I just wanted to be happy. And this," Beast Boy said opening his arms, "is all I get. Nobody gives a fuck about me. Remember last week Raven? When I fell? You shouted at me, like you hate me. You didn't even give me a chance. And I messed up, called you Rae instead of Raven, and you were about to bite my head off."

"Gar-" Raven started to say, her eyes getting softer as she fought to hide behind her shroud of apathy.

"I'm not done. I just want you two to know why I am taking these measures," the changeling said looking over at the Tameranian, who looked like she was about to cry the Nile. "Stop crying. You don't like me either. Over the past years, you ignored me. The only times that you talked to me was when you called me some clorbag or whatever the hell it was and then just a couple days ago when you made fun of the fact that I'm not some bodybuilder like Cy. You said I was as weak as some slug from some other planet."

"Garfield," the alien princess managed to spit out before the changeling resumed finding his words.

"And I can't take it anymore. I'm tired, sick and tired of being at the end of my rope. I don't want this pain, this misery. My parents, the only ones that ever cared, I watched die when I was seven. My foster family was taken in cold blood. Before I was a titan, I was on another team. And guess what, they're all dead too. Why should I go on any longer? Did you think that my life has been so great? I hate it. I hate my life. I hate who I am. I hate what I am. Why go on? Tell me. With everyone here that has been happy, truly happy, why should I stick around?"

"I just…we just…we wanted to surprise you," Starfire said, her tears starting to fall.


"Because it is the anniversary of the day of your birth."

"You…you remembered?"

"Of course," Raven said speaking up again.

"Then, then why didn't you come wake me up the morning? Why aren't the others here? Why didn't you…never mind."

"Get you a gift?" Raven said in an uncharacteristically soft tone.


"Starfire and I have been planning out how to give it to you."

"I see," Beast Boy thought, slightly happier now that he knew that he wasn't forgotten.

"And for where Robin and Cyborg are, they had to take care of some things. You know how Robin can be consumed with his work."

"Figures," the changeling muttered.

"Specifically, friend Cyborg is assisting the Titan's East. He wishes to be back before the day's end and give you a gift as well," Starfire answered.

"And not waking me up?"

"We wanted to make sure you were rested. No need for you to be tired on your day," Raven finished.

"May we please return inside?" the Tameranian asked the other two. "Although I do enjoy the sunlight, it is getting very warm."

Nodding, Raven looked at the changeling. Would he come with the two of them? Or was all that had transpired between the three of them meaningless to him? Was his depression so great that no matter how much he told them, he would never be appeased? Hiding her emotions, the dark sorceress waited for the green titan's answer. Yes or no? Live or die? The ball was in his court and he was going to decide his own fate.

Taking a breath and looking back over his shoulder to the great fall that would take him from the world. But was it better to not take his life and end the pain? It still lived deep inside his soul. A few kind words from the girls that he loved so deeply weren't going to take it away in the blink of an eye. He had spent far too much time on his sorrow to simply drop it like an old coat. His whole life had been spent hiding the sorrow behind a wall of bad jokes and lame excuses.

Right in front of him, two girls had given him somewhat of a reason to at least go on with life a little longer. Curious about what the two female titans were going to give him, Beast Boy weighed the odds of what it could be. If they were going to say that they were in love with each other, they would have told him so already. He had heard those admissions as they were climbing up the stairs for whatever reason they had originally intended. So that couldn't be it. Dying to know, he also nodded.

"Alright," he said in an ambiguous tone. Keeping the two females in the dark about what now was going through his mind, he slowly walked over to them. And together, the three of them walked back inside.

"So," Beast Boy asked looking at the girls that stood to his left and his right, "um…how did you two…you know…um…hook up?"

Raven smirk and Starfire gave a slight smile as well.

"Do you really want to know?" Raven asked.

"Yeah, I do," Beast Boy answered, "I'm curious."

Smiling, Starfire gave her side of the story. From the day that she had arrived on Earth, she had thought that it would be most practical for finding a boy to love. And she had. Robin was her ideal man. He seemed perfect in every way. He explained how everything worked, took the time to describe things to her when she felt herself being confused, and was there to protect her in every way that he could. But while she had openly expressed those feelings, she also had eyes for Raven. And going into some private conversations that the two girls had shared, the Tameranian spoke as she sat closer and closer to the Goth until she finally just asked if it was normal for her to have feelings for another girl.

