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Nar Shaddaa – Last Night in Dock for the Endar Spire

It was in the North City Cantina that Carth Onasi met with his old friend, Sato. They hadn't seen each other in a long time. With the war going on, it was hard to say when or if he'd see him again. The cantina wasn't the nicest place he'd been to, but it served its purpose… alcohol, music, gambling, and dancing girls.

"Any one of them?" Carth asked skeptically.

"Any one," his friend replied smugly.

Carth took an inventory of the other patrons before he spotted a striking woman on the other side of the bar talking to a very intoxicated Twi'lek. She had shoulder length black hair with beautiful green eyes. Carth nodded towards her and announced, "That one."

Sato looked in the direction Carth had indicated. He recoiled slightly and stated, "Except that one."

Carth smirked. He knew Sato was all talk when it came to the ladies. The other pilot had been willing to wager he could charm any girl in the place. "What do you mean 'except that one?' You said 'any one.'"

Sato shook his head and explained, "Carth, this is Nar Shaddaa. A women like that, brave enough to be in a place like this… Well, I've been around enough to know to stay away from that one!"

Carth lifted his glass to take a drink while shaking his head. "Whatever you say."

Sato raised his eyebrows in disbelief. "You don't believe me?" He motioned towards the woman and said, "Look now. There's some crazy fool willing to prove my point."

Indeed, there was some guy trying to get her attention by standing on the side opposite the Twi'lek. She waved him off and continued with her drink. He boldly grabbed her arm above the elbow. She snapped it back viciously from him and said a few choice words before returning to her drink. Apparently not one to give up easily, he grabbed her arm again. This guy doesn't give up, Carth thought. The Captain began to rise from his seat, but Sato put a hand on Carth's arm to stop the motion. Carth was about to object just as she swung back her elbow and slammed the offending man square in the jaw, knocking him back a few steps.

The man took a moment to process what had happened. His face contorted into anger and he charged at her. But she was ready and took the momentum to slam his head onto the bar. He fell to the ground. The man propped himself on his elbows and took a quick look around. He appeared about to get up when she pulled out her vibro-blade and held the tip to his throat while digging the heel of her boot into his hand. Carth tried to listen, but was unable to hear what she said. Whatever it was, the man nodded his head and scurried away when she released him. Then she returned to her drink and her conversation like nothing happened.

"See what I mean?" Sato said with a cocked eyebrow.

The night continued on and Carth enjoyed exchanging stories with his one-time comrade. He couldn't help but to occasionally steal a glance at the obviously deadly woman. She seemed to be very interested in whatever the Twi'lek had to say. Their manner with each other seemed very businesslike and Carth couldn't help but wonder what type of business she was in. Eventually, the Twi'lek seemed to have had enough to drink for he fell backwards off his stool. The woman merely glanced down at the fallen man and shrugged before continuing on with her drink.

A little while later, Carth noticed the bartender place a shot in front of her. She looked at the server questioningly. The man pointed to the corner of the bar. Carth leaned forward to look in the direction the bartender indicated. The man in the corner was an unsightly human with more than one missing tooth. The man gave her a hungry look with a wink. Yeah, like he has a chance. She refused the drink. Good for her, Carth thought.

Marin Sage sat at the bar nursing her ale. She was rather disgusted with the place she found herself in. What a hell hole. I've already had to fight off some stinkin' scumbag who thought he could have his way with me. To top it off, the Twi'lek giving her the details on the Republic gig she had lined up, just passed out. What time did he say I had to meet the transport?

The bartender approached and set a shot of some clear liquid in front of her. "What's this?"

"Firewater. From that guy." The server pointed to a nasty looking guy at the corner of the bar. He was human, but Sage had seen Gamorreans that were more attractive. The man gave her a rather suggestive look and she had to fight down the bile that had just formed in that back of her throat. Firewater? What's with it when guys buy you some crazy shot? Do I look like I'm drinking firewater?

She pushed the glass back towards the bartender. "Give it to the flyboy in the orange jacket. Make sure to tell him that guy down there bought it for him." She smiled smugly to herself. I'll teach him not to stare.

The bartender plopped a shot down in front of Carth. The pilot hadn't ordered anything and gave the server a questioning look. The other man pointed to the missing tooth guy. Carth's cheeks flushed with embarrassment as he realized he'd been caught with his sneaking glances. He let out a small chuckle. Cute.

He said to the bartender, "Give her another of whatever she's having."

Carth watched as a drink was set in front of the woman. She studied the drink a moment and smiled. She looked over at Carth and lifted her glass in a salute. Carth shared the unspoken toast with her before she walked away.

Moments later, Carth's throat felt like it was on fire. The drink had appeared mild at first, but the afterburn was a kicker. He decided quickly that he really didn't like the missing tooth guy. He wondered what the man was thinking giving a woman a shot like that. I know what he was thinking, that no good son of a shutta. Carth switched to ale to help calm his inflamed palate.

It wasn't long after when Carth and Sato headed over to check out the dancers. Two songs played before a few soldiers from the Endar Spire stumbled in. "Those your guys Onasi?" Sato asked.

"Yep," Carth replied, not taking his eyes off the dancers.

"Looking for trouble, no doubt," Sato commented.

"No doubt," Carth agreed.

After another song, Carth was apparently way too interested in the purple Twi'lek dancing in front of him to hear all the commotion.

"Hey Onasi, I think your guys found their trouble." Sato announced.

Carth brushed it off, saying, "They're soldiers. They can hold their own."

"Uh, I think you might want to check this out." Sato added warily.

After sharing a drink with the flyboy, Sage headed back to the sabacc tables she had seen earlier. She decided she could use a few extra credits. After a few hands of what seemed to be too easy, she took a break.

Her distaste for the establishment only grew after one trip to the fresher. She decided it was about the worst she'd seen. Haven't they heard of cleaning droids in this place? It was no fun trying the balancing act after four - or maybe it was five - Alderaanian ales.

As she walked away from the offensive fresher, she heard a voice from her left. "What do we have here?" A hand grabbed her arm as she attempted to push her way through the crowd. Unfortunately for the owner of the hand, Sage wasn't feeling all that friendly at the moment.

By the time Carth arrived on the scene, one soldier was already down with an apparent broken nose. There she stood in the middle of the other three with fire and determination in her eyes. Those boys had no idea what they'd gotten themselves into. It's a damn good thing she hasn't pulled her blade yet, Carth thought with a bit of relief. He made a move to step in when Ensign Zaft attempted to get in her face. Two down.

Carth had to act quickly if he was going to save his men. "Now just wait one minute." He entered the ring with his hands up in surrender. Her eyes darted around like a caged animal. "I think we can probably work this out without anyone else getting hurt," Carth said.

The woman glanced quickly at him. "Stay out of this flyboy, this isn't your fight," she snapped.

He moved to stand directly in front of her. "These are my men, and I have to look out for their well being. You, sister, are detrimental to their well being. So I will collect my men and gladly move them along."

Carth waited apprehensively for her response. She glared at him with a look that would make most men wither away. But he stood his ground. They stood like that for a moment until she straightened up and lifted her chin. She gave Carth a long, appraising look before she returned to the bar.

Carth watched her dignified retreat and was both surprised and pleased with the peaceful ending. He looked at the soldiers who remained standing. "You two, grab your fallen comrades, we're heading back." So much for the dancers.