A teen Titan Story

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"Kill them all"

"Burn down the palace"

"None shall live"

"Kill them all"

The screaming of people could be heard. The palace and it's occupants were gathered and chained.

All except two. A brute man with a wicked smile and an evil glint in his eyes looked at the Royals before him and those whom were loyal to them. He stroke the belt at his side where his sword rested, "kill each and every one of them".

The king and queen both gasped and their locked to one another. An unspoken love was shared between them and the queen bowed her head.

"Please lord of Azarath protect our children. Do not let any harm befall them" was her silent prayer. The evil man's men raised their swords before the heads of their captives. This wicked man laughed and with a nod each men slashed of the heads of the royals and their servants.

The man turned to his right hand soldier, "burn down the planet, enslave those that could be of use. Rape and kill those holy whores. Kill anyone who opposes to our new kingdom"

The soldier nodded, "understood my lord". He then left with other soldiers bent on following his master's orders.

This wicked lord looked at the dead bodies of the royals and servants around him, "this is what you brought upon yourself Trigon. This is the end to your lineage. The minute I find that son of your I shall kill him. Then, no one will stand in my way to becoming the new lord of Azarath and then the universe"

Three figures ran through a dark forest. The smallest clutching what appeared to be a toy to her chest. "I want mother," was her only request.

The taller figure stopped running and picked the child into his arms. "Raven, father and mother are no longer with us. We must leave. You know what mother said to you before she told us to leave right?"

Nodding, princess Raven held her toy tighter; "but I want her with us"

The young man smiled reassuringly, "My love, my sister we shall live on for mother and father will expect us to. We must go." Both royal children and their caretakers heard the yelling and shouting of the people of their village and they could smell the pungent smoke.

Princess raven hugged her brother tighter, "Kyoshi I'm scared."

Clutching his sister to his chest tightly, the young prince ran for dear life; The older man that was with them trying to keep up. "Come Luciano we must get to the pods and find refuge in another planet. This will be the end of us."

"Kill them all!!" And the laughter that sent shivers down the spines of even the strongest beings rang throughout the castle. But one day the rightful heirs would return to claim what was once theirs.

A young man smiled, "That was great and all, but you failed to amuse me old man. Leave." The old man looked into the blue eyes of his lord.

"Sire this story is no mere story"

His sire stood from his throne making the old man shake slightly. "It is a mere fairy tale with a sad ending. You have told me this story countless times, yet you fail to tell me why is it so important to you or to me for that matter."

The old man stood on his aging limbs, "sire, I have been witness to this story. It is a true occurrence."

The young lord stopped his pacing. "Are you telling me that this is true? What kind of a fool do you take me for? A royal family from a distant planet murdered and their heirs escaping into another planet!"

The old man nodded. "Yes sire. Planet Azarath was once a thriving planet. You as well as the rest of us here on planet earth know of its existence."

"Azarath has been deserted for over ten earth years, and we have no account of any royal family being murdered or of any ever living there. What proof do you have of this?"

The old man shook his head. "I have none sire. I merely wanted to warn you. Whoever did this to Azarath will not think twice about doing it to our home." Before the King could respond to such ludicrous folk tales, they were interrupted.

"King Richard the calvary has returned," the young king and the old man both turned to the door as a young soldier entered.

"Logan, what news do they bring?"

"We have conquered the northern territory. As you requested the militia that was running the village was taken down and we have acquired the village under our control once more."

The king smiled. "That is the best news I have received in a while. Logan send me my best girl I shall celebrate today."

Logan grinned, "As you request sire." He left and the old man shook his head..

"You are also dismissed Onaicul," the old man bowed and King Richard made his way to his chamber where the young woman would please him to no end.

A young woman scurried around trying to get dinner ready. Her brother would return soon and would want to have dinner. She smiled as she remember what day tomorrow would be. She knelt before the fire and blew some air trying to get it going faster. The door to her small home opened "Raven I'm back," exclaimed a rather dashing tall man.

"Kyoshi!, brother dinner will be done soon," responded this woman called Raven.

Her brother took of his cloak off and then placed a bag by the door. "You will not believe this. The king and his men won the northern territory over."