And that was when Raven took over and told her side of the story. She, the dark and secluded sorceress had feelings for Starfire from the moment that she had lain eyes on her. But out of respect of the alien princess naivety and open expressions towards Robin, she took it as a sign that she was to never be with the Tameranian. And it was possibly that it was something the alien princess would be offended by. Who knew what type of rules Starfire adhered to? But when she had first heard her forbidden love crying, she couldn't but help herself to listen to what her heart was telling her to do, go see what ailed her friend. And that was what had lead to the first of the conversations. And from there, just as Starfire had described, they talked almost every night after the others went to bed.

"So it wasn't something overnight?" Beast Boy said as they were heading towards the kitchen.

"Not even close. But we weren't too sure if it was a good idea to keep going," Raven said as she pressed the button to open the door to the main room.

"Why? If you two loved each other, why didn't you just come on out and say it?"

"Because I asked Love Raven to not speak of it," Starfire answered. "I wished to know how Robin would react first if he understood that I loved both he and Raven."

"And I'm not exactly following here."

"One my planet such relationships are seen as normal. But I was not sure how it was for the people of Earth. Though Raven spoke of it being nothing to be ashamed of, I wanted to know more. When I saw the same relationship occur while I was purchasing materials for today, I realized that Raven and I were not alone in loving ones of the identical sex."

"And that's when she told Robin," Raven said as Starfire remembered the shock on Robin face. Though she had thought he was understanding of people, his immediate response had frightened the Tameranian right into the arms of her other love.

"I take it Robin wasn't too happy," the changeling said looking to the alien princess.

"He was not. But I no longer care for him like that. I offered myself as I am and he did not like it. I am no longer his friend who is a girl," she answered. "But today is no day for weeping. I have love, and I wish to share that happiness with you friend Garfield."

Pointing into the main room, Beast Boy saw the decorations that had been put up in his honor. To the side was a single box with a tag that read, "To: BB. From: Cyborg." And to his great delight, there was a bowl of punch and a cake in his honor. And slowly piecing things together the changeling could see why he was allowed to sleep in. Decorating the room must have taken several hours to get to the specifications that the Tameranian had likely set up. And the cake that sat on the counter with a deep green frosting might have been baked early that morning since it hadn't been there the night before. But even if it was store bought, the two girls had to have been behind the whole ordeal. They were the only ones in the tower with him. Surely if Cyborg or Robin were involved, they would have stuck around until they saw the gratitude on the changeling's face.

"Did you two…did you do all this for me?" Beast Boy said about to tear for real happiness.

"Indeed. Raven used her powers to make the cake and I arranged the decorations. Cyborg was unable to assist because he needed to help our friends in Steel City," Starfire answered.

"Do you like what we did?" Raven asked, knowing the tears on the changeling's face said more then he could ever get out of his mouth.

"You two…I…I don't know what to say. I feel…and I know you don't really…but I feel like you two love me."

"Don't be too sure about that," Raven thought to herself, knowing that she and the Tameranian had long since loved the changeling more then they let the boys know. And after Robin's break up, the web of deceit that might have formed became a dream, a phantom that they would never have to deal with. So the only question now was how Beast Boy felt for them. Did he accept them as they were, unlike how Robin had reacted? Would he be happy with two bisexual females? His initial response had been a bit hazy so as to hide what he was really feeling. And if they asked him about loving them, would he just cover himself with another lie? His happiness and joyful appearance had been a rather elaborate one that had worked for years. What was to prevent him from deceiving them once again?

"Well, how about we have some cake and punch," Raven suggested as she arched an eyebrow.

"Girls…Raven, Star…thanks. I thought that everyone forgot about me."

"You're never forgotten, Garfield. And you never will be."

After a slight pause, they finally moved over to the cake where Beast Boy did the honors of cutting himself the first slice. But seeing as how Raven was the one that made it for him, and he wanted to show her that he cared about her, he offered it to her instead.

"No, it is you birthday and you are going to have the first of everything," Raven responded, holding up a hand and lightly pushing the plate back to the changeling.

"Ok, Star? You want it?"

"Do you not wish to have the first piece?" Starfire said with a slight bit of confusion. "I believed that it was human tradition that the one of whose birth was being celebrated was required to have the first slice."

"Ok, this one's mine," Beast Boy said setting down his serving before cutting generous portions for the two female titans. "But these are yours."

