The Final Chaper: Fire To Full Your Will Power
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She decided to stop making lists. Sam was happy with her life. She regretted nothing, she was happy, she was in love, and she lived her life to the fullest. Heck, Sam even helped save a few lives along the way.

She opened her eyes.

What Sam saw though, wasn't the walkway crushing her. It was a pair of green eyes, staring into hers.


Sam's heart raced. Danny! Danny! DANNY! But how?

Then it hit her, when Danny had hit the wall, he disappeared.

Sam had just enough time to rewind her movie again. Danny didn't hit the wall at all, he went through it. Then he must have flown in invisible, and BAM that's where they pick up now.

He grabbed Sam around the waist and went intangible. The walkway fell right through them. He sunk through the floor with her, dropping her off in the basement. He grabbed her shoulders. "Sam, stay here! I'll be back as soon as I get everyone out!"

Sam nodded numbly and watched him fly through the ceiling of the basement to save the others.

After a couple of minutes, the room felt really hot. Sam looked up and saw the ceiling slowly burning away. Danny had left her down there while the building was on fire! A piece of ceiling broke off and fell down in front of her, alighting everything around her. "AAAHHH!" Sam screamed.

She stumbled backwards, into a metal cabinet. The fire had heated it up to oven temperatures. Sam gasped and jumped foreword, her eyes watering from the pain of the hot metal hitting her bare arm. She turned around and scanning the black smoke for Danny, or a fire hydrant.

The smoke flew up in her eyes, making them water more until tears fell loosely, cleaning off the smoke that had attached to her cheeks. She waved her arms around frantically to wave the smoke away from her face, coughing.

She gasped for air, only to take in smoke. Sputtering, coughing and spitting, Sam fell to the ground. Stay low to the flames. She remembered learning that in Safety Town.

When Sam and Danny were 8, before they were best friends with Tucker, their mom's had entered them in Safety Town, which was basically hell for 8 year olds. They had giant plastic cars with bicyclical petals in them so you could drive around and learn to stop at stop signs and look both ways. Sam remembered driving as fast as she could with Danny and disobeying the rules just so they could get kicked out of it.

They also taught her fire safety, but with the black smoke clouding her mind, she couldn't remember it all.

She did know that she had to find something to cover her mouth.

Where was Danny?

Faintly, Sam heard someone in the back of her mind calling her name, but ever so quietly over the roar of the flames.

Her vision started to blur, and all she could see was orange and red flames with lack smoke everywhere. She stayed lower still.

Sam closed her eyes tight, covering her mouth and coughing. She had to start yelling for Danny. She opened her mouth to scream, but smoke flooded inside. Don't scream. It said. You're not allowedNo, Bad Sam, bad. Stay quiet and burn into a crisp.

Sam looked around her surroundings. Faintly, she could make out a giant tub connected to the wall. A sink!

Sam got up and crawled towards the sink, fire tried to block her path. Bad Sam bad, stay here, stay with us.

Sam jumped through it, biting her lips as hard as she could when she felt the fire sting her. She couldn't open her mouth to scream, the smoke would rush in again.

Sam groped around more, finally reaching the sink. The faucet was metal. Not good. Not good at all. Sam found a paper towel dispenser next to it on the wall. The handle to pull towels down was metal too. Damn.

It seemed everything was working against her to survive. Damn. Damn damn damn damn! Sam had already chosen to live, and some stupid fire wasn't about to stop her from doing so!

In a fit of rage, Sam slammed her fist into the plastic front of the towel dispenser. The heat had made it hot too, but also weak. Noticing she made a crack in it Sam started screaming, slamming her fists into the dispenser as hard as she could. Pow pow pow! It cracked again, and with one last blow her hand breached the plastic, and she felt the smooth paper towels inside it.

This was it. This was her chance to survive!

The plastic cut into Sam's wrist making her bleed, she ignoring it and groped around inside until she grabbed a good hand full of towels, then pulled her hand out. The plastic dragged acrossed her hand making the cut trail up to her fingers.

Sam bit her lip again, the pain seemed almost unbearable. It hurt to even move her fingers now, but she had to go on. Sam set the paper towels over the cold water faucet and turned it.

Water exploded from the sink, hitting the tub in a hail of mist and white smoke. The white and black smoke seemed to fight for a bit until the black smoke won, turning the white slowly dark.

Sam shoved about five paper towels under the water, getting them wet, then bringing them in front of her mouth. Viola! An air filter!


Sam's head shot around, she saw Danny floating slowly above the flames, his legs intangible to not get burned. He was looking for her.

Sam pulled the wet paper towels away from her face a bit so she could yell at him without the smoke. "DANNY! OVER HERE!"

