The Miseducation of Calleigh Duquense

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Chapter 1

She sighed as she watched the traffic pass on either side of her. Miami was beautiful , but she didn't really feel at home here. She missed the down home feeling that New Orleans had provided her, not to mention her job at the police department. She was finally making inroads to where she wanted to be in the department, but for some reason she had taken a job that was basically offered to her out of nowhere. She remembered that day when he came into the office. She had chuckled at the oddness of this man; his shocking red hair, but yet she was at the same time intrigued. He had a confident stride and piercing blue eyes that showed his every emotion. When he asked for her by name, she almost dropped the papers she was filing. After talking to him, she hurriedly took the position that was offered and never had a backwards glance. Until today. Today , she was officially doubting whether she had made the right decision. She started the new job at the Miami CSI lab tomorrow and she wondered if it would be a good fit.

"Earth to Calleigh. Calleigh Duquense, are you there?"

" Wha- what?" Calleigh asked in a daze.

" You've been in la-la land for almost ten minutes. Are you okay?"

" I'm fine , Olivia. Really," Calleigh said as she nervously glanced at her best friend. They had followed each other through kindergarten all the way up to college. Calleigh had went to Tulane while Olivia went to Xavier. After college they kept up with each other and Calleigh was glad that Olivia was living in Miami. She would have definitely given up by now.

" Right. Are you nervous about the new job?" Olivia asked as she rolled the window down.

" Kinda. I just don't know why I was so in a hurry to leave what was comfortable. This is something totally new to me," Calleigh said as she made a turn.

" You love guns, which is still a mystery to me. But I think you will be quite good at the whole ballistics thing. Besides , my friend says that the CSI lab is top notch. You are going to love working there."

" Friend? You never told me you had a friend who works in the lab," Calleigh said looking at her.

" Well, it's more like we dated off and on. I met him when I took diving lessons. He was the teacher," Olivia said with a hint of seductiveness in her voice.

"Liv, you didn't..."

" We only went out for a date or two. It isn't that serious, you know the playboy type," Olivia returned with a dismissive gesture.

" Yeah, I do," Calleigh replied wistfully. She had just gotten out of the worst relationship she had ever been in. " Anyway. So your friend, what does he do in the lab?"

" I can't really remember, something to do with underwater recovery, or something. Like I said, he and I were just a hot fling."

" You are such a great help, Liv. I guess I am going to have to wait to find out anything when I go to work tomorrow," Calleigh said as she stopped her jeep in her driveway.

" Yes, work is for tomorrow! What are you doing tonight?" Liv asked as she helped Calleigh take the bags into the condo. She had rented the condo right after she accepted the job, with Olivia's help.

" Well, I planned on cleaning my gun, doing some laundry and maybe catching a movie on the tv. Why?" Calleigh asked in her deep southern accent.

" Your gun is spotless you, just did laundry yesterday, and there's nothing decent on tv tonight. Why don't we go out?"

" Go out? I have a new job that I start tomorrow, Liv."

" So, I won't keep you out long. Besides, you might meet someone."

" I don't want to meet anyone, Liv. I just want to get myself together before tomorrow. Can you shut the door, please?" Calleigh asked as she put the bags on the counter.

" Calleigh, you are too young to stay cooped up and it wouldn't do any harm to go out and meet new people. Not everyone is like Max."

Calleigh stopped in her tracks when she thought about Max. He was supposed to be the one but he turned out to be a narcissistic jerk. She was definitely not ready to meet any new guys , especially not in Miami. There was a fifty percent chance that she would meet someone just like Max, and she wanted no part in those odds.

" Liv, I just..."

" I am not going to stop asking until you say yes," Olivia said as she stepped in front of her best friend.

" I can always kick you out," Calleigh replied.

" C'mon, Cal! Go out with me. You will have fun, I promise you! You can't stay home tonight. How do you know that you won't meet the man of your dreams?"

" Liv, didn't I just say ..."

" Alright, alright, I won't force you into a relationship with any body, but you gotta come. Unwind a little before you start," Olivia pleaded.

" Okay, I'll go!" Calleigh conceded, " but , at the first sign of any hook up, I'm out of there. Understand?"

" Sure. I promise Calleigh, you will have a blast," Olivia said as she walked to the door.

" Hey where are you going? I thought that you were going to help me put up all of this stuff," Calleigh said as she followed Olivia to the door.

" I've got to get ready. Wear something nice, Calleigh. I'll pick you up at 7:30, ok?" Olivia said as she walked out the door.

She watched Olivia as she pulled out of the driveway and waved. As she turned to go back inside, she felt something inside of her. What had she gotten herself into?


The music was deafening and her head was hurting. Calleigh looked out on the dance floor to see Olivia dancing wildly. As she sipped on a Cosmopolitan, Calleigh wondered if this had been a good idea. She had come at her friend's insistence, but she was far from having the 'blast' that Olivia swore that she was going to have. When the song was over, Calleigh saw Olivia as she walked over to the table. She wore a short black dress with stiletto heels and a look of amusement as she spoke to Calleigh.