"Thanks," the dark sorceress responded as she took her cut.

"Indeed, this is a most generous serving," added the alien princess as she took her piece and set it at the kitchen table.

Moments later, as the three sat down at the table enjoying the sweets that had been prepared, Beast Boy's mind was off in some far away place where it was just himself, Starfire, and Raven sitting on a deserted beach on some island off in the Pacific. There he would ask them how they felt about him. Did they care about him as more then a friend or was this celebration just something that assured him that he wasn't completely ignored. Could Starfire make room for him in her heart? Or had Robin's outburst scar that section of her and forbid a male ever touching her again. And even if she did love him, what would Raven think of her girlfriend sleeping with someone else? And on the flip side, was there even a chance that the dark sorceress loved him? He loved her just as much as he cared for Starfire. And feeling that it was just foolhardy to hide it from them when he had been so generously offered a celebration, he grabbed his punch, took one final gulp and tapped the two girls on the their shoulders.

"Um, can I ask you two something?" Beast Boy stammered, hoping that his heart wouldn't explode before he got the words out.

"Yes," Starfire answered. "I wish to hear what you want to say."

"I was…I was thinking that if I was to…I don't know…care about you two as more then just friends, would you be…I don't know….um…angry with me?"

"Beast Boy, tell me something. Are you in love?" Raven said putting down her fork. "Or is this a simple crush? Or maybe it's just lust?"

"Its not crush and if it was lust, I wouldn't be as scared as I am. I've looked at you two and wanted to be there for you. But I never could say anything about how much I really did love you, both of you. And since the guys aren't here, it's the best time that you two can just reject me. I don't have to deal with more then two people thinking that I am some nut."

"Before I answer that question, what would you do if we said that we weren't interested in you as more then a friend?"

"I dunno," Beast Boy said shrugging as he started to lose what strength he had mustered up.

"Would you still be happy for us?" Starfire asked intently.

"I…my one birthday wish was to have friends and make them happy. I just…I just want you guys to be happy and be the reason. And since I've never really been loved, at least I can feel a little happier with knowing that I really have friends."

Looking over at each other, the two girls gave the other a smile before looking at the changeling. With the light still shining in their eyes, Raven was holding down her tears while Starfire let them flow freely. It was so nice for her to hear that someone that she loved didn't mind that her heart was with Raven. Robin had rejected her under that reason and had broken her heart. But as much time and effort Raven had given, there was a part of her that still longed for a male companion, a boy that loved her. From what she understood about what had just been said, Beast Boy did love her and was willing to sacrifice being loved just to have friends.

And likewise, the fire that burned in the Goth's soul erupted. From all the times that she had ripped Beast Boy to shreds with her comments about his lack of talent and his missing brain, a part of her had expected that he would have started to hate her. And he didn't? He cared about her through all that? Surely what words she had used had strained that passion beyond all limits. And with a little more thought, the love she had for Starfire reached out and offered itself to Beast Boy as well.

"So, you two happy? I mean at least I can stick up for you if you need me to. Better I get yelled at for standing up for once in my life then to have either of you two upset," Beast Boy offered.

"I do not understand. Why offer something to us when it is neither my or Love Raven's anniversary of our birth?" the Tameranian asked.

"I got something already. For once, I think that I'm accepted. I never really though I was…what with being on the short end of everything."

"Garfield, there is something else that we need to tell you," Raven said, the slightest of a tear in the corner of her eye.


"Perhaps it would be best if I speak of what we feel," Starfire stated, intervening for Raven who, for the first time, was at a loss for words.

"We?" Beast Boy asked with an arched eyebrow, once more confused with what was going on.

"Indeed. Since Raven and I have felt the love for each other, we confided many secrets to each other. We had thought we were to never love one another, yet we do. And although I loved Robin, I also…had the love for you as well Garfield. I have loved three since my time on Earth began. First was Robin, then Raven, then you. Please do not take offense. I am merely…"

Beast Boy held up a finger and put in to his lips. "Shh," he hushed softly, "I get it. It's not like I was the first on anyone's list anyways."

"Not so," the Goth resorted with a look that burned into the changeling's heart and soul. "You were the first one that I loved. But I couldn't bring myself to admit it. I didn't know if there was a reason to since you seemed so happy. And I didn't want to make you feel like I was a wet blanket."