Danny looked over and saw Sam's outline. His vision was blurring from the smoke. The room tipped foreword then backwards and the air around him turned to jelly. Danny tried to fly over to Sam, but the room spun around him so he was facing the wall next to her. He turned and the room lurched foreword.

Danny hit the ground unconscious, changing back to his human form.

Sam cursed; if Danny were unconscious, she'd have to fend for both of them. Sam put the remainder of the paper towels under the water, which was starting to heat up. She got on her knees and crawled over to Danny, propping him up against her and placing the makeshift filter over his mouth and nose as hers was, but not so tight that he couldn't breath.

Sam's vision got blurry again. She shook her head to rid herself of it but just got hit by a dizzy spell. She waited a moment for her head to reach her again and decided to look at the fire like a maze.

Sam was good with mazes.

She dragged Danny with her as she crawled through the open path the fire hadn't gotten to yet. She looked behind her and saw the spot she was previously at with Danny now covered in flames.

Sam turned around and determinedly looked for an exit. She knew the door to the basement was on the other side of the room. She had to be about halfway there.

Unless the smoke was confusing her and she was going the wrong way.

Sam couldn't even bring herself to think about that possibility. She would worry about that if that proved to be the case. The ceiling above her gave a crack. She had to keep moving incase the ceiling gave way.

There! To her right was an open path, Sam gripped Danny around the stomach and crawled towards it. She looked around more and sighed seeing a dead end. Sam turned around to go back to where she was previously when the ceiling gave another crack and fell down towards her only safe spot. Her neck began to burn; the necklace Ember had slapped on her was beginning to heat up from the flames.

Flames surrounded them. Danny was unconscious, and she felt her own consciousness slipping slowly away. Suddenly it hit Sam. The fire beat her. She fell right into its trap. She felt defeated and was above to give up hope when she saw through a thin line of flames the stairs! Yes!

Hope rushed back to Sam, giving her the will power to go on. The fire was thin by the stairs.

She could jump it. But what about Danny?

Sam looked at Danny and frowned; he was still unconscious and had a few bad burns on his legs, probably from when he turned back human. He wouldn't be any help even if he were conscious. He wouldn't have enough energy to go ghost.

Sam turned her back to him and pulled him up to her, so it was as if she was giving him a piggyback ride.

Sam got up on her knees, ready to jump the flames before they got thick. Danny was heavy; he weighed her down a bit. Although Sam was strong for a girl, the smoke he gotten to her lungs and prevented her breathing so she was weak.

She wouldn't be able to hold onto her mask as she jumped it, and the fire was drying it so it wouldn't stick to her face if she tried. Sam took in a deep breath with her mask on and held it, tucking the mask into her pocket.

She stood up and sprinted at the flames, jumping as high as she could over them. She gripped Danny's legs as tight as she could so he wouldn't fall off her.

The flames licked at her legs as she jumped, trying to pull her back.

Sam landed on the ground next to the stairs and her legs gave out under Danny's weight and the exhaustion.

She gave one last glance up at the stairs meekly. I was so close. She thought. So close. The world turned to black before her eyes, and Sam was pretty sure it wasn't the smoke that was clouding her vision.

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Sam opened her eyes. "Where am I?" she asked. Her voice seemed to echo all around her. Everything was white. Pure white. There was no ceiling, floors, walls, nothing. Everything was just white.

With all her black on, she stood out like a sore thumb. "Danny? Tucker? Anyone?" she asked, her voice echoed all around her again, then swung back and cut off.

Sam looked around confused; it was the same in all directions. "Danny? Da-" she was cut off by a quick change of scene.

Color flooded into the white so fast it knocked Sam off her feet and she hit the ground on her stomach. She heard laughter all around her.

Sam looked around, confused. A smirking Paulina grinned at her. "Have a nice trip?" she asked.

It suddenly occurred to Sam that Paulina had tripped her. She glared at her, and stood up. "Is that the best you can think of saying?" she asked. "That line is so overused; I thought you'd at least have a good amount of brain cells to be original. They must have been died out in all that hair dye." Sam said, smirking at Paulina's shocked face.

Sam stood up and looked around.

She was in Casper High's cafeteria. Paulina's groupies were speechless to a comeback at her. She smiled at them all and walked over to a table that Danny and Tucker were sitting at.

She sat down, still a little confused. "Hey guys?" she asked. "What happened?"

Tucker looked at her weirdly. "You got tripped by Paulina and told her off." he said. "I'd show you a tape of it but I didn't record it with my PDA."

Sam shook her head. "No, I mean, after the fire." she said.

"Fire?" Danny asked. "What fire?"

"The fire at the Ms. Teen contest?" Sam asked. "Don't you remember? Ember tried to kill me the same way she died and the auditorium caught fire and…" she trailed off when she saw Danny and Tucker looking at her strangely.