Raven sighed and began to stir the soup, "That arrogant man wants nothing but power. He is such a stubborn mule."

She could hear her brother chuckling. "Now, now dear sister you mustn't speak that way about our King."

"He is not our King. We are not from this planet Kyoshi. That man doesn't even know what his people really want." She placed the spoon down on the stone stove.

Kyoshi just shook his head in amusement. "Lets not talk about his highness any more. I'm starved."

Raven placed their food on their table and soon both began to eat. "I have to go to the markets tomorrow Kyoshi; Are you going to work at the meat section again?"

Her brother nodded, "yes. Pass on by if you want to get something. I'm sure my boss wont mind at all."

Softly smiling, Raven picked up her bowl of rice. "Alright brother."

Richard stretched his arms above his head. The soft form of the body next to him was trying to cuddle. He hated it when they cuddled. It was pointless. The woman's red mane tickled his side and he rolled his eyes. He did enjoy having the young Kori Anders pressed against his body, but the girl was too kingly for his tastes. She also had an annoying voice when ever she screamed in the throws of passion.

Reaching over, Richard shook the woman. "Wake up girl. I don't have time for your lovey dovey ways."

The young woman stirred and groaned in annoyance, "Just one more minute," and her head buried itself under the pillows.

Richard stood from his bed in all his naked glory and made his way to his bathroom. "I better found you gone girl by the time I leave." He was in the process of slamming the door when the young woman spoke.

Kori sat on the bed, "would you not want me to join you in the bath this morning sire?"

"NO!" Was his quick reply. She felt dejected and hurt; It was no lie that the young woman loved her sire more than anything. She did ever since she met with him that fateful night when she was brought to this very room. She was just of the age of fifteen at the time and three years later here she was, still the King's whore. It was no lie that she was his favorite, she only wondered if he would ever stop or not.

She heard the water in the bathroom and made quick with her dressing and leaving the room. If he wished not to be with you he meant it, so she left the room as fast as possible. Richard emerged into the room once more happy to see his servants cleaning. The young women admired his well built body, he seemed unaffected by it. "Hurry up!" he snapped. There was knock at the door and he sighed in frustration, "enter."

Logan entered the room grinning from ear to ear "Sire"

"Logan what is the matter with your face?"

"Oh, nothing. I mean how was your night with the lovely Kori?" He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and Richard couldn't help but smirk.

Richard stood up and made his way to his closet. "I'm tired of the girl. I must get a new one."

Logan frowned but then smiled, "we have many young girls sire, I'm sure you would like a pick from them."

Shaking his head, the King responded. "I want a new woman Logan. I do not see why I should pick from the women my men use. Find me someone new"

He bowed. "Yes sire. I shall search for a young woman near the village. I shall return soon."

The man left while Richard finished with his dressing.

Raven strolled down the market (hehe, I think you can see where I'm going with this) picking things here and there. Both her and her brother had grueling jobs, but they manage to get money enough for them to eat. Luciano was off at the palace working in the kitchens, but neither one wanted to take money from him. It was a hard place to live and die.

Her mind was wandering over the years she and her brother had to work with many bad people and as soon as she thought about one of those a noise caught her attention.

She looked to her right to see a young woman being dragged by some palace guards. She wondered what was going on, but decided to continue on her shopping. She brought her cape over her head. She was known for her strange look and if the guards spotted her they would ask where she was from. That was one of the reasons why she and her brother would have cloaks on them often. The people and vendors didn't pay too much attention to them, but the guards where a different story.

She picked three apples and showed it to the vendor. "How much for these apples?"

The man behind the table recognized who it was and grinned, "why if it isn't the pretty girl from down the block. For you my dear Raven it is free."

She placed the apples down and looked him in the eyes. "I do not take free gifts from anyone. Either tell me how much or I will go to another table"

The man scoffed. "Always a cold bitch."

She ignored him and decided to go to another table. It was always a problem with that man, but he did have the best apples. If only she could have her hands on one of them. She shrugged and looked around some more. The girl from earlier seemed to have escaped the guards and as she ran towards raven's direction, knocked her to the ground. The guards ran after the young girl some stomping on the fruits Raven bought. "Damn it all to hell," she cursed.

