"I don't care! I'm tired of all this. I want to marry for love, and nothing else!" A young 17 year old boy shot to his mother.

"I know you don't like the concept dear, but it's for the countries own good." His mother replied.

"I don't care! I'm leaving!" the boy turned on his heals his long raven hair swaying behind him, as he left the room.

"Don't turn your back on your mother when she speaking to you Raymon Kon!" A deep male voice yelled, probably coming from the boy's father.

"I don't care anymore!" the boy shot, never looking back as he went up to his room. The boy opened the door to his room, and then slammed it shut. He went over to his closet and opened it; he walked into it, and went to the far end of his closet.

Ah, yes. I hade forgotten; this boy wasn't your every day ordinary Joe, no! He was the heir and prince of China, his father Sonsu Kon, was the King, and his wife, Tsukay, was the Queen, and Raymond's, or Ray for shot, mother.

"I don't care what they say, I'm leaving and never coming back no matter what it is they say. Not even if mother begs me! The only way I will come back will be if they either kill me, or knock me out and shackle me like a rabid dog!" Ray snorted as he stuffed some of his clothes, well, what looked less royal, into a bag. Once it was full, he closed it, and left the closet. He then went to his bed, and put pillows under his blankets, making a silhouette that resembled his form. "They won't know I've left until morning, by then I'll be miles away." Ray walked over to his window and pulled it open glancing briefly out the window to make sure none of the guards would spot him. When he was sure he jumped out of his window, with his bag, and silently and gracefully landed on the ground. Sticking to the shadows Ray dashed silently to the mansions walls. With one jump he was up and over the walls. "Free at last." Ray breathed in once and smiled, than he started walking his bag slung over his shoulder.

As he walked he noticed some of the people were looking at him and whispering to the people next to them.

'Damit! They must recognise me!' Ray thought as he pulled the hood of his cape over his head, just far enough to hide his featured in the shadows of his hood. 'I hope no one else recognises me. I can't stay here I will be too easy to find. I'll go to Russia! They will never think of looking for me there!'

With his mind made up, Ray started running to the nearest airport. It took him about 30minutes or running none stop to get there. Thankful of his heritage, Ray wasn't the least bit tired or out of breath, as one would suspect after such a long run. Ray walked up to the ticket booth, the lady behind gave him a warm smile, which he returned thought going unseen by the lady, seeing as his face was still the shadows.

"How may I help you?" the young lady asked.

"I would like one ticket for Russia, please." Ray asked.

"Very well," the lady typed something into the computer, than looked back at Ray. "That will be 300Yuan."(1)

Ray put his hand into his pocket and took out the required money and handed it to the lady. The lady took the money and handed Ray his ticket and bit him good day. Ray bowed politely and headed to the waiting area. Once he took his seat he looked down at his ticket. He had 20minutes to weight. After about 20 minutes the plain arrived and they called all passengers to the gate.

"All passengers boarding for Moscow, Russia, please head to gate 445." The metallic voice of the intercoms announced.

Ray stood up and headed to the gate. There were quite a few people inline, and many were trying to cut in line, one of them bumped Ray making his hood fall off.

"Oh my god! It's the prince!" a female voice yelled.

Every one stopped what they were doing and started looking around; Ray quickly put his hood back on, but too late, the damage was done. People started crowding around Ray, and trying to touch him, and asking him all sort of questions.

'Shit! Now my parent will know, and I'll be stuck here again!' just as Ray thought that he was roughly pulled back, and a strong arm was wrapped around his shoulders.

"Play along." A strong masculine voice said, just as his hood was pulled down.

"Hey, why…" Ray was cut off by a hand being placed on his mouth.

"Don't say a word and give me your ticket." The voice commanded.

Ray being too startled did as the stranger ordered and handed him his ticket.

"Well this will work out perfectly. Keep your head down." The stranger said.

Again Ray did as he was told.

"Your tickets please." A female voice asked.

The stranger handed the lady the two tickets. Ray could feel the lady's eyes on him, just then he felt the stranger move forward, as if to hide him.

"Sorry, my wife is a little shy. We've just gotten married and we're going on our honeymoon." The stranger lied.

"Oh! How sweet. Well my best of wishes." The lady said all dreamy, as Ray and the stranger started walking again.

Once they were passed the doors, and heading threw the tunnel, the stranger stopped and let go of Ray. Ray looked up, the first thing he noticed were deep, liquid blue eyes, than it was the flaming red hair. He also noticed that the boy couldn't be much older them himself. Then remembering his manners Ray bowed.

"By the way. Thank you very much, for helping me back there." Ray said standing straight again.

