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Ch. 9.

Luke stretched his legs out in front of him. His head was bent at an unbelievably uncomfortable

angle. He jerked awake wincing at the crick in his neck. He started rubbing his neck to alleviate

some of the pain. The time read 1:17 in the morning. He stood up to stretch, then walked back and

forth in front of the door to Lorelai's room. He'd been here since they brought her up, but had yet

to see her.

What am I doing? I'm here in the hospital walking around. I hate hospitals. Why can't I get

myself to go into her room. She's probably sleeping anyway. You know why Danes? Then

you'd have to face your fears. Forget about the fact that once you're in there you'd probably

end up looking just like Lorelai's mother and won't be able to leave. Or worse you'll break

down and cry in front of both of them. It's not like Emily likes you anyway, but if I cried in

front of her not only will I not be good enough for her daughter I'll also be a pansy. Well so

what. Who cares what she thinks. Right. RIGHT! Okay- I'm going in…. Here goes…….

He pushes the door open slowly, and quietly enters the room, so as not to wake anyone up. The

first thing he sees is Emily sleeping in a lounge chair. Her neck is bent at an unfortunate angle. She's

going to have a worse crick then me. He then looks over at the bed. Her face is turned away

from him, he steps closer. He hears the slight beeping of the machines she's hooked up to. He can

see her chest rise and fall. Good she's breathing. She's okay. You could almost here his body

decompress from relief. He sighs and shuts his eyes for a second and takes a deep breathe. In the

back of his mind he hears the sheets rustling. Then he opens his eyes and sees a pool of stunning

blue eyes staring back at him.

He used every ounce of will power in him to not bolt out the door. So he wouldn't have to face her.

So why's my body moving closer to her, almost of its own accord. He sees her hand extended

out, he sees his hand reaching for hers. At the slightest touch of their fingers, a current of love,

energy and light traversed throughout his body, relaxing it completely. He looks back at her face

and sees she's smiling. Then he's beside her, also smiling. He doesn't realize he's crying until she

wipes the tears from his face.

'ssshhh it's okay'

Luke laughs 'I should be comforting you not the other way around.'

She smiles, 'Don't worry you have the rest of your life to comfort me.'

She lifts his chin with her finger smiling, 'You're late.'

Luke lowers his eyes bashfully, 'I love you.'

Lorelai giggles, 'You're forgiven.' And she kisses his chin.

'Lorelai, I want to explain.'

'There's no need.'


'Luke,' she puts her fingers over his mouth and whispers, 'Don't talk,' she gestures to her mother's

sleeping form. 'Just sit here with me, okay.'

Then she ran her fingers over his face, down the bridge of his nose and around his lips.

He realizes at that moment, as long as they're together they will always be all right. You don't

always need to be a hero, or make grand gesture like a thousand yellow daisies, sometimes just

being there in that split second for each other is just enough.


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