"You…you love me? You both love me?" Beast Boy asked, his voice squeaking.

"Indeed," the Tameranian answered with a nod, the tears in her eyes glimmering under the lighting in the room.

"Ditto," the dark sorceress added, this time allowing a smirk to be directed specifically at the green titan.

Feeling like the day was as good as it was going to be, Beast Boy didn't want to get up from where he was. Sitting across from him were two women that loved him. He wasn't just a friend to them; Starfire loved him like she had once felt for Robin. And it would have to take a great deal of emotional turmoil to have Raven even start to admit feelings for him. There was no longer any room for the doubt that had clouded his mind, no part of him could deny that he wasn't he was indeed loved like he had always wished for. With a slightly dreamy feeling taking over his body, the changeling slouched and gave a relaxed smile.

"Are you truly happy?" Starfire asked as she looked at Beast Boy from across the table.

"Yeah, for the first time in a long time, I am happy. And it's thanks to you two," Beast Boy answered as he sat up.

"What do you wish to do now?" Starfire asked as Raven manipulated the dishes to the sink.

"Honestly, I don't care what happens now. I'm not going to the roof if that's what you were thinking."

"I was not."

"I think that we should give our gift to Garfield now," Raven said looking at her Tameranian love.

"Indeed," Starfire answered looking at the dark sorceress in the eyes. "Do you wish for us to give you our present, Garfield?"

"Sure," Beast Boy said turning this way and that, wondering where the box was. He had only seen the one from his cybernetic ally. But then again, the room was fixed up without making him stir. Maybe it was under his seat, like a letter of some sort along with some sort of gift certificate to get a new video game. After all, neither girl really knew what games he liked. So looking underneath he found nothing. Not even a note telling him "better luck next time". Although, after giving it a second thought, hiding something under his seat was something Cyborg would have done. Raven was too serious and Starfire was anti-practical joking.

"If you are looking for you present, it is not in here," Starfire said as she rose to her feet.

"Then where is it?" Beast Boy asked confused. "Where did they put it?"

"We'll lead you there," Raven added as she stood up on her side of the table.

"Lead me? Like an animal?"

"Not exactly, but I believe that it would be best suited if you just came with us. But since it's impossible to wrap up, we are going to blindfold you."

"Um…ok. Makes sense to me, I guess."

"Wonderful," Starfire said grabbing a bandana from her pocket. "Please rise so I may cover your eyes."

Complying, Beast Boy kept his eyes on Raven and Starfire, shifting back and forth as his mind asked him where the Tameranian had gotten the cloth that was being tied over his eyes. Once completely blind, he stood there as patiently as he could, and waited for one of the girls to grab his hand and lead him. And feeling both hands grabbed by the soft hands of his girlfriends, his heart raced in eager anticipation of what they were going to give him.

"It a moped," he thought as he walked along, fully trusting the women beside him. "No, these are the stairs," he told himself walking up several stories. "Did they dare to clean my room? That would be a real treat. I don't even think I've really cleaned it since I took over that place. That had to have used a lot of magic and stuff."

Listening to a door opening and smelling clean, fresh air, his felt himself lead inside the room. But something wasn't right. It couldn't be his. If it had been, it would have been a bit warmer. This one was cooler, five degrees or so. What place in the tower could possibly have this temperature? But he didn't even have that much time to consider the options as he was gently lifted off his feet and tossed over to a very soft and very warm bed spread.

"Um, can I take the blindfold off?" he asked as he raised his hands to do so.

"Not yet," Raven answered, "Starfire and I need to get your present out."

"Um, ok. Tell me when?"

"When what?" the Tameranian asked as she watched Raven head over to the closet at the far end of the wall.

"I know you're teasing me Star," the changeling said with a grin, "you've used that before."

"Yes I have."

"Ok," Raven said as she came back beside Starfire, standing directly in the changeling's line of site, "take it off."

"Not a problem," Beast Boy answered as he tried to make sure that he didn't take that the wrong way. And in the ambiguity of what the Goth had told him, he couldn't help himself from a small laugh, one that sounded like it actually rubbed off on the girls.

"Well?" Starfire asked.

"What are you thinking now, Garfield?" Raven added.

