HELLO my fellow writers/readers/lurkers/flamers and the likes. It's been quite a few years, ne? GOMEN!! Bows deeply.

I am editing this story, so if you are looking forward to this check out the first chapter. It is edited for your viewing. I am sorry for not doing this earlier. ENJOY.

I am also going to take down some of my unfinished worked for I have found that they are being copied without permission. I don't care if you want to write something i've written before, (immitation is a form of flattery) but at least give due respect where respect is owed. Not just to me, but to every other writer out there who gets the same treatment i've gotten. PLease learn to appreciate one another. I hope this isn't offensive to anyone. HAVE a great HOliday to those of you who celebrate EASter. I am going to go egg HUnting in Central Park., KYAAAHHH...