I stare at the moving picture for hours. At least it seems like hours, I can't tell time very well these days. It's strange really.

It's a picture of a girl. She doesn't look that good. Her eyes are rimmed with dark circles, her hair is standing on end and she's so very pale. She looks strange, a sort of vacant expression in her eyes.

"Ms. Granger? Are you done with the mirror?" The nurse is talking to me again. She's pointing at the picture in my hands so I give it to her. "Your friends are waiting outside; they've been waiting to see you for days." My friends? I've started to pick up a few words, but they usually don't make much sense to me. I try to register the words she just spoke. My friends? And as three heads find their way into my field of vision, the words start to make sense. Unruly black hair and messy red hair. My friends.

They stand by my bedside and there is concern in their eyes. He's got green eyes as well, the boy with the black hair. Harry has green eyes. But their colour doesn't turn my world green, or makes the ache in my chest go wild. They're just green. A concerned green.

The red is bright. But the blue eyes are not. The blue is easier on my eyes, even though I just decided I'm not very fond of blue.

They are talking to me, Harry and Ron. I'm not entirely sure what they are saying. I should probably pay closer attention, but I can't find it in me to care.

I just want that green back. Even if it hurts more than I can bear, I want it back.

Then something catches my attention. Her name.

"…McGonagall says you'll have to stay here for a few more days." I look up at the source of the words, the black-haired boy who just spoke her name.

"Where is she?" It hurts my throat to talk.

"Who? McGonagall?" The blue-eyed boy gives me a glass of water. I kind of like it when my throat hurts. Then I know that it's really there. But I take a sip of the lukewarm liquid anyway. And I nod. I want the black-haired boy to tell me.

"She's talking to Dumbledore at the moment, but she'll be back any moment." I look up at him and he looks at the other boy. I wonder if either boy ever combs his hair.

"She's been in here a lot since you got sick." I look over at the red-haired boy who's started speaking. It takes me a while before I understand them, but I'm starting to grasp what they are saying now.

"Yeah, she's either in here or in Dumbledore's office. She hasn't been teaching for a week." I look back at the green-eyed boy, Harry. I look back at Harry. He's Harry Potter, my friend and the seeker in the Gryffindor team. And he's saying that she's been to see me and that she hasn't been teaching.

"Ron." I look over at the fiery red hair, the freckles and the blue, watery eyes.

"Yes?" There's something I don't quite grasp in his eyes. Something vivid and sparkling. Then he turns away. They both turn away, towards the door. There are footsteps. I know those footsteps. At once my chest starts bleeding and I fear that if I don't told it tight with my arms it might burst and soil the very white linen.

"Potter. Weasly." The dagger voice calls out as the footsteps die out halfway to my bed. The boys look at me -and I register their worry- before they turn and walk towards the dagger voice.

There are whispers and mumbles, as well as a fourth set of footsteps that move to the same spot. It is Madame Pomfry´s footsteps. They are talking and I brace myself to meet the green.

Two sets of footsteps disappear out the doors. The boys are gone. Ron and Harry have left the hospital wing.

The other two voices are still talking. Then I jump.

"Minerva, you cannot be serious!" The nurse is shouting her name. But she's hushed down. I guess I'm not supposed to hear this. But I do hear another sentence, because the nurse seems angry for some reason. "I don't care what Dumbledore says!" Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts. Hogwarts, that's where I am, at my school. In a hospital bed.

The nurse has calmed down; her voice is soft even if I can't tell what she's saying.

Then there are footsteps again. One pair walking away, but the other is heading right to my bed. Those are her footsteps. And in a matter of seconds, my world has turned green again.

"Ms Granger, would you come with me please?" Her soft voice is ringing in my mind. The concerned green is flowing through my every vein. I don't know how, but somehow my body has pulled itself of the bed and is standing beside it. She wraps my robes over my body and walks me out of the hospital wing.

I don't know how, I don't know why, but I'm walking across the castle beside her. My body is moving on its own accord, I have little to say in the matter. But as long as the world is green I really don't care about anything else. If I turn my head to my left I can see her. She's slightly taller than I am, but I think every one is. I always wondered how she gets that bun on her head to stay so neat and tidy.

