The Lowly Flea


Amanda was born into a loving family, she need not ask for anything, for she had everything she ever wanted under her parent's quaint roof. Love. Amanda was a happy girl, never knowing pain or sadness; all she knew were joy and happiness. Her parents loved their daughter, and did everything in their power to raise her right. After their daughter's fifth birthday, it seemed apparent that they had done their job in raising a good little girl, and they knew that she would do her family honour.

It wasn't until Amanda experienced her sixth winter that things went really bad. You see, Amanda had a curse. To keep the flow of good and bad fortune running straight, every once in a million years a human must be born with the most hideous fortune. Amanda was fated to be void of any good fortune, and have the only thing that mattered to her taken from her. Love.

On a cold wintry night in Truce Village, Amanda was both gifted and cursed at the same time. She received her magical powers, the most destructive element, fire. It occurred when Amanda woke up cold, and walked over to the fire to warm herself. As she put her hands to the fire, it happened. The fire arced into her hands, and splashed around her. In an instant, everything Amanda had come to love had gone up in flames! The fire quickly spread throughout the house, as if oil had been poured all over. She panicked! Amanda flew through the house screaming at the top of her lungs for her parents to get up.

After just two calls, Amanda's mother took her daughter up in her arms, and ran straight to the exit. Amanda looked around for her father, but did not see him anyway, because he lay dead from a burning log falling from the rafters. Her father lay dead, and she did not even know it. Her mother hurried to protect her daughter, but saw as even more of the support beams burned through, immanent to crush them both.

Knowing that there was no hope for herself to live, Amanda's mother tossed her beloved daughter outside just as the roof fell atop her. And all was silent aside from the crackling of the fire. Still in shock, Amanda did not feel the pain from her scraped knees, and stared forlornly at the inferno before her. She didn't understand, one minute she had a loving family and a quaint home, and the next her parents lay incinerated in a fire that was destroying her home as she stood there. The she cried for the first time in her life, now all of a sudden know all about pain and lament. Nothing could be so awful as to be a vulnerable five-year-old child looking on as her life burned, and what she would find next would not be comfort, but disdain.

The fiasco had awakened the neighborhood, and everyone was full of questions that the young Amanda could not even comprehend. But there was one person who had witnessed the start of the fire, and as ignorant as he was, came to a grim conclusion.

" The girl started the fire! I saw her put her hands to the fire-place, and the fire leapt to her hands and spread throughout the house! She's a murderer, a demon who showed no mercy to her loving parents!" Yelled the man.

Amanda's eyes widened as she heard the man say that awful thing, but she could not defend herself: how could she when everything the man said were true? She did not mean for the fire to break out and burn her home and her family; that was surely the last thing on her mind. However, there was no way to calm the mob that was now forming.

" You little brute!" Cried one elderly woman.

" You're dirt!" Screamed a young man.

" You're less than dirt, a bothersome parasite! A flea!" Proclaimed an old man.

"Yeah, a flea!" Cried the crowd, they were out for Amanda's blood, and she didn't want to wait for them to fulfill their fell purpose.

Amanda fled. She ran as fast as her little legs could carry her, which was thankfully enough to escape harm from the tired mob. Amanda ran past Zenan Bridge, she ran past the village beyond it, she ran until her legs crumbled with exhaustion and her breathing became dangerously pained. Her loving mother had given her this last gift of life, and she wasn't about to let some idiotic mob steal that precious gift from her. She had collapsed near a small mountain; to her right were cliffs that lead to the ocean. Amanda didn't know how she could go on living, she was chased out of her village, and who would take her in? She looked at her clean hands and cringed at the memory of the fire touching her, then spreading. The fire didn't burn her at all, it actually felt quite nice, but the end result was frightening. Amanda hoped that she would never again see fire.

Passing by was a short and fat monster named Ozzie, the idiot did not notice the girl until his slight magical aura picked up on a stronger one nearby. It was indeed a child, collapsed; Ozzie could tell that the child had been through a lot. At first he figured that it would be best to kill the child, lest she attack him, and with her superior magic kill him, but then he had another idea. If you can't kill them, make them join you is what he always said, and so far it had worked wonders on a lot of his followers, including his ex-enemy now friend Slash. He decided to try and talk to this girl.

" You seem to have gone through quite the ordeal there child. Please, tell me what happened." He said in a soothing manner.

Amanda looked up at the floating repulsive green monster, but knowing nothing of prejudice she spoke to him as if he were no different than anyone else, " My house burned down." She managed between breaths and whimpers, " I caused the fire! I killed my parents, and now I'll never see them again! The other people said that I was a murderer, and a...a flea. I didn't mean for the fire to burn down the house! I just wanted to warm up!" She continued through fits of crying.

" Now, now child." Ozzie said soothingly, " Of course it wasn't your fault. Those people, those humans are only trying to put the blame on you, because they don't understand what happened. But I do, I understand perfectly."

" do?" Amanda whimpered as she looked at her only source of comfort since her parents died.

" Of course. You used magic, a skill that only Mystics, like myself, can use. I know you might be hating yourself for burning down your house, but don't fear, or hate, your power. Let me teach you how to use it, and you'll be able to prevent such things from ever happening again." Ozzie said using his silver tongue to coax the child into joining him.

" You will?"

" Of course! When we're done, you'll have complete control of your gift."


" What is your name child?"

" My name is..." Amanda did not want to use her real name anymore, that name belonged to a happy little girl who died in an inferno just an hour ago, she decided to use the name that would never let her forget this incident, " Flea."