"No need to thank me." The boy said smiling.

"No, really! If it wouldn't have been for you, security would have come and 'escorted'," Ray spoke that word with what might be seen as disgust. "me home. Which is the only place I don't want to be. How could I ever repay you?"

"How about telling me why they were calling you the?" the boy asked curiously.

"I really don't know, but around here, the prince is big news. Every one wants to meet him, seeing as barley any one has ever seen him, and the ones who have are envied. I guess the lady thought I might have been him." Ray lied thought letting out a small chuckle, so he would look more convincing.

"Okay, man I'm happy I wasn't in your place. By the way my name is Tala Ivanov, and you are?"

"Raymon, or Ray for short." Rays said smiling.

"Well it's nice to meat you Ray. Here are our seats." Tala said pointing next to him.

Ray was so engulfed in his conversation that he hadn't noticed they had started walking and were now at there seats.

"I think I just figured out why you said this was going to work out perfectly." Rays smiled taking his seat next to the window.

"Ya, good thing our seats were together, like that I was able find a quick lie, so she wouldn't jump on you like the rest and so we could escape." Tala chuckled.

The plain ride was enjoyable, Tala and Ray talked practically the whole way, getting to know each other, and by the time they arrived in Moscow, they had become good friends. Once they were out of the plain they headed to the lobby.

"It was really nice meeting you Tala, and I hope I'll see you around." Ray said slinging his bag over his shoulder.

"It was a pleasure meeting you as well, Ray. Hey if you are ever in need of help, or simply a shoulder to cry on, you can reach me here." Tala handed Ray a piece of paper which Ray looked at briefly and put into his pocket.

"Thank you." Ray hugged Tala, who hugged back.

When they pulled away Tala smiled. "Well my escort is here."

Ray turned around to find two boys about the same age as he and Tala standing at the doors, one had short rugged lavender hair, and a wide build(2), the other next to him a little shorter, had two toned blue hair, and piercing crimson eyes, and two blue shark fins on either cheek.

"Friends of yours?" Ray said looking back at Tala.

"Ya. Best I've ever had." Tala nodded in there direction, getting a nod from them.

"Well I'll see ya around." Ray hugged Tala once more, and headed towards the doors, nodding to the two boys as he walked by them.

Tala soon joined his two friends.

"Whose your new friend?" the boy with lavender hair asked.

"Ray. Meat him on the plane, and saved his ass from security in the airport in Beijing." Tala said as they headed out the door.

Ray started walking down the sidewalk, holding his coat close to his body; good thing he had remembered his last visit to Moscow, and brought a warm coat. He walked for about an hour before he found a small hotel. He walked inside, the warm air instantly warming his frozen body. Ray walked over to the receptions desk, where a fairly old looking man stood. The man's face and body movement was cold and rigid. How ever the man surprised him.

"How may I help you young man?" the man's voice was deep, yet soothing and very friendly, as he smiled down at Ray.

Ray smiled back at the man. "I would like a room for one please." Ray kept smiling.

"Alright." The man turned around and took a key from a hook and handed it to Ray. "To what name may I assign it to?" the man asked still smiling.

Ray looked hesitant. "Err…"

"Mr. Joe it is." The man said scribbling the name down.

Ray looked up at the man surprise written all over his face.

"Don't worry, you aren't the first young gentleman to come here and not want his identity known." The man stated as he noticed Ray's questioning eyes.

"How did you know, though?" Rays asked.

"Simply by the ways you hesitated, and the look on your face, and also by the small bag you have with you." The man smiled, the wrinkles on his face, showed Ray that the man was obviously older then he looked, and was very wise.

"Thank you." Ray bowed and smiled up at the man.

"My pleasure young man. Now go rest, a maid will be up tomorrow morning to bring you your breakfast." The man smile again.

Ray bowed and headed up to his room. When Ray got up to his room, he closed the door, and went straight to the bed and let himself fall onto the bed. He had just enough energy to take his shoes off, and slip under the covers before he was fast asleep.

"So how was the trip?" a boy with lavender hair asked his friend.

"It was awesome! I never knew China could be so amazing!" a red haired boy seated next to the lavender haired boy said. "Man Brian, you missed something great!"

"Ya well not every one like to visit places like you do, Tala." The lavender haired boy, now known as Brian, retorted.

"You agree with me don't you, Kai?" Tala turned to his blue haired friend.

"Hey don't mix me up in your little arguments." Kai said putting his hands up in defence.

Tala made the puppy dog eyes, Kai simply looked away.

"Fine then! Be that way!" Tala crossed his arms and pouted.

"You're unbelievable Tala." Brian said leaning against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest.