The rest of the walk to the hotel was in silence. When they got there is was about time. Just as they stepped threw the door, a down poor started.

"Wow we got here just in time." Ray said looking out threw the glass doors.

"Ya, no kidding." Kai said also staring.

"How about you stay here until it stops raining?" Ray suggested.

"Err…sure." Kai answered.

Ray smiled as they walked by the receptions desk.

"Why hello there young man, how was your day?" the man who had been there the day Ray arrived asked.

"It was really fun." Ray paused. "But I guess there won't be any outings for the rest of the evening." Ray said looking out the door.

"It seems you and your guest, will be having a night in." the elderly man smiled.

"I don't know if it is impolite of me, but may I know your name?" Ray asked.

"Ah, no not at all. My name is Armond." The man smiled.

"Thank you, and my name is Ray." Ray smiled.

Armond smiled. "And what is your friend's name?" Armond looked over at Kai.

"Kai Hiwatari." Kai answered.

Both ray and Armond looked straight at Kai, eyes wide. At that Kai noticed his mistake.

'Shit!' Kai thought.

"Well, Ray, I will have some food sent up to your room." Armond said looking over at Ray.

Ray looked over at Armond and smiled. "Thank you." Ray then turned to Kai. "Come on."

Kai just looked at the two, than followed behind Ray. 'I guess he doesn't care.'

About three minutes later, they were in Ray's room.

"So, is Moscow what you remember it to be?" Kais asked lounging on the couch.

"Don't know. Well that is if you don't count the weather, because it sure is still as cold." Ray chuckled as he took a leather chair in the corner.

Kai smirked and nodded. "Ya well at least you came prepared, unlike most."

"Ya." Ray chuckled. "I learned my lesson, last time I came here."

There was a sudden knock on the door. Ray stood up and went to the door, and opened it revealing the young lady from this morning.

"Ah hello Karla." Ray smiled moving aside to let her in.

"Hello." Karla said smiling. "Here is your supper. I hope you enjoy it." Karla bowed and turned around, and left the room, closing the door behind her.

The whole time Ray was talking with Karla, Kai never took his eyes off of Ray; studying his every move, his every word, smile and step.

'Okay I think I'm falling for him, and falling hard!' Kai thought as he watched Ray come back with the food.

Ray placed the food on the small table. "I hope you don't mind sitting on the floor?" Ray asked looking up at Kai.

Kai smirked and sat down, opposite of Ray, on the floor. "No not at all."

Ray smiled and took a seat. They ate in silence, from time tot time glancing up at the other and looking away before the other caught there gaze.

'I don't know why but I feel so relax and happy around him. I've never felt this way around any one before.' Ray thought as he glanced up for the tenth time.

That glance Kai caught seeing as Ray was lost in thought.

'I wonder what he's thinking of. Is he thinking of me?' Kai paused in this thought. 'Why do I care if he's thinking of me or not?' Kais shook his head and kept eating.

After about thirty minutes they had finished eating and were now sitting in front of the TV watching some documentary.

"This is breaking news; we have just heard that the young prince of China has been missing for two days now. His ware a bout's are still unknown. But there is word that he might have left the country. More news on this later tonight. This is Khozawa Thuroko signing off."

Ray looked at the TV horrified. 'Well I guess the searching will start. I'm sure it won't take long before they find me.'

"Wow, that kid has guts. Having all that but still not wanting to stay." Kai said out loud.

"I know how he feels. In China you don't get to chose who you get married too. It's decided before you're even born sometime." Ray looked back at the TV.

Kai looked at Ray a little surprised. "What happens if they think it's a girl, and they engage them to a guy, but they turn out to be a guy. What happened then?"

Ray looked back at Kai. "They get married anyways." Ray said looking back at the TV.

"So even if their not interested in guys they are obligated?" Kai looked surprised.

"Ya. Like fore me, I'm stuck marrying this chick that I don't even like, and I feel like killing, but because my parents and hers made a deal before we were born I'm stuck marrying her. I don't even like girls." Ray said laying his head back and closing his eyes.

"So you would of rather have been pared up to a guy?" Kais asked.

"Ya. Girls are way too chirpy and they talk too much!" Ray said.

Kai smirked. "I'll have to agree with you on that one."

