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Pokemon Emerald

Chapter Sixty Four

Battle With The Champion

Wallace, champion of the Elite Four, walked through the corridor leading out onto the battlefield. May could already see him approaching from where she was standing, and Wallace was clapping his hands together as he entered the field.

"Congratulations, May, on your victory over the Elite Four." Wallace said to her, ceasing his applause. "You have come far. Now only I, Wallace, stand before you as your final opponent."

"Wallace, I didn't come this far just to lose either!" May declared to Wallace. "I plan to walk away from here as the true champion!"

"Very well then..." Wallace removed a pokeball from his belt. "Let the final battle of your Hoenn League challenge commence..."

"Right! Heracross, go!" May called out her first pokemon, sending the powerful bug pokemon Heracross out onto the battlefield.

"I believe my pokemon requires no introduction..." Wallace stated with a slight smile crossing his lips. He held up his pokeball and released his pokemon out into the pool. The energy released from the pokeball began to expand, growing to an enormous size before finally materializing into a Wailord. The large water pokemon was almost half the size of the pool in both length and width, leaving it very little room to maneuver.

"What the heck is that thing?!" Haruka asked May in shock. "Its even bigger than Kyogre!"

"A pokemon that big could only be a Wailord!" May thought in disbelief. "I can't believe Wallance would use such a big pokemon, but size isn't everything! Heracross can take it!"

"Heracross, attack with Brick Break!"

"Wailord, knock it back with Water Spout!"

Heracross charged towards the edge of the pool and jumped into the air to clear the water, raising its fist back to attack Wailord from the air. Wailord intercepted it with its Water Spout attack, sending a pillar of water up at Heracross from its blowhole. The water pushed Heracross high up into the air and sent it back towards the ground. Heracross managed to maneuver itself in the air to land on its feet, lessening the impact. It was still a strong blow, however.

"Ok...looks like that approach won't work." May thought to herself. "So maybe if Heracross goes at it from the side..."

"Heracross, use Focus Punch and come at it from the side!" Heracross raised its fist back, focusing its power for the attack. Once it was ready and assured Wailord couldn't counter before Heracross stuck, Heracross took off towards the pool and jumped into Wailord's side. Heracross delivered its Focus Punch attack, striking Wailord with enough force to move it over a few feet in the water. Heracross then kicked off from Wailord's side to land on the edge of the pool, looking triumphant.

"Wailord, roll and use Water Spout." Wailord rolled over on its side, aiming its blowhole at Heracross and firing another pillar of water at Heracross. The attack was a bit weaker this time but still had enough power to send Heracross sliding across the field. Heracross slowly got back to its feet, already starting to feel a bit exhausted from Wailord's Water Spout attacks.

"That Water Spout really packs a punch..." May thought. "I'll need to be more careful in attacking Wailord. Attacking from above didn't work, and the side wasn't much better. This would be easier if I could get Wailord out of the water...but can I?" May paused for a moment to think about it. "Well...its worth a shot!"

"Heracross, grab it by the tail!" Heracross nodded and ran along the side of the pool. Wailord tried to follow as Heracross went for its tail, but Heracross was able to run faster than Wailord could swim. Heracross reached out and grabbed Wailord's massive tail in its claw-tipped hands, then held on tight to keep Wailord from moving.

"Now, Seismic Toss!" Heracross blinked slightly and cast May a look of disbelief. "I know you can do it, Heracross! Put all your strength into it and throw Wailord out of the water!" Heracross nodded and started pulling at Wailord's tail, making a seemingly feeble attempt to throw it but not really achieving anything.

"I could stop this easily..." Wallace thought while observing Heracross' attempts. "However, it'll certainly be interesting to see whether or not she can pull it off. May, show me the power your pokemon possess! Show me the strength that overcame the titan of the sea!"

Heracross stopped pulling for a moment and took several deep breaths. She happened to glance down at her belt and recalled the match she won against another trainer's Hariyama to receive it.

Remembering her battles, Heracross pulled with a renewed strength. Wailord's body began to lift out of the water, to the whale pokemon's utter shock. The small crowd gathered to watch the battle let out a surprised gasp as well. Heracross pulled Wailord over her shoulder by its tail, lifting it up and slamming its body into the ground hard. The stadium shook with the impact and Wailord groaned loudly in pain.

"-I...did it...-" Heracross mumbled while trying to catch her breath. The attack took a lot of effort out of her, but it also caused a lot of pain to Wailord as well. The whale pokemon was practically crushed under its own weight upon impact and was barely conscious.

"Well, well, well...she actually did it!" Wallace thought, smiling to himself. "There's not a doubt in my mind now who will win this battle..."

"Just one more attack, Heracross! Brick Break!"

"Wailord, it is time to strike back! Double Edge!"

Both pokemon were moving sluggishly as they prepared to attack. Heracross stepped towards Wailord, raising her fist back to strike. Wailord could move very little, however, except for rolling. It was forced to do exactly that to attack, slowly rolling towards Heracross. Heracross delivered a punch as Wailord was rolling, stopping Wailord briefly with the attack while Wailord was on its side. Gravity soon took over again though and pulled Wailord down on top of Heracross, knocking both pokemon out.

"An impressive showing, even if it ended in a draw." Wallace said to May as they recalled their pokemon. "Your Heracross is quite the fighter..."

"We're just getting started!" May replied while quickly drawing another pokeball. "Crawdaunt, your turn now! Go!" May released Crawdaunt from its pokeball, sending it out onto the ground portion of the battlefield.