Logan shook his head as he watched the guards run after a weasel. His attention was drawn to the girl on the floor. "Hey Stone, check that one out." Stone, a big bulky man, turned to his partner.

Raven stood as her hood fell off her head. She began to pick her things not realizing that she had an audience. Some men from the market and the two high rank officers watched her. She was indeed beautiful and exotic, just what their king desired.

Stone, the tall muscular dark man began to walk up to Raven. "Miss please follow us." No introductions, no time wasted.

Raven looked up at the man. "Why? What for?" Her beautiful eyes mesmerizing both guards.

"We just require you to accompany us." No room for arguments.

She fisted her hands, "I will not accompany you, I demand to know what is the reason for you approaching me. Have I stolen anything? Have I committed a crime?" Her voice was increasing in volume and people began to surround them.

Stone was speechless and Logan spoke for him. "You are in no position to demand anything of us. The king requests your presence, now you will come with us willingly or should we force you?" His glare made her see that he was not kidding around.

Taking a step back, the little lade shouted. "Like hell I will." She shoved her basket towards them and began to run. They would not let this one get away. Oh no, she was too rare for them to let go.

Richard was walking down the halls of his palace with a scowl on his handsome face. He was itching to have some female contact, but he would not touch those overly used whores or even Kori. She was too annoying and too childish, he came out of the palace into the training grounds and realized the sun was just setting. He heard some screaming and cursing and walked towards the direction of that commotion.

What he found was very amusing. A young woman was punching Logan and kicking Stone his best body guards. This female actually was holding her own and he found himself being intrigued. Even though she was wearing a hood over her head, he knew it was a girl due to the dress she was wearing and her voice.

"I said unhand me you ruffian. I did not commit any crime. I want to return to my home." The shrill of her voice was giving Stone a headache while Logan just itched to smack her.

Logan spat out blood from his mouth. "I should punish you for that punch bitch."

Richard frowned and shook his head. "Enough!" Shouted the king and everyone stopped what they were doing to watch as he walked up to the trio. Raven kept struggling within the hold Stone had on her. "Release her."

Stone let his mouth hang open "Sire?"

Gritting his teeth and mentally counting to ten to calm down, Logan prepared for the lashing Richard would no doubt bestow upon them. "I said release her." A very dangerous promise of punishment laid within those words uttered. Raven watched speechless and they did as told was let go. Richard walked up to her and threw the hood behind her head. His eyes soaked in the beauty that was her and he felt himself trying to touch her. His lower body was awaking just from seeing this woman. "What is your name?"

She had other things in mind. How dare he order his ruffians to kidnap her. Anger was an emotion that she rarely experienced, but when she did watch out. "I will not give you my name. How dare you send these idiots out to kidnap me?"

The soldiers around them and the two high officials gasped. No one had ever talked to the king that way and if they did, rest assure no one would live to see the morrow. To their surprise, Richard laughed. "Oh? That's quite alright. I'm sure that I will have it by the break of dawn. Bring her to my chamber; No one is touch this woman. She belongs to me." A quiet promised laid dormant behind his threat.

Raven was beyond angry. Now she was really pissed. "What? Let me go you barbaric piece of horse shit. I did not commit any crimes and I do not belong to any man. How dare you? Release me at once!!."

Richard seized her chin in his hand and she quieted. His blue eyes were enthralling and she gulped down a sudden fear. "I am your king and you shall do as I request. You are my woman from the day forward and I will not have you exposed to anyone. Now be a good woman and keep your mouth shut." He then turned to his guards, "Take her to my chambers and tell the maids to attend to the woman." He was saluted and then Raven was dragged to his chambers.

Word around the castle spread quickly about the young woman who defied their King and many were appalled. Others smiled, it was time some one put that young King in his place. It wasn't that Richard was a bad king, he was just a little too cocky and aloof. But when it came to the safety of his people he was number one in the fight. His mother was a woman who just kept to herself. After the death of the late King, she secluded herself and chose to ignore her son's horny ways. The boy was insatiable at times.