Ray looked over at Kai and smiled.

The two kept watching the TV at one point they found a movie and started watching it. By the time it finished it was already midnight.

"I guess I should be heading back home." Kais said getting up.

Ray stood up and looked out the window. "Ya I guess, but wouldn't it be safer and healthier if you stayed the night, seeing as the down poor hasn't stopped yet?" Ray asked.

Kai looked out the window and frowned. "Ya I guess you're right. I'll call the guys and tell them I'm not coming home." Kai went to the phone and called Tala.

Ray went to the washroom and changed into a pair of black boxers. When Kai turned around and saw Ray, he froze.

'Whoa! He's hot!' was the first thought that went threw Kai's head when his eyes landed on Ray.

Ray wasn't paying attention so he didn't notice Kai's eyes on him. Just as Kai froze some one picked up on the other end of the line.


"…" Kais didn't answer his eyes and mind still stuck on Ray.

"Hello!" the voice said louder.

"Huh? Oh Tala?" Kai finally answered.

"Oh hey Kai. What's up?" Tala asked.

"I wont be coming in tonight, there's a down poor and I don't feel like falling sick." Kais said.

"Okay, but where are you right now?" Tala asked.

"Ray's hotel room." Kai answered.

"Oh. Okay." Tala said slyly.

"Tala…I know that voice." Kai said in a menacing voice.

Kai could here chuckles on the end of the line. "Sorry dude. Okay I'll see ya when you get back." The line went dead.

Kai rolled his eyes and hung up, then turned back to Ray.

Ray was looking at him from the couch. "So what did he say?"

"You don't want to know. But nothing, it was just the way he said it." Kais said walking over to the chair Ray had previously been in.

Ray let out a chuckle. "Ah, Tala sounds a lot like my brother." Ray said with a sad smile.

Kai looked at Ray and felt sad. "You miss him don't ya?"

"Ya. I guess I do. But to say he's the only one I miss, well as of yet." Ray said lying down on the couch and closing his eyes.

"You look tired." Kai said out of the blue.

Ray opened one eye and looked at Kai, then closed his eye again. "Ya I think I am." Ray let out a small yawn.

Kai smirked and let out a yawn of his own.

"I think you're tired too." Ray said not opening his eyes.

Kai looked at Ray funny.

Ray chuckled. "I've got really good hearing, and really good sense of smell."

Kai looked at Ray and little suspiciously. Ray feeling the eyes on him looked up at Kai.

Ray let out a sigh and sat up. "Have you ever herd of the people they call 'Neko-Jin's'?"

"Err…ya, the people who have the traits of cats. Excellent hearing, excellent sense of smell, excellent sight, both in the dark and in the light, extremely good in agility sports and running. Why?" Kai said.

Ray looked down a little and fiddled with his figures. "'Cause I'm one of them." Ray closed his eye tightly, awaiting the disgusted yell.

Kai looked at Ray, a little shocked. "I thought they had all been killed."

Ray looked up at Kai totally surprised and shocked. "You don't hate me?"

Kai looked a little surprised. "No. Why would I?"

"Like you said they were killed, but some of my ancestors were able to go into hiding, and were able to bring the line back. But now were just as many as we were over a hundred years ago, and people are starting to be able to pinpoint us, and are out to kill us again. Thought if they aren't out to kill us they just hate us, and when we do tell people they usually run out disgusted, or worst try and attack us." Ray said sadly.

Kai was shocked. "Man there just afraid and people want to get rid of what they don't understand." Kai stood up and sat next to Ray. "Well if this counts as anything. I'll be here to kick who ever does anything to you because you're different."

Ray smiled. "Thanks it means a lot."

"Now how about some sleep?" Kai said.

"Sounds like an awesome idea. You can take the bed I'll sleep here." Ray said.

'Okay I know he's going to insist on me taking the bed because I'm a guessed so…' "How about we both take the bed? It's big enough for two."

Ray looked a little surprised. "Err…Okay."

Kai smirked and got up, Ray also got up and they went on either side on the bed and climbed in. However Ray got back up and went to the door and made sure it was locked and then closed the lights, but came back moments later and lay under the warm covers.

"Night Kai." Ray said between a yawn.

"Night Ray." Kai said as they both fell into an deep slumber.