" Calleigh, you haven't danced since you got here. Get up," Olivia said as she pulled on her arm.

" I don't feel like dancing, Liv. Actually, I am ready to go,"Calleigh said as she put the martini glass up to her lips.

" Go? We just got here," Olivia shouted as the music started up again.

" Yeah, three hours ago," Calleigh returned.

" What?"

" I said, three hours ago..."

" I can't hear you, Calleigh. C'mon..." Olivia gestured as she pulled Calleigh up. Calleigh stood up and exhaled heavily. She knew she should've stayed home.

" Okay, one dance, then I'm leaving."

Calleigh followed her to the floor and stopped. She began to move stiffly, thinking that she must look like an idiot. After twenty minutes of that, Calleigh looked for Olivia who had made her way to the bar. She strode over to her with her temper flaring with every step.

" Hey , what's the big idea, Liv?" Calleigh said to her back.

Olivia stopped talking to the guy in front of her and turned to face Calleigh, " You looked like you were having the time of your life out there. I just came and got a drink."

" I said I was leaving after one dance..."

" Eric ! Hi!" Olivia waved in the direction of the door. Calleigh turned her attention to the door to see a young tall Latino .


"Cal, one drink and I promise we'll go. Besides I want you to meet someone," Olivia said as the young man approached.

" Olivia! I didn't think I would see you here tonight," he said smiling then hugging her, " how are you?"

" I'm fine, Eric. I've got someone I'd like you to meet." Olivia returned gesturing to Calleigh. " Eric Delko, meet Calleigh Duquense."

Eric put his hand out to shake hers and Calleigh took it with a forced smile. She continued to hold it as he smiled back at her.

" Nice to meet you , Calleigh."

" Likewise, Eric. So how long have you known, Olivia?"

" Liv? I've known her for a while. I met her..."

" Eric, did you come by yourself?" Olivia said quickly. She didn't want her plan to be ruined by her friend's natural curiosity.

" No, I brought a friend," Eric replied as he noticed the daggers that Olivia was throwing.

" Oh, I thought you usually came by yourself," Olivia asked with a pained look on her face.

" Delko, I thought you said that the valet would park. I just spent fifteen minutes trying to find a parking space for my bike," a man said as he walked up to Eric. Calleigh heard his voice, but her view was blocked.

" Speed, I told you that you should've left your bike at home and caught a ride with me. It would've been a lot easier," Eric replied as he put a hand on the man's shoulder.

" Right, and risked getting stuck somewhere I didn't want to be," the man said sarcastically.

" Oh, Eric, whose your friend?" Olivia asked as she winked to Eric. Eric turned around , giving Calleigh a full view of his friend. She was instantly taken aback at how handsome he was. His chocolate brown eyes held a warmth and sincerity that she had never felt before. His dark curly mane was short and looked wind blown and his face was flawless with the exception of the stubble that was slightly visible. Calleigh could imagine her hands caressing his face.

" This is Tim Speedle. Tim, this is Calleigh and you know Olivia," Eric said as he smirked at Olivia.

Calleigh snapped out of her day dream and shot a stern look at her friend. Olivia hurriedly took Eric by the arm and led him out to the dance floor, leaving Calleigh and Tim to themselves. Calleigh looked at Tim and smile lightly then focused on the drink that was suddenly placed before her.

" Um, I'm sorry, but I didn't order this drink," Calleigh said to the bartender.

" It's on the lady. She said to keep them coming," the bartender offered as he gestured to the dance floor.

" This will be my last one," Calleigh returned. She then looked out on the dance floor where Eric and Olivia proceeded to get lost in the sea of people.

" Is this your first time in a club?" Tim asked as he sat next to her. She smelled his cologne and was again lost in a daydream.

" Huh? Oh ,no. I went to plenty of clubs back home. It's just that I start a new job, tomorrow."

" Back home? Where are you from?"

" Louisiana . New Orleans."

" I would've put your accent in Texas, but everyone's allowed to be wrong once in their lives," Tim replied smiling, as he stared at her . He took in her long blond hair that she had put into a simple ponytail, and was mesmerized by her clear green eyes. God she's hot ,he said to himself.

" And I take it you are a Yankee," Calleigh returned, almost melting at the sight of his killer smile.

" Born and raised in New York, Syracuse. I've been in Miami for five years now."

" Syracuse? That's a long way from here," Calleigh said as she took another sip from her Cosmopolitan.

" Yeah, well I've come a long way in my life," Tim said wistfully. He nodded at the bartender as he placed a drink in front of him. He liked talking to Calleigh.

" You and me both, Yankee," Calleigh retorted as she continued to sip. She had begun to get a little buzz from the alcohol and she started to loosen up. " Hey, Tim , you wanna dance?"

" Me, dance? No , that's not going to happen. I prefer to stay on the edge of disaster and not participate in it," he said as he shook his head.

" Come on, you can't be any worse than me," Calleigh said as she put her hands on him. She felt something surge though her. Tim hesitated and looked at her, he had felt it too. He relented and sighed heavily.

" Alright, but don't say that I didn't warn you," Tim said as he followed her to the dance floor.

Calleigh and Tim danced for what seemed like a life time, each enjoying each others company. At the last call, they had finally retreated to a booth in the corner. Calleigh continued to feel this attraction to him and was unable to recall her apprehension about meeting someone tonight. As she gazed into his eyes, she got lost in them. He took her into a passionate kiss, sending her senses into overload. She beamed heavily as she pulled back from him. This felt right to her. He gazed longingly at her, wanting to continue to let his lips touch hers. She put her finger to his lips and calmed him. By this time, Calleigh was tipsy and all her inhibitions were out the door.

" Here's my number," Calleigh said pulling out a pen. She wrote her number on the napkin that was on the table. " Call me."

" I would like to see you again, Calleigh," Tim said as he caressed her neck, sending shivers down her back.

" I would like that too. My ride's leaving. I gotta go." Calleigh said getting up. She really didn't want to leave him.

" I can take you home, if that's okay?"

" I faintly recall you saying that you rode a motorcycle here, right?"

" Yeah, a Ducati. It's right outside," Tim said as he got up. He was less tipsy than Calleigh, but he was still impaired.

" Sorry, Yankee. I don't do motorcycles. Thanks though," Calleigh replied as she bent to kiss him on his forehead. " I had a fantastic time, Tim. Call me?"

" Sure. Maybe one day, I'll get you to ride my bike with me," Tim said with a smirk.

" That's the day hell freezes over. Bye, Tim," Calleigh said walking to meet Olivia to the door. Eric came over and sat with his friend obviously gaining his second wind.

" So, Speed, how did you like her?"

" Eric, I think I have just met my future wife," Tim slurred as he watched Calleigh disappear out the front door.

" You're drunk, Speed. Let's get you home. You know Horatio likes to give wake up calls," Eric said as he grabbed Tim by his arm. He would put the Ducati in his truck bed and take Tim home.

He was glad he could get his friend out. If anyone needed to meet someone, it was Tim Speedle.


Calleigh woke up to the harsh tones of her alarm clock with a start. She faintly remembered getting into bed last night, and she remembered even less about the club. The only evidence she had was the persistent headache that was brought on by one too many Cosmopolitans. As she swung her legs over her bed, her head swam and her stomach did somersaults. She was officially hung over.

She silently cursed at Olivia for talking her into going out as she made her way to the shower. How good was she going to be while she nursed a hang over? After showering, she dressed and fixed herself a cup of coffee, hoping to stop the freight train that was still running through her head. Finishing the coffee, Calleigh grabbed her purse and gun and left her first day at the lab.

While she drove , she tried vainly to remember the events of last night. The only thing she could remember was meeting someone. She couldn't remember anything about him except his eyes. Those eyes that she could get lost in. As she pulled up to the lab, she pushed all of her thought about last night to the back of her mind and tried to focus it on her first day.

Walking into the lobby, she saw him standing at the receptionist desk. He had his back to her but she instantly knew who he was by the burning red hair. It was her new Lieutenant , Horatio Caine.

" Lieutenant Caine?" Calleigh said as she cleared her throat. Her headache had subsided.

" Yes," Horatio said as he turned around. He saw Calleigh and smiled. " Detective Duquense, so glad you made it in. I trust you found the lab okay?"

" Yes, sir." Calleigh returned.

" Um, detective we're a little less formal than N.O. P.D. You can call me Horatio," he replied lightly.

Calleigh let a sigh escape her lungs and she smiled. " You can call me Calleigh. I never really liked using titles. They seem to get in the way."

" Okay, Calleigh, are you ready for the tour?" Horatio asked as he gestured to the elevators.

" Lead the way."

Horatio led her through every department as well as the morgue before coming to her department. It was vast with a firing range and a gun vault that nearly took her breath away.

" So, this is your new home," Horatio said as he watched her put her things in the office.

" I like it. You've got a very sophisticated lab here, Horatio."

" Well, a lab is only as good as it's scientist, and that's what I liken us all to be. Yes we have guns and badges , but to give the victims justice doesn't take bullets. It takes evidence, and the evidence is the one thing that is constant."

" It never lies," Calleigh offered as she turned to look at the computer, noticing the databases.

" Yes, you are right, Calleigh."

" H, we got the results of the substance that was found on the body," a familiar voice said. Calleigh stopped what she was doing and lifted up her head.

" Well, Speed. What do you have?" Horatio said as he took the file out of his hands.

Speed? Where have I heard that name? Calleigh thought.

" It's charcoal. Same as used by artist in their pencils," he said as he glanced at the figure behind Horatio. " New girl?" he whispered.

Horatio nodded and cleared his throat. Calleigh turned around and her eyes fixed on his eyes. It was him.

" Calleigh, I would like for you to meet Tim Speedle. He's our trace expert. Tim meet Calleigh Duquense, she's our new firearms expert.

Tim shook her hand and smiled as Calleigh retained the look of surprise. This was going to be interesting.


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