Jedi Stories: episode #31 Jedi Stories Credits

Jedi Stories: episode #31 Jedi Stories Credits

Yes, this is being treated the same as Endor was, (as all stories will be), the very last episode being credits.

Here we go:

- George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars fro the force, Qui-Gon Jinn, Skywalker, Jedi, Dark Side, Light Side, banthas, Yoda, Coruscant, Alderaan, Endor, Sith, Clones, the Republic, Ewoks, the Senate, Wookiees, Calrissian, Kenobi, Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi, Palpatine, Supreme Chancellor, Mind control, The Chosen One, Darth Vader, Padawan, Sandpeople, Jawas, lightsaber, Hutts, and whatever else that I forget to mention. (Star Wars is my favorite movie)

- Spellbinder, the second part my stories are based on. It is my favorite TV series. The idea of: the doorway, the scene between Frey and Elliot in episode #3, Spellbinder, Lowdun (even though I got the name wrong), Locon, Clay Hill, Summoner, Summoner of Clay Hill, Correon, Maurders, and whatever else I left out. Spellbinder was on the Disney Channel.

- The Prydain Chronicles (written and created by Lloyd Alexander). It is my favorite book series. The idea of: Dyrnwyn, gwythaints, Anuvuin, the inscription, the idea of someone searching for someone in a legend.

- Also, when this was an Internet Story (it was part of the Internet Story Endor) on my page it will now be a different Internet Story. I'm thinking Tatooine or Prydain, but I'm not sure. I'd have to go look it up, a participator in my story, who I know as Dash Corta, made up Frey & Brax. I added him into the written Jedi Stories when I revised them that is why the #'s changed. I also added in the Sith scene at the beginning because I thought it would be neat and make the story more interesting.

- The rest was from my head!

- The Legends that I wrote that correspond directly with Jedi Stories are:

- Legend #3: The Legend of the Chosen One

- Legend #7: Legend of the Jedi Knights

- _______________________________________________________________

- * Jedi Stories was the 3rd written story. It too was originally going to contain a bunch of time. I've divided it down even further…mostly because episode I was rapidly coming upon me and I wanted to be sure I said what I predicted before it came out. I never got to write them all by then….

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But the story is not over yet…to continue the story….

Now, journey with Shmi as she fights an unjust husband, as Brax Skywalker goes on adventures, and as Tim and Sally fight for their child.

This story is the connecting story…it will set things up for The Phantom Menace time frame (second half) and beyond. This story comes in two parts (which may break apart later): I will write the first half and whatever I need to in the 2nd half, then will come back and finish it later.


Coming next!