"An interesting choice..." Wallace noted as he prepared to send out his next pokemon as well. "My next pokemon shall be...Tentacruel! Go!" Wallace sent out Tentacruel next, a large jellyfish pokemon with a sharp beak. Like May, Wallace also released his pokemon on the ground instead of in the water. Tentacruel lifted itself up on its tentacles, using them like legs.

"Tentacruel, begin with a Toxic attack!" Tentacruel thrust its body forward while opening its beak, spraying out a purple glob of poison at Crawdaunt.

"Crawdaunt, block it with Protect!" Crawdaunt quickly raised one of its pincers defensively, forming a blue barrier around itself. The poisonous substance splattered onto the barrier and then dropped onto the ground.

"Tentacruel, now! Wrap it!" Tentacruel jumped towards Crawdaunt to attack. Though Crawdaunt still had its barrier up it was starting to fade and by the time Tentacruel reached it, Crawdaunt was wide open to attack. Tentacruel wrapped its tentacles around Crawdaunt and started to squeeze tightly. Tentacruel's many tentacles almost completely covered Crawdaunt.

"Crawdaunt can't really attack while being constricted like that..." May thought, noting that Crawdaunt's pincers were being held firmly at its side. "It could probably still use Bubblebeam or something, but I think I might be better off trying to take the time to power up a bit. Wallace will probably back off too, giving me the chance to attack."

"Crawdaunt, power up with Swords Dance!" A blue aura began to surround Crawdaunt, but it was hard to see past Tentacruel's tentacles. Crawdaunt used its technique to increase its attack power even while still being squeezed by Tentacruel.

"Hmm...staying on might be too risky with Crawdaunt getting stronger..." Wallace thought. "Ok, Tentacruel. Use Toxic again then let go!"

Tentacruel opened its beak and removed enough of its tentacles to get in a clear shot on Crawdaunt, then spat out a purple blob of poison. The poison landed on Crawdaunt's face and began to seep into its body, inflicting it with a powerful poison. Tentacruel then let go of Crawdaunt completely and jumped back away from it.

"Crawdaunt, quick! Use Vice Grip and toss it!" Crawdaunt quickly lashed out at Tentacruel and managed to grab one of Tentacruel's tentacles in its pincers. Crawdaunt held tightly and pulled Tentacruel over its head, slamming it into the ground behind Crawdaunt.

"Now use Hyper Beam!" Crawdaunt brought both its pincers together as it turned to face Tentacruel, preparing to fire off its most powerful attack at only a few feet away.

"Tentacruel, weaken the attack with Barrier!" Tentacruel quickly formed a blue barrier around its body in an effort to block the attack, just barely getting it up before Crawdaunt fired off its Hyper Beam. Tentacruel was swept up by the beam, but held firm to its position by latching its tentacles to the ground. Courtesy of the barrier, Tentacruel was able to get back up again after enduring the attack. It was a bit shaky on its tentacles from the punishment it had endured, however.

"Tentacruel, attack with Sludge Bomb while Crawdaunt is resting." Tentacruel opened its mouth and raised its head back while building up the poison inside its body. Tentacruel then lurched forward and spat out a ball of sludge. The sludge hit Crawdaunt head on while it was resting to regain energy from using Hyper Beam, then exploded and splattered all over its body. The sludge burned Crawdaunt briefly before falling to the ground.

"Good, now Wrap it from behind!" Trying to get in one more attack on Crawdaunt and pin it down, Wallace ordered Tentacruel to use Wrap again. Tentacruel began maneuvering behind Crawdaunt to get in the attack, but Crawdaunt was far from helpless by then.

"Crawdaunt, Protect!" Crawdaunt quickly held out its pincers and formed a bubble around itself just as Tentacruel lunged from behind. Tentacruel bounced off the barrier and nearly fell at Crawdaunt's feet.

"Now, finish it with Vice Grip!" Crawdaunt quickly dropped its barrier and reached out towards Tentacruel with one of its pincers. Crawdaunt opened its pincer and clamped down, gripping directly onto the top of its head and crushing down on it. Crawdaunt's attack quickly knocked Tentacruel out. The unconcious pokemon slumped to the ground in a heap.

"Well played..." Wallace commented, recalling his Tentacruel. "Gyarados, go!" Without a moment's pause, Wallace took out another pokeball and released his next pokemon. He sent out the serpentile pokemon into the pool near Crawdaunt, where it would be ready for a direct confrontation.

"Crawdaunt's not going to last much longer out there..." May thought, noticing how exhausted Crawdaunt seemed to be. "With that poison, Crawdaunt will only have enough strength for one more attack. I have to make this count!"

"Crawdaunt, one more attack! Hyper Beam!"

"Gyarados, counter with Hyper Beam!"

Crawdaunt raised its claws and Gyarados opened its mouth, each pokemon bringing their respective methods of attack to bear. They both fired out a blast of energy at each other, their attacks coliding half-way. Crawdaunt's more powerful Hyper Beam easily pushed back against Gyarados', but not without some of the energy being expended as it blasted through.

Crawdaunt's weakened Hyper Beam eventually blasted Gyarados in the face, sending it stumbling backwards and collapsing into the pool. Crawdaunt collapsed soon after as the poison from Tentacruel finally brought it down. Gyarados slowly rose back up from the pool, but Crawdaunt was down for the count. May recalled Crawdaunt and wasted no time in sending out another pokemon, aiming to take advantage of Gyarados while she could.