Inside the Harem, the young women were pissed. One of them would have loved to be their sire's bed warmer. Why was an outsider made his woman?. If the King claimed possession of you, it was a blessing. No other man would ever lay their dirty hands on you. Kori wept as she laid in her cot. It wasn't fair that she was cast aside. Now she would be shared among the guards, unless her sire allowed her to leave. But that would never happen.

Raven paced back and forth. She wanted so desperately to get back to her home and her brother. Her brother! Shit she had forgotten about him. How would she tell him what was going on? It was difficult. The opening of the door alerted her to the presence of someone. She turned to see the King with a grin walking into the room and her pacing stopped. "Finally we get to talk."

Raven walked towards a corner in the large room. "I do not wish to speak with you. I would like to be released. You are committing a crime by keeping me here against my will."

He chuckled; "I'm the King and I want you to be my bed warmer." The way he said that, made her blood boil. She didn't know what came over her but the next instant she was running towards him.

Robin too was shocked and before he could react she had slammed into him and both went crashing to the floor. She began to punch and kick wildly and Richard just smirked. He took both her hands and pinned them behind her back. He sat up bringing the wild woman onto his laps, "if you wanted to be rough my lady, you should have told me." Oh the smirk, that idiotic smirk of his.

She spit in his face and Richard stood up bringing her up with him, before she could retort Richard threw her on the bed and she yelped. Richard had enough of the game, but by no means was he going to let that little minx go. He went to the bed and crawled over her, "now, now woman, you shouldn't assault your King. That is reason for death."

"I rather die then let you touch me." Her pretty eyes narrowed.

"Oh, some women would kill to be in your place."

"Well, they can have it. I wish to be released this instant."

Richard played with her hair admiring it's strange coloring. "Tell me woman, what makes you think that you can give orders around here?"

Raven swatted his hand away from her hair but that only made him use that hand to touch her shoulder and then go lower. She began to squirm "Let me go, don't touch me."

"It will be fun having you around here. Tell me what is your name?"

"I do not wish to give it. You haven't earned that right."

"And how can I earn that right my lovely vixen?"

Raven took in a deep breath, "seeing as I'm not ever going to leave this place, I wish for you to send word to my brother. I do not wish for him to worry about me. Also, I do not want your filthy hands upon my body."

Robin chuckled again, "you see, that's going to be a problem. You are my woman and as such you are to perform certain duties…" he did not elaborate, but she could tell from his leer what he was implying.

"You are a disgusting King and I..." he kissed her hard. Enough was enough. He pulled away from the kiss also pulling at her lower lip.

Her eyes were wide, "you know, you talk too much. And I understand what your fear is my dear. Do not worry you are not the first woman to grace my bed while she is still but a virgin. I will go easy on you." He stood up from the bed and walked over to a large window, "I will send word to your brother, and as for the bedding. Do not worry I do not force myself upon my women." She sat on the bed bringing her knees to her chest. He glanced her way briefly a ghost of a smile upon his lips. She was definitely a worthy one.

Kyoshi crumbled the paper in his hands that the vegetable vendor had sent to him. How dare the king take his sister. How dare any man put claim on her without his consent. This might not be Azarath, but it was cowardly to take a young girl from her home without the high male's consent. He was livid-"he will return raven to me. This is her home and she is a princess. How dare they treat her as a common whore?" He put on his cloak and left in a hurry. If he could make it before the sun came up he could sneak inside and take her.

Richard sat before Raven as their dinner was placed on the table. He was amused. The young woman fought the maids about the dress she was to wear and then she screamed at them. The young maids scurried out of the room. Realization hit Richard. This woman had an air about her that commanded respect and she was a lot worse than him. "Are you not going to eat dinner my love?"

She fisted her hands "do not address me as such. I'm merely your whore, so why put any sentimental value on me? That also leads me to ask, what happened to your previous bed warmer?" She cringed at the word. It was so disgusting the way these men treated women.

Robin drank his wine, "she was getting old and attached. But it can't be helped. The women adore me." Amusement written all over his face.

"Your ego must be heavy upon that head of yours or that head is just big enough to house it," she spat darkly. Richard stood from his chair and went around hers bringing his face close to hers. Raven wanted to pull away, but she would not give him the satisfaction of letting him know she was intimidated.