I realise that we've stopped. I also realise that I don't know the room we're in. It's nice though. It's warm, pleasant and very tidy.

"I thought you could use some time away from the hospital wing." She's speaking to me. "These are my private quarters." I must look confused, because she smiles. My chest hurts! I grab it in panic and she notices this as well.

"Over here Hermione, sit down on the sofa." Her hands guide me to the sofa and I sit. Tears are welling up in my eyes. Tears! I'm crying. The pain is excruciating. Her hands burn my skin; my chest opens up in new flesh wounds. And I let go. I hear sobs and I realise that they are mine. And I can almost feel the tears running down my cheeks.

"Make it stop." I think it's my voice. Those are my thoughts at least. "The pain, please make it stop." Such an odd voice, so fragile and so heart wrenching. But the pain doesn't stop. Because in that moment she's sitting beside me and she's pulled me into her arms. It hurts so much that I start to panic; I want to pull away, far away. But I can't. My body deceives me. It likes the closeness, the warmth and the comfort.

I cry. I cry until there's no more left to cry for. Until my mind is as empty as my cheeks are wet. And I feel the salty wetness on my cheeks. I feel her pulling me back at arms length to wipe the tears of my cheeks with her hands. I can feel her hands.

The world is green and she's stroking my cheek.

There are tears in her eyes as well. I'm not sure why, but instinctively I reach out and wipe them away with my hand. She's smiling again, and my chest is aching.

"How are you feeling?" She asks me.

"My chest hurts." I tell her.

"Yes, you told me so." She's looking at me, and there's this strange emotion in the green now. I really don't know what it is. "Do you know what it is?

"Pain." I state this as clearly as possible. Would she ever know what I mean?

"What's causing this pain?" Her hand is stroking my hair. Her voice is soft and the green seems to intensify with the rising emotion in her eyes.

"You are." She stops stroking my hair, her hand resting there as she looks at me.

"I am?" There is one emotion I can recognise in the green. It's confusion. It's new, but I can remember it.


"Why is that Hermione?" Has she stopped calling me Ms Granger? I think I like this much better. Her hand is resting on my cheek now. I think she wants to make sure that I look at her. She doesn't seem to realise that I'd never look away from that green if I had the choice.

"Because I love you, and it hurts." I say these words as if they are common knowledge, like they have no real power any more. And in a way I guess that's true. I doubt that my heart would even notice more pain now. Whatever where to happen as I utter these words could not make things more painful. And suddenly I can see it. As the words are uttered I recognise that intense emotion in my green world. As I reveal my own love, I can see hers.

"Hermione…" She whispers my name. I love her. She whispers my name and she loves me too.

The green comes closer and then it's gone. She's closed her eyes, but for the first time as long as I can remember, I do not miss my green world. I do not miss or think anything. Because her lips are brushing up against mine and all I can feel are the sensations that echoes in my entire body. I feel. My whole body is bursting into life. It's blooming at the touch of her hands on my cheek and around my waist. And the lips touching mine, her tongue gently touching my lower lip and I think I might swallow her as I open my mouth to her. My head is spinning, my toes are tingling and in between the rest of my body seems to be doing acrobatic exercises. I can smell her scent, I taste her lips, and every one of my senses is focused and is registering every single thing about her.

I pull her closer and I feel her body against my own. The heat from her flesh, the scent of her skin, I feel it all.

Slowly she pulls away from me. I realise I too need to breath. I watch her, she's smiling. The ache is almost gone and the green is more vivid than ever.

She's still holding me. Her arms linger around my waist and she allows my hands to slide down from her neck to rest on her arms.

"I love you too Hermione. I know I shouldn't but I do." Her voice is deep and sincere and this time it's my turn to smile.

"Thank you Minerva." It's no more than a whisper, but there are so many strong emotions in my body that a whisper is all it takes.

"For what?" She asks as she leans in to resume the kiss.

"For giving me something for the pain I my chest." I whisper before closing the small gap between us. As our lips meet again, the ache is gone.