"Salamence, you can take this one! Go!" May released Salamence from its pokeball, sending it out near Gyarados to take advantage of it. Gyarados still had to rest from using Hyper Beam.

"Salamence, attack Gyarados with Dragon Claw!" Salamence flapped its wings and flew up to attack Gyarados, raking its claws along the side of Gyarados' head. Gyarados growled in pain and reared back from the attack. Salamence stopped in the air and flapped its wings to hover, turning around to look down at Gyarados in anticipation of its next attack.

"Gyarados, thats enough for now. Return!" Gyarados slowly dematerialzed as Wallace recalled it back into its pokeball. "At this point, Gyarados might not last long enough to use Dragon Dance. I'd best put it off for now..."

"Whiscash, it is time to turn the tide! Go!" Wallace's next pokemon soon emerged from its pokeball, and a catfish-like pokemon materialized in the pool where Gyarados had been previously.

"Whishcash, start off with Amnesia!" Whiscash thought for a moment then seemed to have a dumbfounded look on its face as it forgot something, using up a small portion of its memory to increase its resistance to special attacks.

"Not like I can't attack from the physical side..." May thought. "Salamence, use Headbutt!"

Salamence flew down the battlefield, then came back around skimming across the water. It lowered its head to the water and rammed Whiscash, tossing the fish pokemon back in the water. Salamence then pulled up and turned back around while hovering in the air, again waiting for futher commands.

"Whiscash, commence using Curse!" A dark, crimson aura surrounded Whiscash. Using dark energies, Whiscash began trading off speed in exchange for increased physical power and endurance. Whiscash continued to use the attack, becoming stronger with each passing moment.

"Curse...Amnesia...this is the same strategy Melany kept using with the Regis!" May thought, frowning slightly. "Well as long as he doesn't have a healing technique like Rest, I can take him. I'll have Salamence use Focus Energy first, just to be sure..."

"Salamence, use Focus Energy!" Salamence closed its eyes and focused, creating a soft aura around it as it concentrated its energy. By doing this, Salamence would gain insight into striking its opponent's weakpoints.

"Now, attack with Dragonbreath!" Salamence's eyes snapped open and it unleashed a blast of its draconic breath, sending a stream of blue flames at Whiscash. Salamence managed to get a good hit, striking Whiscash in the face and hitting its whiskers in particular. Whiscash let out a gurgled growl and staggered back, but was quickly stopped in its tracks by paralysis. May's Salamence had gotten lucky twice with just one attack.

"Whiscash, take a break and use Rest!" May's eyes went wide with shock even as Wallace called out the attack. Whiscash closed its eyes and fell asleep, fully restoring its health and even freeing it from paralysis in an instant.

"His Whiscash does know Rest! I need to hit it with everything I've got!" May thought quickly. "Salamence, attack with Dragon Claw!"

"Whiscash, feel free to Snore!"

Salamence quickly dove down to attack, its claws glowing with a draconic power as it raised them to strike. Salamence raked its claws across Whiscash's back, but before the dragon pokemon could pull up it was blasted by a powerful sound wave and tossed to the ground. While asleep, Whiscash let out a loud Snore that was strong enough to actually inflict damage on Salamence.

"Not good! It can attack me while asleep!" May's mind was racing. Unlike with her battle against Melany, she didn't have the option of striking a weaker defense with a surprise attack. She needed to come up with a plan, and fast.

"Ok...think...I need some way to keep it from attacking, and get some good attacks against it. If I could keep it from using Rest too..." May quickly glanced from Salamence to Whiscash, then sudden;y got an idea.

"Salamence, Crunch! Then Fly up with it!" Salamence nodded and quickly darted towards Whiscash, clamping its jaws tightly around the fish pokemon. Salamence then started flapping its wings rapidly, struggling with the extra weight for a moment before taking off straight up into the air.

"Whiscash, Snore again!"

"Salamence, quick! Throw it upwards!"

Thanks to Whiscash's slow reflexes, Salamence had time to stop and throw Whiscash straight upwards to avoid the attack. Whiscash let out another Snore in an attempt to attack Salamence while sleeping, but by then it was too far above Salamence for its attack to reach. Whiscash finally woke up at that point and began to plummet.

"Now! Hit it up higher with Iron Tail!" Salamence's tail began to form a metallic layer around it while Whiscash came down towards it. Like a baseball player, Salamence spun around and swung its tail up into the falling Whiscash. While the attack had very little effect on Whiscash itself, the force of the attack sent Whiscash even further up in the air than when Salamence threw it up. Whiscash was knocked clear out of the stadium.

"She has me at a clear disadvantage now..." Wallace thought to himself, smirking lightly. "To be expected, I suppose. But with one attack..."

"Whiscash, strike back with Hyper Beam!" Whiscash maneuvered itself to aim downwards, then fired a powerful Hyper Beam attack down at Salamence. Prior to firing the attack, Whiscash was about to start falling again. However, the force from firing it kept Whiscash hanging in the air very briefly.

"Salamence, dodge it and strike from below with Hydro Pump!" Salamence quickly rolled to the side, narrowly avoiding being KO'd by the beam. Salamence then flew up towards Whiscash and opened its mouth to blast Whiscash from below with a steady stream of water. The Hydro Pump pushed Whiscash up higher and kept it suspended in the air while Salamence continued to close in.

"Now! Strike it down with Iron Tail!" Salamence stopped its attack and flew to the side while powering up its tail for an Iron Tail attack. Whiscash began to plummet again, and Salamence followed its movements to time its attack. As Whiscash fell past Salamence, Salamence's tail came down to hit it from above. Whiscash was sent rocketing downward even faster and continued to pick up speed as it fell.

