"Logan," Veronica warned, recognizing the way his breathing was getting more ragged, his hands more exploratory.

"Um, hmm," he mumbled as he continued to kiss her neck and he began pulling her shirt out of her jeans.

"Logan, my dad will be home any minute."

"This'll only take a minute," he assured her. But Veronica knew better. She put her hands on his chest and gently pushed him away. "You promised…" he groaned as he tried to capture her lips again.

Grinning, she turned away from him.

The memory of him standing in her living room earlier in the evening, hair slicked back, leather pants, leather jacket and a studded collar around his neck was priceless. When she approached him with the black eyeliner he put his hands up and backpedaled away from her.

"You're kidding right?"

Before she could respond, there was Wallace's customary single knock before he let himself in. He stopped dead when he saw Veronica in her black wig, ripped leggings, mini skirt and death metal t-shirt, trying to apply eyeliner to Logan who was in an equally outlandish get up.

Wallace slapped a hand over his eyes. "Please tell me you're going undercover somewhere and this is not some role playing game who's images will leave me damaged beyond repair."

Logan grinned. "Don't judge lest you be judged, Wallace. We all have our fetishes."

Veronica gave him a small shove that knocked him back on the couch.

"Goth club," she said to Wallace, who peeked between his fingers until Veronica settled on Logan's lap and then he snapped his fingers shut again. "We're looking for a runaway."

Veronica leaned forward to apply the eyeliner and Logan jerked his head away.

"Stay still or you could lose an eye," she said. "I know of what I speak and you would not look good in an eye patch."

Wallace lowered his hand and grinned. "Can you hold on while I go grab your camera?"

He turned toward Veronica's room and Logan thrust out an accusatory finger.

"One more step Fennel and you're a dead man."

Veronica grabbed Logan's chin and started applying the eyeliner. Wallace broke into a fit of laughter.

"Why aren't you doing this? "Logan demanded. "Aren't you usually Ronnie's girl Friday when it comes to these things?"

"I don't think you should be talking "girl" Friday with me while you're in the middle of getting a make over."

Logan grumbled curses under his breath.

"I told you, Wallace has a basketball game tonight." Veronica said, leaning back to examine her work. "Perfect."

"I don't know, Veronica," Wallace said. "I think his dog collar is eschew."

"That's it," Logan tried getting to his feet but Veronica was still firmly planted on his lap.

"Wallace," she said, "Stop it." Then she turned and smiled at Logan. "I promise, you will be rewarded for your sacrifice." Then she leaned in and kissed him and Wallace slapped his hand over his eyes again.

"I'm a woman of my word," Veronica mumbled, as Logan started tugging at her shirt again. "But do you really want to risk my dad coming home and putting a permanent end to any future bargaining potential?"

With a frustrated groan he pulled away from her. "Well I should go then," he decided. "Because I cannot resist your elemental hotness."

He stood up and grabbed his jacket.

"So, tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel?" He held his hands out to her.

She reached out and intertwined her fingers in his. On tiptoe, she kissed him. After a minute he pulled her into his arms and started walking her back toward the couch.

"It'll only hurt for a minute," he mumbled against her mouth. "It'll be worth it…"

Veronica pushed him away. "Go."

Grinning he gave her another short kiss and left. Veronica closed the door behind him and sighed.

Logan Echolls, my boyfriend. Who'd a thunk it?

The phone rang and she hurried to the counter and picked it up. It was her father's voice on the line.

"Hey, honey. Not doing anything I wouldn't do, are you?"

"Considering what you do perhaps you should rethink the question," Veronica replied.

"Noted. So I'm not going to make it home tonight," Keith Mars said.

"Exactly what I mean…"

"I'm working," he added hastily. "I got a lead on our runaway. No luck at the Goth club?"

"Other then entertainment value?" She grinned, thinking of Logan. "No."

"You'll be OK?"

"Aren't I always?"

She hung up with her father and went into her bedroom. As she got ready for bed she found the collar Logan had been wearing earlier in the evening. She picked it up and smiled. She had asked him once if things would ever be normal between them. Apparently not. She pulled back her covers and slipped into bed.

I wouldn't want it any other way.

She didn't know how long she'd been asleep but she guessed it had been a while because she was still in a fog of dreams when she felt her waterbed dip underneath her. She rubbed her eyes groggily and felt his hands slip around her waist.

"Logan," she whispered, turning around to face him. "Are you crazy…."

But it wasn't Logan she found snuggling next to her. It was Troy Vandegraff. He smiled in that deceptively boyish way of his.

"Give us a smile, luv."