Chapter 1: Must Have Been A Party

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Maddie Fenton parked outside The Manson's mansion and looked out the window of her RV, pulling out her binoculars and examining a window on the top floor. There, Danny Phantom knocked on the window and flew inside. She squinted her eyes and wished that she could hear what he was doing; she made a mental note to think of an invention to create for that. "Jack, he's in." she said to her husband, who was in the back putting on weapons. It really was a shame that Danny couldn't come to help her; he really needed the field training if he would ever continue the ghost fighting business.

"GHOST!" He shouted, standing up to his full height, but stopped when he hit his head on the top of the RV. It was a miracle he even fit in in there with his weight.

Maddie turned off the car and Jumped out, accompanied by Jack. She dashed to the front door and began pounding on it with her fist. "OPEN UP! THIS IS A GHOST EMERGENCY!"

The door opened to a butler in black, who was shoved out of the way when Maddie and Jack charged in. "What in the world…?" Mrs. Manson started, staring at the two people in jumpsuits before her. "The Fenton's?" she asked.

"Stand back! There is a ghost in here! I saw it fly through the upstairs window!" Maddie said.

"I'm gonna kick that Ghosts butt and teach him to come in our dimension!" Jack proclaimed.

"What?" Mrs. Manson said, disgusted that these people were even in her house at all. "Ghost? I think not." She said. She was tempted to say 'There's no such thing' but she had witnessed a ghost attack right before her eyes in a Circus tent she was boycotting.

"Out of the way! We'll clear this up!" Jack shouted, running up the stairs and to Sam's room. He reached for the handle but found it locked. "OPEN UP! THERE'S A GHOST IN THERE!"

If Jack had a bigger brain, he may have heard Sam gasp, "Danny! Hide!"

Sam opened the door and said plainly, "What? A ghost? Oh no!" Obviously acting, she really was a bad on-the-spot actor. She then turned her head as Jack came in. "It surely wouldn't stay in one place, like in my bathroom!" she said loudly, clearly warning someone in the bathroom to move.

"You don't need to shout! I can hear you perfectly fine!" Jack said, pulling out a ghost detector and scanning the room. "Come on you little ectoplasmic being! I know you're in here…." he growled then sighed when NEGATIVE flashed on the screen. "Better check the other rooms!" He said quickly, darting out of the room and down the stairs.

"I want to know what the MEANING of this is!" Mr. Manson shouted as Maddie ran from door to door scanning the rooms for ghosts.

Sam walked over to the edge of the stairs and looked down, sighing. Now Danny's parents would be fitted into the number one slot on her parents' hate-list. She heard someone sigh behind her and pressure was on her shoulder. She could only guess Danny had his hand on her shoulder. "Great, you're parents are going to make my parents file for another restraining order…" she sighed.

Maddie ran back to the center of the entrance room and pointed the ghost detector at Sam. She gasped as a green form of a boy was seen behind her with his hand on her shoulder on the screen. "SAM! THERE'S A GHOST BEHIND YOU!" she shouted, charging up the stairs.

Sam elbowed Danny hard in the stomach so he would know to move, but it was too late. Maddie pulled out what looked like a Spray can and sprayed the air behind Sam. Suddenly, Danny appeared. "What the…?" he asked then sighed. "Oh great, The Fenton Anti-Invisible-Ghost-Spray."

"Sam move!" Maddie said, pulling out an ecto-blaster from her belt.

"No!" Sam said, diving in front of Danny. "This…uh… is… CRUELTY TO GHOSTS!" she said, knowing very well that Danny's parents knew she was against a lot of things. Meat, Paulina, trends, pink, Paulina, popular things, Paulina, blah blah blah.

"Cruelty to ghosts?" Maddie asked, lowering her weapon. "What do you mean by that? It could attack you."

Next, came Jack's reaction. After a few moments of blankness, he saw Danny Phantom. "GHOST!" he shouted throwing a small bomb at Danny.

"SAMANTHA!" Sam's parents shouted.

A bright flash of green exploded from the grenade, covering everything with a thick green-goo. "Hmm…" Jack said. "I could have sworn I filled that with the portable portal… not goo from the ecto-filtrator."

"YOU THREW A BOMB AT MY DAUGHTER!" Mr. Manson shouted.

"Nooo," Jack said slowly. "I threw a grenade at your daughter, who was also next to the Ghost. It couldn't have hurt her anyways, only ghosts!"

"LOOK AT THIS MESS!" Mrs. Manson shouted.