"Need to make sure I finish this so Whiscash can't heal..." May thought. "Salamence, follow it down and hit it one more time with Dragon Claw!" Salamence folded its wings back and took off diving down towards Whiscash, catching up with it just before striking the ground. Salamence delivered one final slash from its claws then pulled up to avoid hitting the ground with Whiscash.

Whiscash struck the ground with an incredible force, sending a shockwave throughout the stadium. The shockwave was nearly as strong as when Heracross threw Wailord into the ground. The ground cracked open and created a crater at the point of impact, sending up a cloud of dust around Whiscash. When the dust finally settled, Whiscash was lying unconcious in the crater. Wallace sighed and recalled his pokemon.

"Your pokemon truly are powerful, May. I felt for sure I had you that time." Wallace stated regretfully. "However, I am not finished yet...Gyarados!" Wallace held up a pokeball, releasing Gyarados out into the water side of the battlefield again. Gyarados eyed Salamence, still remembering their previous encounter.

"Salamence, good job! You can rest for now!" May called out, then recalled Salamence into its pokeball. She placed the pokeball on her belt and then took a different one in hand to send out her next pokemon.

"Tropius, you can take this one on! Go!" The pokeball in May's hand opened up, releasing Tropius out onto the battlefield. Tropius spread its wings and flapped them once, readying itself for battle.

"Gyarados, begin with Dragon Dance!" A flaming aura surrounded Gyarados as it called out its draconic power, increasing its strength and speed.

"Tropius, use Leech Seed!" Tropius opened its mouth and launched a seed at Gyarados. With Gyarados busy using Dragon Dance, the seed landed on the front of the pokemon's body without any trouble.

"Leech Seed will limit Gyarados' time somewhat." Wallace thought to himself. "However, Gyarados is a tough pokemon. Even if May attacks, I'll still have time to use Dragon Dance one more time and then retalliate and defeat her Tropius."

"Gyarados, continue using Dragon Dance." Gyarados didn't move from its position and maintained its technique. The flaming aura continued to surround it. Even with Leech Seed draining its strength, Gyarados continued to power up unhindered.

"Still powering up? Well in that case, we'll do the same!" May called out to Wallace, throwing out her arm for dramatic effect. "Tropius, use Sunny Day!"

An orange glow flowed around Tropius, giving off quite a bit of heat before forming into a ball of energy between its wings. Tropius flapped its wings upwards, sending the ball into the sky above the stadium. The ball exploded and spread out over the stadium, increasing the sun's energy radiating down on the two pokemon below.

"That is enough of that now, Gyarados!" Wallace called out to his pokemon. The glow around Gyarados faded, then Gyarados waited for further commands. "Gyarados, attack Tropius with Return!" Gyarados quickly launched itself out of the water and floated low over the ground as if levitating, quickly approaching Tropius.

"We're ready for it! Tropius, use Synthesis!" Tropius braced itself for the incoming attack while drawing in sunlight for its Synthesis technique. Tropius had barely begun the technique when Gyarados began to attack, flipping around to make several repeated strikes with its tail. After knocking Tropius back and forth with its tail, Gyarados lunged forward to finish the attack with a quick bite on Tropius neck.

Shortly after enduring the beating, Tropius had finally gathered enough energy to restore itself. The energy Tropius had gathered from the sunlight spread throughout its body, restoring it to full strength and allowing it to endure another round of attacks from Gyarados if necessary.

"Gyarados is steadily weakening, I should take care to make sure I at least defeat her Tropius." Wallace thought. "Time is of the essence! Gyarados, end this with Hyper Beam!"

Gyarados quickly let go of Tropius and raised its head up over the grass pokemon. Gyarados opened its mouth and fired down upon Tropius with its Hyper Beam attack. Tropius cried out as it was blasted and fell over onto its side. Gyarados continued to blast Tropius with the attack until it was out of energy and needed to rest to recharge.

Tropius began to rise to its feet once the attack was over, much to the dismay of Wallace. Tropius was looking very exhausted and its body was covered in scorch marks from the blast, but it still had the will to fight. Gyarados was also looking pretty exhausted by this time, the continuous drain from Leech Seed was wearing it down.

"Tropius, finish it off with Magical Leaf!" Tropius flapped its broad, leafy wings and set loose several sharp leaves. The leaves immediatled homed in on Gyarados and slashed along the sides of its body. Gyarados roared in pain and collapsed at Tropius feet, leaving it unconcious.

"That didn't quite go as planned..." Wallace thought, recalling his Gyarados. "To survive such a powerful Hyper Beam under those conditions...her Tropius can certainly take it."

Wallace reached down to his belt and took another pokeball in hand. "Ludicolo, I believe you are up next!" Wallace announced as he held up the pokeball and released his next pokemon. The water and grass type Ludicolo appeared near Wallace on the battlefield, and it had a notably more serious expression than May's usually did.

"Tropius won't be able to take much more..." May thought. "Good thing Sunny Day is in effect, Tropius will be able to act first and restore itself with Synthesis." May wasted no time in taking advantage of Sunny Day and called out her command. "Tropius, use Synthesis!"

Tropius spread its wings and began absorbing energy from the enhanced sunlight, using the energy to completely restore its strength. Within a matter of seconds, Tropius went from barely on its feet to as good as new. It was as if the battle with Gyarados had never happened.

"Hmm...I suppose the first order of business will be a change of weather..." Wallace thought. "Ludicolo, let the rain commence! Rain Dance!"

