After a few weeks I started getting more used to humans. Raen visited me every day either before school or after it. She was an odd sort of person, really. It wasn't just the way she dressed and her growling tones. It was also how sad she always seemed. Raen was always very quiet when she came home from school. I felt sorry for her. One if the older geldings told me Raen's mother had died in a riding accident last year and her father had started drinking after that. One day he drank too much at a bar and had crashed into a tree on his way home. Raen didn't have any other family except for her grandfather, so she came to live at the ranch. Her love of horses never wavered, even after her mother died. Now it was one of her only joys in life.

Raen's grandfather eventually started training me. Raen volunteered to be the first one on my back.

"Raen, are you sure you're ready for this? You've never helped start a Mustang before," her grandfather said tensely as Raen put on a riding helmet over her black hair. She had finally dyed it black, since she was sick of having brown highlights. The teen smiled reassuringly.

"I'll be just fine. Indi trusts me," she replied. It was a hot day in late September. I'm not sure where exactly the ranch is, but one of the mares told me we live in southern Illinois. I stood nervously in the middle of a round pen, waiting for something dreadful. The first thing I remember was a soft voice that I had never heard before. It took me a few minutes to realize it was Raen.

"That's it, girl, nice and easy," she said quietly. Then I felt a light weight as she placed one foot in the stirrup. I didn't move. Gingerly, Raen leaned on my back. When I still didn't move, she swung her right leg over my back and sat on top of me. I felt her right foot searching for the stirrup, the light contact she had with my mouth through the reins, and her weight in the comfy English saddle. She didn't actually weigh all that much, she felt something like a hundred pounds or a little over that. I snorted softly and my ears flicked back and forth from Raen to her grandfather to noises in front of me. Raen patted my neck.

"Good girl," she said calmly. She then turned her head and stared at her grandfather.

"See, no problem." I felt a light nudge from her heels and I obediently walked forward. Raen was a good rider, I'll admit. She was centered in such a way that was comfortable for both of us, and her cues were soft and subtle. It was almost like I could feel what she wanted me to do. She nudged my side again, a little harder, and I started to trot. Suddenly, I felt her weight lift off my back momentarily, then she was back in the saddle. This went on for a while, until I understood that she was rising and falling with my stride as I trotted around in a wide circle. After a while there was the lightest pull on the reins and I slowed to a halt.

"Wow, she's got a great posting trot," Raen said. Her grandfather nodded. Then he smiled broadly.

"Honey, I've got a surprise for you," he said. Raen turned her head and looked at him.

"Yeah?" she asked. It sounded like she was trying not to get her hopes up too high, but was failing.

"Darling, you were riding before you could walk, I just think it's fair that you get your own horse. Raen, would you like to have Indi be your very own horse?" Stunned silence.

"Of course!" was the enthusiastic response after she got over the initial shock. It seemed to me like Raen had got her wish.

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