"Sasuke-kun?" she asked one-day while they were eating their meal around a small fire. It was a fairly quiet evening and team 7 was enjoying the peacefulness.

"Yeah?" the boy in question responded without so much as looking up from his cup of soup.

"...Are you gay?" Sakura asked thoughtfully as she placed her cup on the ground and watched Sasuke for an answer.

Beside Sakura, Naruto had managed to spat out his soup while in the middle of consuming it. The content however, made its way across the burning fire and landed directly on Sasuke's face. The usually loud boy was speechless for once as his eyes widened and even forgot to apologize for the spat food. Nearby, Sakura could hear the sound of their sensei choking on something, although it sounded muffled.

"Ewww..." Naruto suddenly cried and pointed a finger at their sensei who was sitting a bit behind them.

It seems as if Kakashi-sensei had tried to spat out his food, but the mask on his face kept the content in his mouth from flying into the air. Beneath his mask, a few pieces of vegetables appeared to be slightly visible but a part of his mask is now wet and dripping with the soup.

Sakura stifled a laugh and turned back to look at Sasuke with an expectant look on her face.

"Well?" she asked again watching the boy's reactions.

Sasuke had turned pale and had his head bent down between his knees. Watching closely, she saw that he was shaking slightly. Whether from the question or the spat soup on his face, Sakura did not know.

'Maybe he's crying?' she thought to herself in the silence. Both Naruto and Kakashi-sensei had stopped what they were doing (choking, in Kakashi's case) and had remained silent. They too were watching Sasuke closely for an answer of a sort. But never did anyone of them expect his next line of action. Standing up suddenly from his seat across the fire, Sasuke quickly made his way to stand in front of Sakura. And without a word, he pulled up his unsuspecting female teammate by her wrist and crushed his lips to hers. Silence fell around the campsite as the other members of team seven watched in stunned silence.

It took Naruto a few second to finally realize what was happening and jumped up to pull the kissing couple apart with a slow antagonized yell.


A moment later found a crying Naruto beating the ground with his fist yelling for his "innocent Sakura-chan being tainted by the bastard", a chuckling Kakashi (the wet spot in his mask still haven't dried yet), a blushing Sakura sitting in a heap on the ground, and a smirking avenger walking away from the scene.

It was a good day all in all.


A/N: Now, before any of you yell at my second delay tactics, hear me out first. This short …thing… was started 3 years ago, back when my favorite couple was still SasuSaku and Itachi hadn't made his way into my stories yet. sigh Nowadays, it's ItaSaku for me… Somehow I finished this, but I don't think I can work on Drunken Luck for a while… Basically, the story is hard to work with, and my mind seemed to be able to focus on Inuyasha and the wonders of Sesshoumaru and Kagome pairing…

Maybe I'll simply discontinue Drunken Luck or at least take it off…