Ludicolo began dancing and spinning around on the battlefield. In response to Ludicolo's dancing, the increased sunlight began to fade and clouds began to gather overhead. The clouds soon darkened and a torrential rain began to fall down to the battlefield. The rain provided Ludicolo with the benefit that the sunlight had been giving Tropius, increased speed.

"Even with that in effect, does his Ludicolo even know an attack thats effective against Tropius?" May wondered. She debated with herself for a moment about whether or not to continue to battle with Tropius. Realizing the weather change would allow Raikou to more accurately strike with Thunder, she decided it would be best to switch.

"Tropius, you can rest for now! Return!" May recalled Tropius then switched its pokeball in her hand for another from her belt. May held up the new pokeball and pressed the button to release her next pokemon. "Raikou, you can take this one on! Go!" The pokeball opened up and released the legendary pokemon Raikou onto the battlefield.

"So now I, too, get to meet the legendary Raikou." Wallace said, nodding solemnly to himself. "As a trainer of water pokemon, faced with a legendary pokemon of thunder, it would seem the odds are highly against me. However..." Wallace looked across the battlefield at May with a slight smile. "I wouldn't be the Champion of the Elite Four if I simply surrendered. Even with only two pokemon remaining, I will do my best to put up a strong offensive against your Raikou!"

"Well I don't plan to hold back just because the odds are in my favor either! Raikou and I are going to hit you with everything we've got!" May called back. Raikou nodded its head in agreement.

"Very well. Let the battle commance!" With a wide gesture of his arm, Wallace prepared to make the first move. "Ludicolo, Leech Seed!" Ludicolo quickly leaned over and forcefully fired off a seed from the top of its 'hat', aiming the attack at Raikou from a long distance.

"Raikou, intercept it with Thunder!" Raikou focused on its power over electricity to gather a static charge in the clouds, then called it down in a bolt of lightning. Raikou was able to exert an amazing amount of control over it, curving the bolt to zap the incoming seed and then continue on to blast Ludicolo. Ludicolo let out a startled cry as the bolt struck it and electricity coursed through its body, but Ludicolo was able to take the attack fairly easily due to being part grass type and having a strong resistance to special attacks.

"Hmm...Leech Seed didn't work." Wallace noted. In his mind he quickly went over his options. "Ludicolo, use Surf!" Water rose up from the ground under Ludicolo, raising Ludicolo up then starting to move forward like a wave. The water quickly traversed the battlefield, moving rapidly towards Raikou.

"Raikou, attack with Thunder again!" With only seconds before impact, Raikou called down a bolt of lightning from the clouds. The bolt struck Ludicolo, shocking it with a powerful jolt of electricity and knocking it off the wave. The water continued to move on without Ludicolo and eventually crashed down on top of Raikou. Raikou staggered and was briefly knocked over, but quickly jumped back to its feet.

"Ludicolo, use Giga Drain and absorb energy from Raikou!"

"Raikou, strike first with Quick Attack!"

Ludicolo pointed its hands at Raikou in preparation before its attack, but Raikou was gone in a flash of movement. Ludicolo didn't have time to lock on with its attack, and didn't have time to brace itself either before Raikou tackled it at full speed. Ludicolo staggered back, swinging its arms wildly to maintain balance, but it was only a light hit.

Before the next commands could be issued, the rain stopped and the clouds dispersed. May took this into consideration when choosing her attack. "Raikou, bring Ludicolo down with Spark!" Raikou's body sparked with electricity and it tackled Ludicolo again. Raikou brought Ludicolo to the ground this time and stood over it while the electricity around Raikou's body shocked Ludicolo.

"Ludicolo, now's our chance! Giga Drain!" Ludicolo focused and began draining Raikou's energy, the direct contact between them making the process much easier. The sparks around Raikou's body died down as well, relieving Ludicolo of the damage they were causing.

"Raikou, lets finish this with the same method! Thunderbolt!" Raikou's body sparked with electricity again, charging for its Thunderbolt attack. Raikou forced the electricity straight out of its body and into Ludicolo, blasting Ludicolo directly with the attack just like Ludicolo was doing with its Giga Drain attack.

The two pokemon continued their attacks for several tense moments until Ludicolo began to lose focus. Its hold on its Giga Drain technique began to fade, and soon it lost conciousness completely. Raikou let up on the attack and stepped off Ludicolo's body, allowing Wallace to recall his pokemon. The power struggle between the two put far more strain on Ludicolo, and Raikou emerged victorious as a result.

"It has come to this then." Wallace took a pokeball from his belt and held it up for everyone to see. "As my old teacher once taught me, one should save the greatest performance for last!" Wallace pressed the button on the pokeball, opening it and releasing a red pulse towards the pool. The pulse took the form of a beautiful, serpentine water pokemon.

"That pokemon...its a Milotic!" May realized, and suddenly it dawned on her just who Wallace's teacher was. "Juan trains water pokemon, and he also used a Milotic last. Juan must have been Wallace's trainer!"

"Milotic, begin with a Toxic attack!" Milotic reared her head back, then lunged forward to spit out a purple blob of poison at Raikou.

"Raikou, quick! Dodge it with a Quick Attack!" In a flash of movement, Raikou bolted off to the side and easily evaded Milotic's Toxic attack.

"Ok, this is his last pokemon. I don't want to take any unecessary risks, having come this far." May thought, carefully planning out her first attack against Milotic. "Raikou, paralyze Milotic with Thunder Wave!" Raikou charged up electricity in its body then fired it a static pulse at Milotic. The static electricity went through Milotic's body without causing any harm to it, but the attack instantly inflicted it with paralysis.