"Ms. Teen contest?" Tucker asked.

"Ember?" Danny asked. "Is she out again?" his eyes widened. "I thought I saw my ghost scene go off this morning but I thought it was just the air. It's so cold out now."

Sam shook her head. "Danny what are you talking about? We all know she's out! We actually let her out with that deal to help me in the contest, remember? We fired her and she got all mad and pulled you into the ghost zone?"

Danny stared at her, and like she hadn't spoken at all. He continued. "Did you see her? Sam? Sam? Did you see her?" he waved a hand in front of her face as if she was staring blankly ahead of him, frozen.

Sam blinked slowly. "Danny? What are you doing?"

He continued to ignore her. "Sam? Sam?" he looked at Tucker. "Why isn't she answering me? Tucker is she mad at me? Look Sam, I'm sorry if you're mad at me."

"Danny what are you talking about? I'm not mad at you! Stop acting like I'm just sitting here!" she turned to Tucker. "Tucker, talk some sense into him!"

"I don't think she's mad at you. Sam?" Tucker looked at her then let out a slow whistle. "Man, she's out of it."

"Okay guys, this is getting really annoying. Stop!" Sam huffed.

Danny looked at her confused, and touched her shoulder gently. "Sam? Sam? Hellllllooooo? Earth to Sam! Earth to Sam! Your best friends are calling you!"

Sam opened her mouth to chew him out but no sound came out. What the..? She wanted to say but nothing came out.

"Sam? Sam?"

She heard Danny's voice calling her but the Danny in front of her had his mouth closed.

She heard a small sob and it felt like someone was clutching her arm, but when she looked no one was there.

"Sam… please wake up…"

The scene around slowly turned and shifted, the colors meshed together until they turned into an ugly brown like when you mix a lot of paint together and the colors blend. Then the brown got darker and darker until it was pitch black.

Inside the black tiny circles of colors appeared in it, like when you rub your eyes really hard and all you can see is black until colors sparks into it.

Slowly, a picture formed before Sam's eyes. More white, but different shades this time. The white was blinding.

She winced and squeezed her eyes back shut letting out a groan. She opened her eyes again slowly, squinting at the light. "Sam?" Danny's voice came from right next to her.

Sam turned her head and looked at Danny. His eyes were red and puffy, and his cheeks were wet. On his left cheek was a square of cotton tapped down with medical tape. His right hand was bandaged and she noticed his neck was burned pretty good. A pair of crutches were leaning against the wall behind him.

Sam was sitting in a small white hospital room. Her left shin ached and she felt something on her forehead- a bandage perhaps. Both of her wrists were wrapped up to her hands, leaving just her fingers exposed, except for her left wrist, where the bandage went all the way up past her elbow. Her right hand had a Scooby-Doo Band-Aid on her ring finger. Her neck also downed a bandage wrapped around her like a chocker necklace. It stung slightly.

Sam was laying down on a soft white cotton bed and her left arm was in a sling, since it was wrapped up all the way. Sam could also feel a bandage on her shoulder where she bumped into the metal cabinet. Around her waste she could feel was wrapped up which even traveled down her left thigh a few inches above her knee.

"Danny…?" Sam asked, slowly memories of the fire were flooding back into her mind.

Danny lunged at her wrapping his arms around her neck gingerly, to not hurt her. "Oh my God Sam!" he sobbed.

Sam wrapped her right arm around his back, since her left arm was in a sling. "Danny, it's okay." she wanted to laugh, she hadn't seen Danny actually sob before, but breathing was a little tricky a took some time to get the hang of.

Danny pulled back from her, setting a hand on hers. "How are you feeling?" he asked, going up to wipe his tears away but stopped when he realized it would hurt his burnt cheeks.

Sam ignored his question. "Danny I never got to tell you," Sam started, she opened her mouth to say something when she decided actions were better than words. Sam leaned over and pressed her lips to his. It stung, her lips had gotten burnt in the fire, but the feeling of his lips soothed the pain. Immediately, Danny kissed her back, leaning over so she didn't have to bend foreword off the bed so much. Sam broke away from him finally. "I love you too." she said.

Danny smiled at her and leaned over to kiss her forehead.

When he leaned back into his seat by her bed the nurse walked in. "Oh Good!" she smiled widely. "You're awake!" she walked over to Sam's bed, pressed the Call button and pulled out a small flashlight the size of her pinky. "Follow the light." she told her.

As the nurse checked Sam's vital signs, Sam started to question Danny. "What happened?" she asked.

"Well the cops said a Firefighter found you as you passed out and carried both of us out of the building. I just woke up yesterday; my room is right next to yours by the way." Danny said.

Sam just now noticed Danny was in his pajamas. Probably courtesy of his mom. "How long have we been out?" she asked.