Heart pounding, Beast Boy stared opened mouth at the girls that had confessed their feelings to him. They were no longer wearing their uniforms but instead wore revealing lingerie. Only in his dreams had they worn something that showed off their figure that much. But even though he had a great imagination, the images in his mind were nothing compared to reality. Their bodies were flawless in every way. The only thing that he got right was the color that he Goth would wear, a pure black. Starfire, who he thought might where a pink that would be somewhat a representation of her innocence, was instead covered in a deep, sensual purple.

"You like this?" Raven asked with hint of suggestiveness in her voice, something that was so uncharacteristic of her that it took the changeling a couple moments to realize that he was asked a question, even though it was plainly obvious that he was indeed aroused.

"I believe that Garfield is indeed enjoying this love," the Tameranian said turning to her second love.

"Sh," the Goth said putting a hand to Starfire's lips, the look in her eyes seeming to be pleading for another kiss for the two of them to share.

Knowing the familiar glimmer in the dark sorceress's eyes, the Tameranian princess was more then happy to oblige her girlfriend. Taking a step towards Raven and draping her arms over the smooth gray skin, the seemingly naïve knew exactly what she was doing. Gently, she ran her hand through Raven's violet hair. And within but a few seconds of the plea, Starfire pressed their soft lips together. And like so many times before, they wrestled their tongues in dead heat. But while the fought, Raven's hands started to slide down Starfire's hips where they gently grabbed a firm hold. And there both girls remained, deeply in love with each other and somewhat enjoying the show that they were putting on for the third member of their love triangle.

"Whoa," Beast Boy said as he tried to not hyperventilate.

"You enjoyed watching that, didn't you Garfield," Raven as she looked over at the changeling on her bed, causing her and Star's lips to part.

"I believe he did enjoy the portrayal of our love dear Raven," Starfire said giggling as the green titan continued to stare like it was the second best thing on Earth, first being him in one of the girls' place. "Now then, I believe that we should give you your present now," the Starfire began to say in a in a sensual tone. "And I believe that you shall have the honors Love Raven."

Eyes widening, the dark sorceress felt herself actually starting to freeze up. This would be the first time she had even allowed a boy to kiss her. Something about Starfire set her at ease right away. Beast Boy, something made her worry that she wouldn't be done nearly as well. Why she suddenly had doubts about herself she couldn't determine, but they were there.

"Come," Starfire said taking hold of Raven's hand and leading her up to the eager changeling who's heart beat faster and faster as his desires to be all that he could be for the two loves of his life rose to unforeseen heights. "I believe that you have loved him far longer then I have. You should be giving your present first."

"Present?" Beast Boy stammered.

"Indeed so," Starfire answered. "Though we have both loved you for a considerable amount of time, Love Raven has desired you to love her in return for a greater period of time then as have I. But our desire is to show you that we indeed love you with our entire being."

"Mind, body, soul, and the flesh," Raven stated. "In our minds," she continued as the Tameranian set her over the changeling's lap, "we wished for the love that we share. In our hearts, a fire burned uncontrollably. In our souls, we mesh and become as one. And the flesh," she paused as her heart beat wildly for the green titan that was looking her straight into her violet eyes, trying as best they could to show that he was ready to do anything for them at any time.

"…is the last piece of ourselves that we have not yet given to you," Starfire summed up as she herself took her place behind Beast Boy. "But we shall give it to you now. We love you with our entirety, Love Garfield. And you love us. Will you offer your heart to us as well?"

"Yeah, I'd…I'd die for either of you two," Beast Boy answered as he felt gentle kisses placed on his neck, sending him the first moments of heaven. "I really mean it."

With everything coming together so nicely, Beast Boy had one question in his mind that he longed to answer, was it all a dream? Was his imagination kicking into overdrive before he was about to die? But that was soon set to rest as Raven put her arms around his shoulders and kissed him with the same passion that she had just displayed with Starfire. Long and deep, hot and heavy, desire and love, everything in their beings felt a surge of pure energy. And Beast Boy didn't want to let the moment go. Raven, though she had seemed to cold outside, was warm and caring inside. This was the Raven that he had been trying to get to for so long. Now here she was, straddling his lap and locking her lips to his.

But as he continued to kiss the dark sorceress, his strength gave way to Raven's body weight and caused him to lean heavily on the Tameranian behind him. Sandwiched between his loves, Beast Boy couldn't help but let out a small moan of pleasure. This was really happening. Every moment that his tongue fought with Raven's, he felt more and more grateful to the two women were making his birthday a day to remember. Saved from death and inside he was brought to life. There was nothing that these two saviors couldn't do for him. And likewise, he swore to himself that he do everything in his power to be their savior as well.