"Now follow it up with Thunderbolt!" Raikou quickly gathered electricity in its body again, then fired off a powerful bolt of lightning at Milotic. May couldn't see the smirk on Wallace's face as Raikou attacked. He had been waiting for this.

"Milotic, bounce it back with Mirror Coat!" A reflective barrier formed around Milotic's body just before Raikou's attack struck it. The lightning bolt wasn't hindered at all by this, passing through and striking Milotic. Milotic cried out in a melodic tone as the electricity coursed through its body.

Both May and Raikou realized what was about to happen next. While Milotic was still under attack, a blast of lightning shot back at Raikou. The lightning bolt was far stronger than Raikou's own attack and struck it with twice the power it had against Milotic. Raikou roared in agony then collapsed on its side. The powered up bolt was more than Raikou could take.

May recalled Raikou after it fainted and thought over the situation. "Ok, so his Milotic has Mirror Coat just like Juan's did. Looks pretty tough too, it took Raikou's Thunderbolt fairly easily." May blinked in disbelief. "Wait a minute, how was it able to shrug off that hit?! Its a water pokemon and Raikou's Thunderbolt is strong enough as it is!"

"Its too bad you tried to use Thunder Wave first..." Wallace said to May, as if he knew what she was thinking. "If you didn't, your Raikou would have at least scored a decent hit. Though I will still likely lose, Raikou's defeat at the hands of a water pokemon is certainly noteworthy..."

"So...because I used Thunder Wave first, it was able to shrug off Raikou's Thunderbolt?" May thought this over for a moment. "Milotic must have a special ability that raises its defenses when its paralyzed then..."

"Alright then, lets see what else this Milotic can do..." May quickly took Salamence's Master Ball from her belt and held it up to release her pokemon. "Salamence, go!" Salamence emerged from the Master Ball, materializing on the battlefield before May and a good distance from Milotic.

"Salamence, use Dragon Claw and give it everything you've got!" Salamence flapped its wings and took off flying towards Milotic. Milotic made a vain attempt to escape, but it was moving far too slowly due to paralysis. Salamence reached out with its claws as it flew over Milotic and raked across the top of its head. Milotic dropped down slightly and winced as Salamence's claws struck it.

"Milotic, bring Salamence down with Ice Beam!" Milotic looked up at the retreating Salamence and fired out a blue beam. The beam quickly struck Salamence from behind and formed a thin coat of ice on the back of Salamence's body. Salamence cried out in pain and was sent crashing into the ground, shattering the ice on impact. For a moment, it looked like Salamence was out cold already, but it slowly began to rise back onto its feet. It still had a bit of fight left in it.

"Now, finish this with another Ice Beam!"

"Salamence, use Protect then fly up!"

Salamence quickly formed a barrier around itself, blocking another Ice Beam attack from Milotic. Ice formed on the barrier, but fell to the ground and shattered when Salamence dismissed it to fly straight up into the air. It was slow to take off, though, as it was still recovering from the previous Ice Beam.

"Milotic, using Twister should end this now!" Milotic focused and, through a draconic power, formed a violet twister around Salamence. The twister pulled Salamence out of the sky and sent it crashing to the ground, this time knocking it out for good. May hesitated for a moment out of shock before recalling Salamence.

"It knows Ice Beam...the only pokemon I have left is...Tropius..." May felt her confidence starting to drain away. One wrong move and Tropius would be taken out by an Ice Beam from Milotic, and she didn't use a Revive on Blaziken because she didn't think it would be able to fight Wallace's pokemon. "I...I don't think I can win..."

"Now what kind of an attitude is that?" Haruka's voice said to her in her mind. Haruka had been keeping quiet to let May battle, but she now felt the need to speak up. "You only have one pokemon left, sure, but so does he. This battle isn't over until one of them falls in battle. If you go in thinking you've already lost, then you WILL lose! His pokemon might be tough, but its no Kyogre. Now the same trainer who not only beat Kyogre, but beat it while fully powered, is afraid of a less powerful water pokemon thats already at a disadvantage?"

"N-no way!" May replied quickly, shaking her head. She took Tropius' pokeball in hand and gritted her teeth in determination. "There's no way I'm going to give up that easily!"

"Thats the spirit! Now get in there and do Hoenn proud!" May nodded in agreement. She held up the pokeball in her hand and released Tropius from its pokeball.

"My Blaziken is still fainted after the battle with Glacia, so its only my Tropius against your Milotic now!" May called out to Wallace. "Even if your Milotic knows Ice Beam, we're ready for you now!"

"Even after losing two of your strongest pokemon, you remain undeterred.." Wallace chuckled to himself and clasped his hands together. "Lets waste no more time then! This will be the deciding match, so show me your best!"

"You bet we will!" May called back. "Tropius, start off by using Leech Seed!" Tropius opened its mouth and spat out a seed at Milotic. Again, the paralyzed pokemon was moving far too slowly to evade the attack. The seed landed just below Milotic's head and latched on, then began to drain away Milotic's energy and feed it indirectly to Tropius.

"Milotic, Ice Beam will work on this one too! Fire away!" Milotic opened her mouth and fired off an Ice Beam attack, but this time May was more than ready for it.

"Tropius, block it with Steel Wing!" Tropius folded its wings over the front of its body like a shield while they began to gain a metallic coating around them. Milotic's Ice Beam struck Tropius head on, but its steel-coated wings took the attack, and left Tropius almost completely unharmed. What little damage it caused was quickly restored by the energy drained from Milotic.

