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Chapter One – Angel: Angel Ravena rolled out of bed with a sigh. It was five in the morning, and she was the only one awake in the girls' dorm at Larkspur Children's Home in New York City. It was a familiar pattern; it was the same every day, after all. Just like everything else around here.

She supposed the patterns were good; they kept life simple. And she lost herself in them, and in schoolwork and the drawings she devoted all her spare time to, and in this way, she escaped. This way, she never needed to recall the past, or think about her secrets.

What Angel did not know was that something was about to break that pattern. For today, someone found her. His name was Professor Charles Xavier.

Professor Xavier was a mutant with the power of telepathy. He had a machine called Cerebro that extended his power. Using Cerebro, his mind could touch anyone in the world. And today, he had found a young mutant with a startling pair of powers. The girl called Angel Ravena was a telepath, but she could also harness a type of energy.

Angel did feel the brush of the Professor's mind, but she ignored it. It meant nothing to her, but then, little did anymore. Not since...but she didn't talk about that or even think about it. Ever. People called her the Ice Queen, and the title suited her. She made no friends and stayed distant from everyone. Life was easier that way.

Meanwhile, Professor Xavier was deciding what to do about Angel Ravena. The fact was, while he wanted the girl at his school, getting her there would be a bit difficult. He had discovered that Angel lived at a children's home, which meant she was a ward of the state. Most of the students were runaways, and the others' families were almost all under the impression that the school was a prep school. Finally, he just decided to work this like in the same way they would work it if Angel lived with her family.

He asked Storm to be the one that went to Larkspur. She was good at handling awkward questions, and she was also very good with the students. Storm didn't mind doing it; it would actually be a relief to get out of the mansion for a while. Since Alkali Lake, the atmosphere of the school had changed for the worse, becoming more subdued and sad, yet angrier at the same time. It got a bit stifling at times.

Angel had no idea that her life was about to get a lot more interesting, and if she had, she probably wouldn't have really cared. To her, life right now was a limbo. She was waiting to be 18, to be free and on her own. Still, she was surprised two days later when her housemother, Ms. Anderson, called her down to the office. What was going on?

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