And as he and Raven finally broke the passion for a breath, Starfire looked around his shoulder and stared at him loving. Softly, gently she placed her hand under his chin, lightly grabbed it, and slowly turned his head to face her. Looking deeply into the changeling's eyes, she smiled at him as she moved in for a kiss of her own. Just like Raven before her, the Tameranian kissed Beast Boy with deep passion as her tongue explored the changeling's mouth as well.

Finding the courage that she was more accustomed to, Raven took the time to undress Beast Boy. Starting with his belt, she tossed it to the way side as she slid off the green titan and used her powers to undo his shoes while she physically pulled his pants down. Leaving her boyfriend in only his boxers and his shirt, the Goth got her first look at how well the changeling was endowed.

"What wrong?" Beast Boy asked concerned as he and the Tameranian ended their kiss.

"I didn't know you were that much more then average," Raven said pointing at the bulge in the changeling's boxers.

"Heh, that's why I'm called Beast Boy?" he said trying to give a slight funny, feeling his cheeks getting redder.

"Amusing," the sorceress answered with a slight grin on her face as she got back on Beast Boy's lap, her confidence now as high as it had been when she kissed the Starfire.

"That's the first time that I…" the changeling started to say as Raven gently pushed him on his shoulders, laying him down to the bed.

Looking up and propping himself on his elbows, Beast Boy watched as Raven got off of him and made the short distance to Starfire. And was he looked on, the two girls grinned at him before they assisted each other out of their lingerie. It was enough to make him jump over to them, but was quickly pinned down to the by a naked, orange skinned princess who's eyes glowed with passion, desire, and the purest innocence that he could have imagined. Before he knew what had happened, the Tameranian's strong hands tore his shirt open, showing even more of his green skin and fairly toned body. He might not have had the same strength that Cyborg had, but he was very fit considering his skeletal frame. He was perfect, not just in heart but his body as well.

"I apologize for that," Starfire said looking the changeling in the eyes as Raven came up behind her and began to caress the Tameranian's breasts.

"Its fine," Beast Boy moaned, his body yearning for more, his heart happy where it was.

"I believe that you desire to make love."

"I think we all want to," Raven said as she kissed Starfire's neck.

Smiling and moaning as the dark sorceress trailed kisses down her neck, Starfire looked down at Beast Boy. She was eager to express how deeply she loved him. And the way that he was looking back up at her, it was his desire to do the same. So much time spent loving and longing, so much anticipation all brought to a single moment.

"Are you ready to make love to me Garfield?" the Tameranian asked as her hands reached for the sides of the changeling's boxers.

"Yeah," he said in a hoarse tone.

In what seemed like seconds, Beast Boy found himself laying back naked with Starfire about to lower herself on his throbbing cock. And he moaned as Raven assisted her girlfriend's descent by softly holding his dick. Just the feeling of penetrating the sweet alien princess was enough to make him feel like he was going to cum. She was so tight, so wet, so perfect inside and out. And as he pushed his entire length inside Starfire's womanhood, he put his hands on his love's hips and gently set a pace for the both of them to follow. And as perfect as it was for the two of them, Beast Boy didn't want Raven to feel out of the loop. She was just as loved by him. There was no need for her to stay away.

So motioning for the Goth to come around, he gritted his teeth and continued thrusting inside the alien beauty's perfect form. Nodding understandingly, Raven moved over and sat on Beast Boy's chest as she proceeded in kissing Starfire's deeply, hushing her moans of pleasure. However, the odd positioning with Beast Boy reaching around her waistline to hold onto the Tameranian as they continued to buck hips caused the grey skinned sorceress to get an idea. Why not have Beast Boy please them both at the same time? Without a second thought, Raven scooted back to were Beast Boy could still hold Starfire but was in a perfect position to use his tongue to please his other love.

Looking over her shoulder back into Beast Boy's eyes which were clenched tightly as he groaned in pleasure, Raven made soft noises that caused him to open them once more. Right above him was the dark sorceress's dripping pussy, begging for some attention. And with her heavy breathing, she almost telepathically told him what to do. Not that it would have made a difference. It was almost as though Beast Boy was programmed to use his tongue to please her. One lick across her folds, giving him his first taste of the Goth, then another, and finally he took his hands from Starfire hips and used his fingers to assist his tongue to push deeper inside.