"Now! Magical Leaf!" Tropius' wings reverted to normal and spread out quickly, firing out several sharp leaves. The leaves all homed in on Milotic and flew into it unerringly, slashing across Milotic's body. Milotic's Marvel Scale ability reduced the effectiveness of the attack, but Milotic was starting to look pretty weak by now from the punishment it had taken.

"Milotic, now you must use Recover!" Milotic's body shimmered as healing energies flowed through its body, restoring it almost fully.

"Even with the type advantage, Tropius can't get much damage on Milotic because of that special ability." May thought to herself. "But while Milotic is busy using Recover, we'll gain the upperhand!"

"Tropius, now's our chance! Use Sunny Day!" A warm, glowing energy began to gather within Tropius body. Tropius formed this energy into a sphere and tossed its head back, throwing the sphere into the air. The sphere exploded and spread out over the field, creating an effect that enhanced the sun's rays.

"This gives it quite an advantage..." Wallace thought to himself. "However, she is not likely to use a technique like Solar Beam now. Not unless she knows she can win in one attack, knowing Mirror Coat will likely take out Tropius in return. We shall go on the offensive instead."

"Milotic, attack with Ice Beam again!" Milotic opened its mouth and fired another beam. This time, the Ice Beam struck Tropius directly and ice briefly formed on its body. The ice shattered, leaving Tropius incredibly weakened and almost falling over. Tropius managed to catch itself, however, and obviously still had a fair bit of fight left in it.

"Tropius, use Synthesis to recover! Then follow it up with Growth!" Tropius spread its wings and gathered sunlight into its body, then used the energy it gathered to restore its strength completely. It then focused briefly, and its wings and body seemed to grow ever so slightly to increase its special attack power.

"Hmm...perhaps it will be in my best interest to cancel her sunshine afterall..." Wallace thought. "Milotic, time for a new forecast! Rain Dance!" Milotic raised her body out of the water slightly and began to wriggle in a sort of dance. Clouds began to form overhead, blocking out the sun and causing a downpour.

"Tropius, keep it up! Use Growth again!" Tropius focused again, causing another almost unnoticable growth in its wings and body. May thought for a moment, taking into account Milotic's Mirror Coat and how strong Tropius' attack would likely be, and decided now was a good time to attack.

"Now, Tropius! Attack with Magical Leaf!" Tropius flapped its broad, leafy wings and sent out a barrage of sharp leaves. There were even more leaves this time, courtesy of Growth. Milotic cried out in pain as the leaves once again slashed across its body. As May had anticipated, Wallace didn't try to retalliate with Mirror Coat.

"That was a strong attack...but even if I used Mirror Coat, Tropius would have endured it and ended the match with another attack." Wallace thought. He was right, of course, as Tropius was at full strength after Synthesis and was a durable pokemon to begin with."Milotic, Recover again!" Milotic's body shimmered with a healing energy again, restoring it almost to full strength.

"Use Sunny Day while its recovering!" Tropius gathered energy for Sunny Day again and quickly released it up into the sky. The energy quickly expanded over the battlefield, increasing the heat and energy reaching the field from the sun.

"Milotic, use Ice Beam again!" Milotic opened her mouth to use Ice Beam, but winced and recoiled as paralysis gripped its body. After having gotten through the rest of the battle without becoming fully paralyzed, Milotic found itself unable to move at a crucial moment.

"Good! Now finish it off with Solar Beam!" Tropius quickly gathered energy from the sun. Tropius then opened its mouth and focused the gathered energy there before firing it in a beam towards Milotic. The beam expanded as it moved away from Tropius and was wide enough that every visible inch of Milotic was blasted by the energy. The beam exploded in a flash of light as it struck Milotic. Milotic collapsed backwards into the water and was knocked unconcious by the attack. Wallace recalled Milotic and, with his final pokemon defeated, the match was over.

"Well, congratulations May! You've won the match, and that means you are now the true champion of Hoenn!" Wallace began applauding May's performance, and the small crowd gathered joined in. May turned to the crowd and took a bow. Wallace addressed her again when everyone was done applauding her.

"May, with your victory here, there is only one more thing for us to do. Please come with me..." Wallace turned around and motioned for May to follow him as he left the field. May ran across the field to catch up with him. Wallace lead May through the corridor, past various offices and other rooms, until finally reaching the end of the corridor.

Wallace opened the door and stepped through, leading May into the darkened room. On the far end of the room was a large screen, and under the screen was a podium with room for six pokeballs.The other members of the Elite Four were in there as well, standing next to the podium. Once she was in the room, Wallace stepped off to the side.

"May, this room is where we honour trainers such as yourself. Trainers who overcome the odds to defeat not only the Elite Four, but the champion as well. Not only the trainer, but their pokemon as well are recorded here for all eternity in the Hall of Champions." Wallace gestured out towards the podium. "May, place your pokemon's pokeballs on the podium so you and your pokemon can be recorded."

May stepped forward towards the podium and placed each of her pokeballs into a slot on the top of it. The screen above turned on and showed each of her pokemon one by one, registering the six pokemon she used to defeat the Elite Four. May looked up at the screen and watched her pokemon appear one after the other.

"There's someone missing..." May thought, though each of her pokemon were being registered.

"Who might that be?" Haruka asked her curiously. "You only have six pokemon..."

"You, of course." May replied. "You were there to spur me on when I was starting to lose confidence, and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been able to use Raikou. Haruka, thank you..."