"I know something else that's big my dear," he whispered. Despite herself she blushed. His hands rubbed her shoulders and then began to descend down them. She shivered, it was the first time a man touched her this way and it excited her and scared her all at the same time. Richard smirked and stepped up his teasing by kissing her neck.

Raven felt the moan that wanted to come out of her mouth but she refused it. She shook her head and stood from the bed, "do not touch me."

Richard sighed in annoyance and returned to his food. He would not take her tonight, but he needed release. He rang a bell and the servant outside the door quickly walked in. "Sire?"

"Bring me Kori once I'm done eating." The servant bowed and raven looked at him curiously.

"Kori? Kori Anders?" Robin looked up from his dinner.

"Yes. Friend of yours?"

She nodded. "From a long time. Haven't seen her in years, she must be eighteen now.." she looked at him, "why the hell am I talking to you anyways?"

Robin chuckled and continued eating ignoring the woman. But his eyes took in her entire being. She was beauty en carne. Her lovely violet locks were soft to his touch and her equally lovely eyes were wide and pure. Her body was well developed and the dress she was made to wear accentuated those curves. She was his.

A few minutes later Raven and Kori stood before each other while Robin prepared himself in the bath. The red head sneered at Raven. "So you're the new whore?"

Raven smiled faintly. This wasn't the same sweet girl she once knew and befriended. "Is that any way to treat friends Kori?"

Kori looked at her up and down, recognition settling in her eyes. "Is that you Raven?"

"Yes" both girls embraced. "Kori I didn't know that this is where you came."

Kori brushed her hair back, "I was sold to the king. My parents could not feed me and my siblings so I was of no use to them. The King made me his bed warmer."

Raven sat down on the bed. "I see. I also was taken to be his bed warmer, but I refuse to be that." Her hands fisted on the sheet.

Kori looked at the door to the bathroom, "do you not want to be with the King? He is the most generous man I know and he is so good in bed."

Raven rolled her eyes, "please spare me. Kori why do you let him use your body?"

"I know no other way and I must admit that I'm falling for the King."

"I don't want to be here Kori. I have to see my brother, he must be worry." Upon hearing about Kyoshi, Kori suddenly had a sparkle to her eyes. Raven noticed and smiled. "You still like my brother?"

Ignoring the question, Kori settled for a safer one of her own. "How is he?"

"You should see him Kori. I'm sure that you would fall for him instantly." Richard emerged from the bathroom.

"I see you were telling the truth woman. But since you are not going to share my bed with me, I might as well send you to a spare room. Kori could be a screamer." Kori blushed and raven stood up.

"If you send me straight home then I will not interfere with your activity."

Richard stood before her, "if you would just share my bed you could be spare Kori's scream and instead hear yours." She slapped him and Kori gasped. Richard on the other hand brought the defiant woman to him. "I will make you pay for that dearly, but right now I wish to feel the body of a real woman." She slapped him again, "go on do it. Slap me again"

Both stopped their little fight when there was a loud knock on their door. Kori hurried to open it and Logan walked in. "What is it?"

"Sir a man was caught trespassing into the palace. He says he is here for his sister Raven"

"What sister? Another freaking idiot trying to get one of the girls out of the harem. Just shoot the bastard"

Raven shoved Richard aside. "No. That's my brother, do not kill him please." He composed himself and took her hand in his, "please do not kill him."

"So your name is Raven?. Like the dark bird?. I will spare your brother, but you will be mine in return. He will not be harm. Logan allow the man to stay at the castle, Raven will have a visit with him. Take kori with you while you are at it."

Rave didn't understand that man. He was one confusing King that was for sure. "You my dear Raven will visit with your brother for a few hours tomorrow, then you shall return to our chamber. But right now, I must get to bed for I must be awake early. I have to travel to a far away village." Logan took kori out of the room and Richard walked over to his bathroom with raven in tow. "Now change into your night gown."

Raven stood there not moving a muscle. "If you peek you are so dead while you sleep." He shoved her inside while spanking her ass. She glared at him but he walked over to the bed. "What have I gotten myself into this time" was all that the dark beauty would let her mind deal with for now.

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