Title: Finding Lost Love

Author:Trio Spade

Summary: "Why are you doing this?" Inuyasha asked , his voice soft, holding sadness and confusion. Sesshomaru sat there looking straight ahead. He had been trying to avoid that question. Telling himself that no one was allowed to kill his brother but himself, but that was not true. This feeling to protect and care for Inuyasha was something so much more. Inuyasha is hit with the pain of no longer being needed once the jewel shards are found and Naraku is defeated. So what is he suppose to do now? Why is Sesshomaru acting like he is? Why is he all of the sudden being nice?

Paring(s):Sess x Inu, Kag x Ko, M x S

Anime: Inuyasha

Beta: Kime



Inuyasha had been walking for quite some time, pondering what he was to do now. Their quest was over. All the jewel shards had been found. Miroku's wind tunnel was gone, Sango's village had been avenged and her brother returned to her. Naraku was defeated, Kikyo was resting in peace finally, and Kagome. . . .

Kagome chose Kouga to love and protect her and the jewel.

Hell even Sango and Miroku became a couple. Keeping in touch with the wolf and his Miko by living close by in the same territory. He on the other hand, had been given freedom.

But what was freedom without love? Just freedom to be able to feel alone and miserable. To wander around cold and hungry for affection that he had become accustomed too.

Though his friends had asked him to stay numerous times, he knew he was just going to suffer watching everyone who had someone. So he left, not really knowing where he would go. He decided he would wander the lands and try to find a place where he fit.

Inuyasha gave a distasteful snort. He knew that there was no place for a Hanyou like him. No place at all. So once again, he would just have to make his own spot in this unforgiving world. Make his own happiness. The rain began to fall, silent tears running down pale cheeks.

No one noticed.

No one cared.

No one, only the mutt who shed them knew that they were there. Only the half-breed with no where to go walked in the cool rain. Only the hanyou fell to his knees and cried into the sky.

Yes short and sad, kill me later, more to come.