When May finally left the stadium, everyone was outside waiting for her. She was congratulated by her friends and family, and then returned home with her parents. Within only a few hours, her parents had a party going and all of Littleroot was celebrating her victory against the Elite Four. Everyone who was able to make it on such a short notice was there, including Wally and Brendan of course.

"Swampert, attack his Gardevoir with Mud Shot!"

"Gardevoir, block it with a Psychic attack!"

Brendan and Wally started battling soon after the party began, with the winner getting the honour of battling May. May was sitting off to the side at one of the tables they had set up, watching the battle with mild interest.

"Well now what?" May wondered aloud to herself. "I've actually managed to beat the Elite Four...but where do I go from here?" May didn't at all notice another girl who had managed to sneak up from behind her.

"I might be able to help you with that..." May quickly turned around, recognizing the voice and looked slightly annoyed when she faced Melany.

"Melany...you didn't show up to watch my battles but you'll show up here?" May asked her in an annoyed tone.

"I already knew how they'd end anyway..." Melany replied with a slight shrug. "Anyway...I just came by to drop off this..." Melany held out an envelope to her. May hesitated for a moment before taking it from her. She opened the envelope and found a picture of a four-legged pokemon with brown fur and a white mane billowing along its back.

"Entei..." May murmured in shock. She recognized the pokemon almost immediately.

"That picture was taken by an amateur photographer near Celadon City in Kanto. I thought it might interest you..." Melany said to her. "Anyway, I just dropped by to deliver that. I want to be out of here before a certain co-ordinator notices me..."

"So Entei is in Kanto..." Haruka noted thoughtfully. "Raikou was in Hoenn as well, maybe ths is some kind of test..."

"A test? What kind of test?" May wondered.

"You will find out soon enough, I'm sure." Haruka replied. "By the way, wasn't there something you wanted to say to Melany?" May blinked, snapping out of her thoughts and finally noticing Melany was leaving.

"Melany, wait! I..." May hesitated for a moment and looked off to the side. "I was..." May swallowed hard and managed to work up the courage to say what was on her mind. "I was hoping to talk to you again...about that whole Alex thing..."

"May, you don't need to worry about that right now." Melany said, interrupting her. "We can talk about that anytime, you should just relax and enjoy your party..."

"I guess you're right..." May sighed. She still wasn't entirely sure what to think of the whole situation and she had put it aside while she went on to battle the Elite Four.

"Tropius, your turn now! Go!" May looked to where Brendan and Wally were battling. Brendan had just recalled his pokemon and was now sending out his Tropius. Seeing Brendan's Tropius reminded May of her own Tropius, as well as her promise.

"Melany, I..." By the time May turned around again, Melany was long gone. May let out a sigh. "Typical...its no wonder I never caught on..." May took Tropius pokeball from her belt and left the party to find a secluded area. When she was sure no one would see her, she released Tropius from its pokeball.

"Well Tropius, you're a lot stronger now, so I guess you'll be wanting to go back to your herd..." Tropius thought for a moment then nodded. "You were already a strong Tropius when I caught you, but you've gotten a lot stronger now. You'll become leader of your herd again for sure!"

May placed Tropius pokeball on the ground and backed away. "I'm not strong enough to do it..." She explained to Tropius. "So you'll have to break the pokeball. Then you'll be free."

Tropius looked down at the pokeball, then looked back at May and shook his head. Tropius gave one strong flap of its wings, creating a gust of wind that sent the pokeball rolling towards May.

"Tropius...? But don't you want to go back?" Tropius nodded its head slightly. "Then why won't you break the pokeball?"

"Isn't it obvious, May?" Haruka said to her. "Tropius wants to rejoin his herd, but he still wants to be your pokemon as well." May blinked in surprise, then smiled to herself.

"Ok, now I understand...you still want to be my pokemon, right?" Tropius nodded to May. May reached down and picked up Tropius pokeball. "Well, I'm sure I'll be able to work something out then." May looked up at Tropius and smiled again.

"Well, in that case, I'll call on you if I need you. Until then, you should go back to your herd." Tropius smiled and nodded. It flapped its right wing once, as it waving goodbye, then took off into the air. May waved and watched as Tropius flew off into the distance.

"MAY! There you are!" Suzy called out to her. "Brendan and Wally are down to their last pokemon! You're going to miss the match!"

"Sorry! I'll be right there!" May replied apologetically.

"Well whatever you're doing, hurry it up!" Suzy shot back before running off back to the battle.

"Well I hope this won't take long then..." She thought, smiling to herself. "Afterall, I have to pack up for my trip to Kanto!"

- End -

Author's Notes: Just barely over a year old and my monitor dies. If it hadn't, I probably would have had this up yesterday. Anyway...

Well, thats it! Pokemon: Legends in Hoenn is finally over. In her most challenging match against the Elite Four, May's come out as Hoenn's new champion. I'm treating May's status as champion and Wallace's status as champion as being entirely different, mainly because dialogue/post Elite Four events in the newer games seem to suggest the same thing. That is, you've beaten the Elite Four but you're not the new champion of the Elite Four.

Anyway, as many probably realized, there's still a lot of loose ends. They'll all be tied up in another series, the first chapter of which I'm posting today. So look for Pokemon Legends: Kanto Saga. It starts off following another trainer in Kanto on her pokemon journey (no prizes for guessing who), with plots that have been hinted at previously. Much later in that series, it'll cross over with and continue where Pokemon: Legends in Hoenn left off. So look for it!