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Sora sat on a swing, not bothering to try and make himself go higher.

It was a fairly cold day in October, making Sora shiver every time a breeze would pick up.

Sora briefly looked up at his surroundings. There wasn't much to see, however. It was nothing but trees around the secluded swing set. But, that was the whole reason Sora came there. No one knew about this lone swing set but him, because no one bothered to wander the forest for the most part.

Sora looked back down at the ground. If the breeze went down, and he listened hard, he could hear the other children that lived on this part of the island as they laughed and played with one another on the real playground.

It wasn't that Sora was a mean boy. He was actually quite sweet, though not many people got to see that. From such an early age, Sora had found his place in society. An outcast. He was just so shy, and had never really sought to play with the other kids. For this, the other children ceased to pay attention to him. To them, he was just that weird quiet kid, which he some times got picked on for.

And it's not like he ever wanted to be this way, he just didn't seem to be good with interacting with other people. So when they noticed this, they just gave up on him, and left him alone.

He thought briefly of his fifth birthday that was coming up soon. He would be starting kindergarten soon as well, and then there would be no escaping the other children.

Sora sneezed and then sniffled, using his rather long sleeve to wipe his face. He wished he could go home and warm up.

"Hey, what're you doing?"

Sora jumped and looked up from his perch on the swing. The speaker was a sliver-haired boy with turquoise eyes that had a curious glint in them. He was much bigger than Sora, and looked a couple years older as well. However, Sora had always looked small for his age and younger than he really was.

He blushed, but it wasn't very noticeable since his cheeks had already turned pink from the cold wind. He blinked, wondering who this kid was and why he was talking to Sora of all people. There were plenty of other kids not too far away. Maybe he had come to pick on Sora?

"Um…" Sora just blinked again and looked down at his lap, his blush increasing.

The boy titled his head to the side, wondering why this kid was acting so shy. He then decided to try again.

"My name's Riku. I just moved here yesterday. What's your name?"


"Sora? That's a cool name," Riku said, trying to draw Sora out of his shell.

"Um, th-thanks. I like yours too." Sora gave Riku a timid smile.

Riku smiled happily back. He was glad he got the kid to show some emotion other than shyness.

The wind picked up and blew rather harshly this time, causing Sora to go into a fit of shivers. After all, as Riku noticed, he was only wearing a rather big long-sleeved shirt. He should have at least had a sweater on instead, or a jacket.

"Hey Sora, why don't you come to my house? My mom's making cookies, so we could have some!"

Sora's eyes widened. "Really?"

Riku grinned. "Yup."

"O-okay!" Sora got off the swing and stood next to Riku.

"Let's go then!" Riku grabbed Sora's hand and started leading him toward his house, away from that lonely, lonely swing.

As they walked away, Sora looked up at Riku. He decided to ask his question now, rather than being crushed later.

"U-um, R-Riku? Does this mean we're…friends?"

Riku looked down at Sora, wondering why he would ask such an obvious question. He noticed, however, how nervous Sora looked, like he was preparing to be rejected.

Riku smiled down at Sora, his grip on Sora's hand tightening reassuringly. "'Course we are!"

Sora almost couldn't believe his ears. He had a friend!

Sora broke out into a beautiful smile. And with that, they started walking again, both just happy that they had each other for the moment.


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