"You've been out for 3 days." He said. "It's Monday now."

"What about Ember?" Sam asked, slightly confused that she was out of it for so long when she had only passed out in a burning building.

"Right after we were brought out my parents spotted her on the rooftop of the building next to the Auditorium. She was watching the whole thing like it was a show. My mom caught her the next day." Danny looked down and fiddled with his bandages.

"How'd she get back out?" Sam said, and then took in a deep breath as the nurse checked her breathing.

"On the necklace she slapped on you it looked like someone carved Skulker into it. So we think Skulker had something to do with it, but we won't know for sure until I'm well enough to go into the Ghost Zone and question him." Danny told her.

"So how did your parents react?" she asked, trying to sound casual, but she was scared inside for his answer.

Danny looked up at the ceiling and had a small smile grace his lips. Like he was looking back on a fond memory. "They're really proud of me." he said. "They couldn't believe I've been fighting ghosts all this time. I get to help them out with their inventions too, like some of the trackers."

Sam smiled. "That's great!" she said.

"Speaking of parents, both of ours are in the cafeteria." Danny said. "They should be back pretty soon, or sooner than that seeing as you're awake."

As if on cue, as the Nurse walked out of the room, all four of the parents filed in. Tucker and Jazz were probably forced to go to school. "Sam!" her mother exclaimed, seeing her awake. She ran over to her and hugged her as tight as she could without hurting her.

Her parents were crying as they fussed over her well-being. It wasn't until Sam saw the wet spot on her mothers blouse did she realize she was crying too.

Sam's mother pulled away from Sam, wiping her tears away gently. She smiled at Danny. "Danny, thank you so much for saving our little Samantha. I don't know what we would have done if she-…" she cut herself off and started crying again, hugging Sam into her.

Maddie walked over to Danny and hugged him on the side. She smiled at Danny proudly then patted Sam's hand gently, smiling fondly.

Sam looked up at the giant TV before her. Her home was finished being remodeled, and currently she was relaxing in a large chair with Danny cuddled up next to her and Tucker munching down on popcorn in the chair next to them.

"That really sucks that you were disqualified." Tucker mumbled, watching the Ms. Teen contest finale on the TV.

"They should have specified that having supernatural help for your outfits was against the rules in bigger print on the pamphlet." Sam huffed, crossing her arms angrily. She was now out of her sling but the bandages remained.

Danny on the other hand had his crutches for another 2 weeks. Lucky him he could fly and didn't have to use them often. "At least you beet Paulina." he said, putting an arm around her shoulders.

"I beat her?" Sam asked, no one had filled her in on the contest yet, she'd been stuck at home moving back in and resting. Sam shuddered to think of how much make-up work she'd have at school.

"Yeah, I forgot to tell you!" Danny said excitedly. "Right after the fire, one of Paulina's friends snitched on her for switching the cards during the first round." Danny said, then added with a grin. "Right before you got disqualified. You got farther than her."

Sam grinned and hugged him tightly. "YES! I showed that pre-packaged poser!" She laughed.

"Sssshhhh!" Tucker hushed them. "Their announcing the winner!"

On TV the announcer grinned out into the audience. "And the winner of the Ms. Teen contest is…" a dramatic extra long drum roll as he slowly opened the scarlet envelop in his hands. "Valerie Grey!"

A unison gasp.

"VALERIE WAS IN THE CONTEST?" Sam and Danny asked at the same time.

"Yeah, you guys didn't know that?" Tucker asked. "She was always the very first person to go." he said.

Sam smacked her forehead, and then winced, having hit her bandage. "How did I not notice that?" she asked.

On TV Valerie walked to the center of the stage with flowers and a tiara. "Thank you!" she cried. "Thank you so much!" the judges grinned up at her.

"What prize will you choose?" the announcer asked.

"I'll take the $5,000." Valerie said. "And I'll donate a portion of it to charity!" she batted her eyelashes, really hamming it up.

"That's so sweet!" the announcer cooed, the audience gave sweet sighs and cute comments. "Let's give her ANOTHER $5,000!" he said, the audience cheered.

"Someone hand me a spoon so I can gag." Sam said slowly. "That was… unexpected…"

Danny smiled at her and leaned over kissing her gently. "Don't worry, you won with us." he said.

Sam smiled.



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Okay, first off , don't cruse at me. At all. It's extremely rude and insulting to me and if you don't like how the story went you could have just stopped reading. If you don't like Danny/Sam pairings than why'd you even give this story a try? In the summary it says DxS pairings. So don't yell at me for reading a story that you don't even like. Or did you NOT learn in kindergarten that cursing at someone is extremely rude and a good way to get beat up? A word of advice: if you want people to like you, improve your social skills.

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