It had been a long night, and Mark was tired as hell. There was no other way to put it. He was just plain tired. His match that night against JBL had been long and grueling, and all he wanted to do was take a long, hot shower and go to sleep. He walked slowly into his locker room, shutting the door behind him and rubbing his aching hips. Yep, he'd have to have those replaced some day in the future. He didn't bother locking the door. He just stripped as he headed to the shower, grabbing a towel on the way. He stepped into the shower, naked (of course), and turned on some hot water. He let it run full blast down his body and gave a sigh...

Stephanie walked purposely up to Mark's locker room door. She had just watched him go into the room. She had long ago decided that she needed a companion, a lover. She was tired of being alone and tired of not being able to find the one who would finally be able to keep up with her. Mark was the one. She wasn't kidding herself by a long shot. She knew that he was getting old and tired, and she knew that he was married. She simply did not care. In her view, everyone needed someone, and the someone for her was Mark. Only Mark. All other men were useless.

She didn't bother knocking on his door. She was the boss's daughter and she could do whatever the hell she wanted. She closed the door softly behind her. Realizing that he was in the shower and hadn't heard her come in, she locked the door and started to undress. Leaving her clothes in a pile by the door, she strode over to the shower, pulled back the curtains, and stepped inside.

"Mark, how are you?" she asked nonchalantly, putting her arms around him from behind. She pressed her soft body against his and leaned her head against his back.

"Stephanie? What the hell are you doing in here?" he demanded, forcing her to let him go and turning around to look at her.

She looked at him from head to toe and licked her lips. He looked so incredibly delicious. "I think you already know what I'm doing in here," she said finally. "I mean, isn't it obvious?"

It was quite obvious. He looked at her young, naked body just a short distance away and couldn't help but get lost in thoughts about all the things he could do to her body right then. And suddenly, the aches and pains were the least of his worries.

"Um, Stephanie. Understand, if we do anything tonight, it's not because we're in some kind of a relationship. I'm married," he said to her in a low voice. He wanted to make that part clear. He didn't love her at all. He didn't want a relationship with her at all. He just wanted some temporary pleasure.

"Shut up and kiss me," she whispered with a smile. She didn't know what the hell he was talking about. After what she was about to do to him, he would not even be thinking about his wife again after tonight. And no matter what he thought, he was going to be in a relationship with her, because they were going to share a bond that could never be broken, ever.

He picked her up and pulled her into his arms, pressing her against the wet tiles as he leaned down to kiss her. She responded strongly. She had always wanted his kiss and had never imagined that it would feel like this... She could feel herself getting hungry. She wanted to taste him, wanted to taste everything about him. But the one thing she wanted to taste the most would change his life forever as he knew it. She didn't care. What she wanted, she got, and that's the way it had been for her whole life. She didn't plan on her special privileges stopping now.

She started to trail kisses from his lips to his neck, sucking softly at a tender spot on his neck. This spot... This had to be his spot, because he started breathing heavily as she licked and sucked on this spot gently, then more urgently. She could feel herself losing control.

"Mark, your taste is exquisite. Will you allow me to delve a little deeper?" she inquired, leaning back to peer into his eyes, dark and heated with passion.

"You never have to ask me that," he said with a devious smile. He thought she was thinking about something else that lived below his waistline, more in the groin area. When she went back to the same spot on his neck, he thought, with a little disappointment, that maybe she was just intent on taking her sweet little time to get there. He closed his eyes and thought, What the hell? Just let her do her thing.

She was stuck with this spot on his neck. It was like something about it had her hypnotized. She was in a frenzy and she was barely even doing anything. Before she even knew it, she could feel herself undergoing the change. He didn't notice, since his eyes were closed. She ran her tongue over her teeth. Her fangs were long and pointy. She was so hungry. She leaned down and pierced his neck with her fangs.

"What the hell?" he exclaimed, opening his eyes with a start. "What are you doing?"

She felt no need to reply. It was obvious, was it not? She was sucking his blood, which tasted so luxurious that she wondered why she had waited so long to give it a try. The long wait had definitely been worth it, though.

He didn't struggle against her after his initial realization of what she was doing. What was the point? And anyway, it actually felt kind of...good. He felt himself getting weaker and he leaned heavily against her, unable to support the weight of them both any longer.

"Sit down and get comfortable," she whispered, then went right back to feeding off him.

He did as he was told, because it made the most sense. He sat down in the shower with the water washing over him. She sat straddled across his lap, still feeding off him. He wondered if she would feed off him until she drained every drop from his body. He started to moan. The pain and the pleasure was so intermixed that he couldn't tell one from the other. And then darkness overtook him...

She had to force herself to regain control and stop feeding off him. While his blood was the tastiest blood she'd been exposed to in quite some time, she knew she had to stop before she killed him completely. She did not want to kill him. She only wanted to drain blood from him, and then allow him to feed off her to complete the process. She had to have a companion. He was the only man qualified for the job. She was turning him into a vampire to make sure she got what she wanted. It was simple.

"Mark," she whispered. "Here. Taste this." She used one of her long claws and made a cut on her own wrist. It started to slowly ooze blood, and she got turned on by just watching her own blood start to flow. Quickly, she pressed the cut against his lips and made sure some of the blood found its way inside his slightly open mouth. She waited for some kind of a response from him. When no response came, she began to get worried. Maybe she had drained too much of his blood and had actually killed him!

Suddenly, she felt his tongue gently tracing the cut she'd made on her wrist. Then she felt his new, sharp fangs slowly sink into her skin as he began his first ever feeding.

She let him feed off of her only long enough for him to be revitalized, and then she pried her arm from his hands and sank down on him while kissing him hungrily. He kissed her back with a hunger and a desire that matched hers as she slowly started moving on him. He was a new man...


He was a new vampire...