"Oh, Garfield," Raven screamed in pleasure as she put her hands on Starfire's shoulder's for support. "Oh, so good…so good. You mean so much to me, your heart is gold."

"Indeed," the Tameranian screamed as she leaned forward, likewise placing her hands on Raven's shoulders for support. "I love you too…I love you too…Garfield! And I love you Raven. I love you both so dearly."

"Same here," the dark sorceress said biting the bottom of her lips, using what grip she had on Starfire to pull the two of them closer together so as to kiss and stifle their screams of ecstasy that Beast Boy was causing.

Continuing to make love to Starfire, Beast Boy hoped that he was going to make her have an orgasm. He couldn't hold on much longer. But with her and Raven blocking their moans, he focused on two things: not cumming and getting the two angels to have their orgasm. After he was done with the latter, he would take care of the former. But it was going to be a challenge to be sure. The pressure was building up and he didn't know how long he would be able to stand Starfire's pace. Every movement that she made was another moment that he would remember.

And Raven was likewise doing her best to give the maximum amount of pleasure that she could to her lovers. As Beast Boy continued using his tongue to send her wave after wave of ecstasy, she continued to hold onto the Tameranian for support with one hand, but let her other stroke the changeling's erection as Starfire raised herself for the few seconds. Though she was trying to kiss the princess, the green titan's tongue forced herself to scream in pleasure and moan his name.

"Garfield," Starfire screamed, "I love you but I fear that I may no longer be able to…" She stopped her speech as she reached her orgasm and covered the changeling's member in her fluids. But her movements didn't cease and pressed Beast Boy to cum inside her.

"STARFIRE!" the changeling moaned as he tried to get Raven to cum as well, "I can't keep this up. I….I gotta…oh….I'm gonna cum."

"Please do so," the Tameranian screamed before Raven managed to stop her stifle them with a deep kiss that in effect muffled her own.

As Starfire continued grinding her hips, Beast Boy kissed and licked Raven's pussy. But it was all becoming too much for his body. His heart said to hold on, but the flesh won out in the end of it all. He had strength in his body to hold back as he came deep inside the Tameranian, getting her scream his name once again. But though he had at least partially satisfied one of the angels, he still worked furiously to get Raven to cum. She was the only one that hadn't yet experience the wonderful feeling and release of the tension that had to be building up inside her.

"Come on," Beast Boy mentally begged, "please cum."

"Garfield…GARFIELD!" Raven screamed as she placed her both her hand behind her and arched herself back, putting a little more distance between herself and the Tameranian.

"Yes," Beast Boy though as he worked furiously on making love to Raven with his cat-like tongue.

Bucking her hips against his tongue, Raven felt herself reaching the point to where she could no longer hold on any longer. And when Starfire raised herself off Beast Boy's member and started gently sucking her diamond hard nipples, the dark sorceress had all that she could take. In a powerful orgasm of her own, she felt all the tension that the changeling had been building up release and spill her juices in Beast Boy's mouth.

As the Raven and Starfire collapsed to either side, Beast Boy breathed heavily as he lay covered in all their sweat. That had been one hell of a gift. And in retrospect, he couldn't imagine how he could possibly have wanted to end his life. How foolish his thinking had been. He had two girls on either side of him that cared about him, love him, adored him, wanted to love him and show how much they wanted to be with him and with each other. He had not only been saved, he had been given a new life. A life that was full of love, a life that he had for so long thought he was destined to wish for but never have.

"Did you enjoy that?" Raven asked looking over at Beast Boy who was trying to catch his breath.

"Y-y-yeah," Beast Boy answered as he took in deep gulps of air.

"Do you wish to go again?"

"Again? Is that even possible? I'm exhausted."

"Is that a no?"

"I'm only human."

"And I am part demon. I know spells, ones that can help you recover faster then any mortal should. So just answer my question. Would you like to make love to me too?"

"I'd love to make love to you," the changeling answered.

That was all that Raven needed to hear as she sat up and grabbed Beast Boy cock. And as her hand glowed and surrounded in a black aurora, the changeling watch wide eyed. Somehow, under some mysterious forces, he felt his strength rejuvenated. More to the effect and more apparent to the three titans, he was ready to make love once more. Taking a breath, the changeling sat up and rolled over and looked Raven in the eyes.

