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Note: Revised prologue. Same story but hopefully easier to read and more descriptive.

Pokemon Emerald


The Legend Begins

Melany Stone carefully read over the inscriptions with her flashlight, yet her hand was shaking with excitement. Melany was only 10, but like most 10 year olds in the world of pokemon, she was already having adventures of her own. Her adventures were different from most though. Any other child her age would probably either be home or getting their first pokemon and starting on a journey to try to become the Pokemon Champion. Not Melany though.

Melany was the daughter of the presidetn of Devon Inc., as well as Steven Stone's little sister. She wasn't really interested in pokemon, however, not in the same way as a trainer would be. She was wearing the stereotype archeologist outfit, a beige colored shirt and shorts with many pockets and a similarly colored hardhat. She was one of the most famous archaeologists in the world not only because she was the youngest, but because she had made many discoveries, including the discovery that Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn were all one region at one point millions of years ago.

Melany was usually not alone on her expeditions, of course, and today was no exception. Two other archaeologists were also with her. The first was Maxie, an young red-headed man who was interested mostly in Groudon, and the other was Archie, another young man with a beard and wore a blue bandana under his hardhat and was interested mostly in Kyogre. Melany had invited these two archaeologists in particular because of their studies concerning those two pokemon, although she found them difficult to get along with at times and the two of them almost seemed to be bitter rivals.

The three of them had managed to piece together pieces of rubble that had fallen from the wall of the temple they were in near Meteor Falls. An ancient story seemed to be played out in pictures on the wall, but there was also ancient texts along with it to better tell the story. Included with the ancient writings was what seemed to be an alphabet of some sort, which Melany had already managed to decode and was now writing down the message written in the stone on a piece of paper, as Maxie and Archie watched intently.

The origin of the two titans, Kaiorga of Water and Groudon of Land, is unknown. When they appeared, they soon began fighting, their overwhelming power threatening to destroy the three tribes of Hoenn, Kanto, and Johto. The leaders of these tribes, however, put aside their differences and united in an attempt to end their battle, each holding a gem that had been fused with their own powerful spirits, as well as powerful magic.

The leader of the Hoenn tribe, holding the Emerald, summoned forth Rekkuza of the Sky. Rekkuza's power weakened the two titans, who then had their own powers trapped inside the other gems. Groudon's power to raise mountains and intensify the sun's rays had been completely sealed in the Kanto leader's Ruby, while Kaiorga's power to create oceans and summon storms had been sealed in the Johto leader's Sapphire.

Their powers completely drained, the two titans reverted to a stone-like state. Rekkuza of the Sky placed the statues far from each other in hopes that they may never awaken unless provoked. The statue of Groudon was placed inside a volcano, while Kaiorga was placed in a deep ocean cave. The Sky Tower was built in honour of Rekkuza's feat, where he now rests.

The Ruby and Sapphire, which contained the full powers of Groudon and Kaiorga, were placed atop the highest mountain peak so that they may never be used to awaken the two titans. The Emerald is also said to have been hidden, but its location is unknown. To future generations who may read this, heed our warning: Disturb not the sleep of Groudon and Kaiorga.

"Interesting..." Maxie said aloud, a smirk on his face. "So the key to awakening Groudon is the Ruby, now all I have to do is find where the 'highest mountain peak' would be..."

"Not a chance, Maxie!" Archie shouted angrily. "I will find the Sapphire first and awaken Kyogre, and using the Sapphire containing his powers he will be completely under my control!"

"You two can't be serious..." Melany said in disbelief. "Don't you realize what might happen if you awaken them? This warning is here for a reason!" Maxie chuckled.

"It matters not...as long as I have the Ruby, Groudon will be under my control." Maxie said as he turned to leave.

"I will create an organization dedicated to expanding the land mass to aide in finding the Ruby... You should not worry so much, Mss Stone, as you have been a great help in creating a better future for Hoenn in which there will be more than enough land for everyone to live on. Until then, farewell." Maxie said before leaving the temple.

"Not if I have anything to say about it Maxie..." Archie said through gritted teeth. "I will create my own organization and resurrect Kyogre first! I'll create more water for water pokemon and for fishing! And then you'll be sorry!" Archie then took off towards the exit as well, leaving Melany behind.

"Wait! You two don't know what your doing!" Melany called out, but neither of them paid any attention and soon Melany heard the sound of their helicopters taking off outside.

"They're...they're going to awaken those two legendary pokemon...and its all my fault...I never should have brought them here...I knew something wasn't right about them...but why this...why me?" Melany collapsed against the wall and sunk to the floor, sobbing.

"There has to be something I can do...but what? There's no way the authorities will believe me over them...and by the time they do it will be too late...what can I do...?"

Archie and Maxie spent the next two years putting their organizations together, but neither had yet accurately pinpointed the location of the gems. However, they were getting closer...