Title: Too Darn Hot

Author: Dr. Dredd

Spoilers: None

Season: Season 2

Rating: PG or K+

Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis, characters, concept, etc, aren't mine. Bloody heck.

Summary: Rodney's a dead man... again! Written for the SGAHC "Last Breath" challenge.

One last breath... this was not how it was supposed to happen. Rodney felt the air around him become hot and stale. His vision started to darken around the edges, and he knew that any rescue would come too late. Radek was working desperately to fix the problem, but it wasn't going to be fast enough for him. When they finally found him, he would be dead from the heat. Despite Rodney's frequent put-downs of Carson, he knew the man would try his best to revive him, but even the Scot wasn't a miracle worker.

Rodney closed his eyes and waited for the end to come.


Carson looked up from his other patients as John dragged a semi-conscious Rodney into the infirmary. Sweet Mother Mary, it was getting hot in here! He had already shucked his lab coat and was down to one of those new black t-shirts that were part of everyone's uniform these days. John was similarly garbed, and wasn't faring well either. The thin material of the colonel's shirt stuck to his body in places, revealing some of the effects of his increased workouts with Teyla. Both the female and some of the male nurses looked interested, but Carson figured that it had to be damned uncomfortable.

"So what's with him, lad?" Carson asked, gesturing towards Rodney.

"It's getting bad out there, doc. The control room is almost uninhabitable despite Radek's best efforts. He swears he'll have it under control soon, but he's not really sure what's going on with the Ancient systems."

"Aye, well he'd better get it under control! Much more of this and my entire staff is going to strip and go skinny-dipping! Probably be joined by the rest of the expedition, too. So tell Radek that if he doesn't want to see Kavanaugh in the buff, he'd better move his arse and fix the bloody air conditioner!"

Part of the conversation penetrated Rodney's mental fog. He took as many breaths as he could of the relatively cool air in the infirmary (supplemental air conditioners were a good thing), but even that was disappearing fast. How could the environmental systems fail on the hottest day of summer? The air was starting to get stale in here, too.

One last breath... nope, this was definitely not how it was supposed to happen.