Maddie looked around the landing for Danny Phantom, but when she realized he was gone, she sighed and pulled her hood off her face. "Ooh dear…" she sighed, looking at Sam. Then blinked as she saw her son Danny behind her. "Danny?" she asked. "What are you doing here?"

"Uhh… I was… in the bathroom and heard the commotion… saw the ghost fly away and got hit with a grenade?" he asked, hoping his lie would fit.

Maddie squinted at him for a moment then smiled. "Okay!" she said happily then pulled out a tissue from her belt and began to wipe away some goo from Sam's cheek.

"Eww…" Sam said quietly then turned her head to look at Danny. "I blame you." She whispered.

Danny gave a nervous laugh then looked down at the damage his dad had done. There were various smoldering blasts from Jack's ecto gun and the green goo covered the landing and some of the ceiling.

"Where are we going to stay?" Mr. Fenton shouted. "The house is ruined! This will take MONTHS to finish!"

Maddie sighed and grabbed Sam and Danny's arms, pulling them down the stairs with her. "I am so sorry Mrs. Manson. I almost had that ghost, and if Jack had put the right supplement in the grenade, we would have caught Amity's Phantom! If there is anything we can do to make it up for you…" she started.

"How about finding a place for us to stay!" Mrs. Manson growled.

"You… could stay at our house?" Danny spoke up from behind Sam, the ecto goo had stuck Sam's back to his chest when she had dove to protect him from the ecto gun.

Everyone looked at him. "How did you get in our house?" Mr. Manson said. "I don't remember hearing you come in."

"Because…" Sam started. "He was here for a really long time. Like, almost after school ended. We've been working on homework, we got a huge project in Lancer's class and we're partners in it." she lied.

The Manson's stared at her for a moment. "Oh…" Mrs. Manson said. "Well… okay then, but back to the matter of our home."

"We could stay at a hotel." Mr. Manson thought aloud.

"Or our house." Danny piped up.

"No, the hotels here are disgusting." Mrs. Manson said.

"Our house isn't… most of the time." Danny said.

"Maybe we could rent a house?" Mr. Manson thought.

"No way! Who knows who lived there last?" Mrs. Manson said. "What about my sister?"

"Or our house." Danny reminded them, but was once again ignored.

"No, she hates Sam." Mr. Manson said. "And she lives in a different city."

"True…" Mrs. Manson sighed.

"Hello? Our House?" Danny asked.

"Well our house is always welcome to you. I feel really bad for Jack's mistake." Maddie looked at Danny. "Danny? You said something?"

Danny huffed. "Nope! Not a word!" he said sarcastically. "But if I did, it would probably be that idea. Well listen, Sam could stay in Jazz's room and Mr. And Mrs. Manson could stay in the Guest bedroom." he said.

"What about my grandma?" Sam asked.

"That's a great idea Danny!" Maddie said. "We could work out living arrangements and such for your grandmother. We've got plenty of room at our house." she added as an after thought.

"A-and," Danny stuttered. "If worse comes to worse I can sleep in the emergency op-center. It's cozy in its own…weird… technology type of way."

Sam gave her parents a weak smile then turned to Maddie. "Umm, can you unstick me to Danny so I can talk to my parents about this?" she asked. Maddie nodded and grabbed their shoulders, pulling them with all her might until a soft popping noise set them free. Sam grabbed her parents' arms and pulled them into the nearest room. A few minutes later, she came out. "Whelp, let me pack!" she said.

Mrs. Manson wearily followed her up the stairs to get to her room. "I'll… pack for us…," she said weakly.

Mr. Manson sighed. "I'll call the repairmen." he said.

Jack turned to Maddie for a moment, just now speaking. "Maddie? Are you sure this will work?" he asked.

"Suuure!" Maddie said, waving a hand dismissively. "We've had guests before!"

"Umm, mom?" Danny asked. "I just have to warn you to keep the Ghost technology in the lab." he said slowly. "We don't want anything attacking the Manson's while their at our house."

"But they only attack you!" Jack said, disappointed but not thinking there was a reason why they only attacked Danny.

"And Jazz a few times." Danny added. "But just for safety measures." He added quickly.

Maddie sighed. "I guess we'll have to." she said.

Sam and her mom walked down the stairs a short few minutes later with bags in tow. "Now we just have to wake up grandma." Sam said.

"I can't believe she slept through all this." Danny said.

"She's been taking sleeping pills." Sam shrugged.

As if on cue, Sam's grandma rode in on her motorized wheelchair out of a room and looked around. "Wow!" she said. "That must have been some party! Why didn't you invite me?"