"Not like this," Raven said with an unusual look in her eyes.

"Huh?" the changeling asked as he was rolled over.

"Come on, you can't tell me that you have never wanted to make love doggie style," the Goth teased as she got on all fours.

As she turned around, giving Beast Boy the opportunity to take his position, Raven also made her way over to Starfire and merely gave the Tameranian a look. And knowing exactly what her girlfriend was about to do, her eyes lit up. Raven knew exactly how to use her tongue; it was a magic of its own. And as the grey skinned sorceress slowly placed her head between the alien princess's legs and leaned in close to her cunt, she watched as Beast Boy came up from behind and gently, yet firmly grabbed onto Raven's ass.

Looking back over her shoulder, Raven nodded and awaited the rush of pleasure that she had seen Starfire enjoy. Surely the changeling could do the same for her? And that was soon answered as she felt his cock penetrating her womanhood. In a rush, she screamed in pleasure. It was more then she thought it could have been. If his cat-like tongue was great, then there were no words that she could think of that could describe the feeling of having Beast Boy inside her. And once he started going at his gentle, slow pace to soothe the pain away, Raven turned back to Starfire and softly pressed on her legs. With the Tameranian's legs spread apart, the Goth leaned in and started to use her tongue to do the same thing Beast Boy had done to her, make her lover scream her name.

"Raven," Beast Boy moaned as he thrust at a quickening pace, "Oh, I love you!"

"As…as do I," Starfire added as she ran her hand through Raven's violet hair, "I love you so greatly that I can not describe my feelings for you."

"I know you two love me," the dark sorceress thought as she focused on pleasing her girlfriend while feeling herself becoming completely wrapped in pleasure and ecstasy. Even though the changeling had never made love to her before, he was going at the pace that she loved and with the force that she desired. While she continued to drive her tongue inside Starfire, her body was once again begging for release. Beast Boy was just going at it too perfectly for her to really be able to last a great deal longer. But using her powers, she cheated in suppressing the orgasm that was building up in her once more. Yet still the Goth wasn't going to last much longer. How long would it take for the green titan to cum again? Her powers allowed him strength and a second wind so her answer was a mystery that she was going to have to wait for.

Minutes later, Starfire's screams were becoming almost enough to wake the dead. She couldn't hold herself back from the edge any longer. In her rush, she forced Raven's mouth over her cunt as she came, giving the Goth most of her juices. And Beast Boy wasn't that far behind. The dark spell that was used wasn't giving him the ability to hold of forever. And with a final thrust, the changeling came inside Raven's walls and collapsed on top of her. Panting, he pressed on lightly thrusting, wanting to give the same rush that she had given him and the Tameranian. Keeping himself going, hoping to high heaven that he could fulfill his desire for Raven's release, he listened for her shrill screams that she had used with he had ran his tongue across her pussy.

"GARFIELD!" Raven screamed as some of Starfire's cum dripped down her chin.

"Yeah," the changeling gasped, trying to push his body past his limits. Like Robin had said, he had a lot of endurance. It just extended beyond the realm of fighting.

"I'M CUMMING!" the dark goddess's screamed as she did so.

As they lay on the bed thoroughly exhausted, Beast Boy looked from one side then the other. Raven on his right, Starfire to his left, angels beside him, it couldn't be any better. Everything that he loved for so long, everything that he needed came to a single moment in his life. And as the pleasant feeling cradled him like a child once more, he was never going to be the same. He didn't have to strive to be anything more then he was. Both his girlfriends accepted him as he was, green skin and all. Beyond all appearances, underneath everything they had portrayed had lain three people that were in dire need of one another.

"Garfield," Raven said as she laid her head on his chest, "what are you thinking that's keeping you awake? Aren't you tired?"

"Indeed," the Tameranian yawned as she rested her head on the opposite side of the changeling's chest, "I am."

"I'm beat," he answered, wrapping either arm around the woman that pulled him from the jaws of misery and death. "I just…I'm just so happy that I don't have anything to be ashamed of for loving both of you."

"Agreed," Starfire answered before entirely falling asleep.

"Sweet dreams," Raven added before her body dragged her into slumber.

"Sweet dreams," the changeling repeated looking at the girls one more time, planting a kiss on their foreheads and finally drifting off into a truly peaceful slumber.


The End
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