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Chapter 1: Blue Rose?

"Ah... Kimochi..."

Resting against the warm and smooth boulder, a certain female moaned. Her waist long midnight blue tresses flowed on the surface of the water, her body relaxed and soothed by the translucent water around her. Facing the dazzling moon, her sapphire depth shone in pleasure.

"Don't you think so Sango-chan?"

Giggling, the Tajiya nodded, "Indeed... for such an eventful day." she sighed, stretching herself, sounds of joints popping was heard.

"Oh yes!"

As though a light bulb popped up above her head, Sango went to her side, hands on her hips, "So... How did YOU get back?" she questioned in a way of a worried sister. Her eyes were filled with so much anxiety that she was forced to confess.



Running was all she did, running over the roots of trees, running over rocks that covered the path, HER path. Running, panting, hoping, fearing, she dared not look back, dared not listen to the stomping sound that stalked her... ever since she climbed out of the well.

Inuyasha was not there, and neither was Sango, Miroku, Kirara or Shippou... fear clawed at her very being, she wanted to shout, to scream, to yell for somebody, anybody, but she knew that it would only attract more attention.

It was at that very moment, at that very moment she did one thing that would have made her sign her death warrant. One thing that none should ever did in her situation, whether accidentally or not.

She tripped.

Crying out, she fell on the stone filled forest, her sapphire orbs widen in alarm. Gasping, she turned her body on reflex, only to see those Neko youkai looming over her.

Tears welled up her eyes, never were she so near to death before, never were she so frightened before. But as the tears came, she forced it down again, as her defiance and courage took over, even though this might be the end of her, she would never allow those Nekos the pleasure of sensing her fear, she would never allow them to have the honor of hearing her cry in pain. One of them laughed at her, a low, dark laugh as he lifted his claw up in striking position. "Feisty aren't we?" he grinned murderously.

Kagome gave them a glare that she was sure could make Sesshoumaru proud, "Go to hell!" she spat at him, right on his cheek.

That signed her death warrant.

"You BITCH!"

Kagome shut her eyes tightly, bracing herself for the pain that was to come, some part of her was wishing of a painless one.

One second...

Two seconds...

Three seconds...


Hesitantly she lifted her eyelids, she blinked in confusion, why did he freeze in mid-strike? Her question was soon answered when a trail of blood flowed down the middle of his forehead, down to his nose, chin, neck...

"KYAAAAAA!" She screamed when the Neko's body was split dangerously smooth, into two. She scrambled back, only to realize that his other companions were too... mutilated...

Gulping, she scanned the area for her savior; no one was there, at least in her line of sight. She nervously stood up, who was the youkai? Why did he...or she perhaps, help her? Did she know him? Or her?

At the corner of her eyes, she noticed something bright. Slowly and fretfully, she turned her vision.


There in the massacre was a rose, a bright azure blue rose, innocently standing on the blood soaked ground, oblivious to the bloody mess around it. Gingerly, she went over and picked it up, searching around the area for one last time, she bowed to no one in particular.

"Arigatou Blue rose-san."

-End Flashback-

"That's so sweet!" exclaimed the romantic side of a Tajiya.

Kagome sweat dropped, 'Sweet? Scary is more like it... but for a Tajiya like Sango... I think I could understand.' Kagome mused; obviously a Tajiya like her would love to have someone protecting her from death, especially when a certain someone did a very bad job about it.

Said someone sneezed, "Oh there's some maiden out there thinking of me."

Kagome fingered the blue rose that she held in her hand, caressing its soft petals, 'Did he know the meaning of blue rose?' a small frown was visible on her countenance, 'Blue rose... it signify fantasy and impossibilities, hoping for miracle and new possibilities.' Truth to be told, Kagome had a thing for flowers; roses in particular, did the mystery demon hoped for a miracle with her?

'Nay.' Kagome shook her mind out of the gutter; he would not even know what it symbolized, if he's a he anyway, after all many people gave blue roses for its beauty, not for its meaning. But, why did he... or she give it to her?

High up on a tree branch, concealed by the foliage, stood a tall figure. He gazed down towards the bathing women, his eyes trained on a specific one, the particular one that was smoothing the petals of the blue rose. He spotted her tiny frown as emotions twinkled in her eyes, confusion, nervousness, a minuscule amount of longing too glazed in her sapphire eyes.

Longing! His eyes hardened, he knew who she longed for, and WHY she longed for him...He tightly closed his eyes, silently wishing those images of her...and HIM, away... He didn't want to see them...

Gripping the branch, so hardly that wood debris fell, giving her one last cold glance, he leapt off the branch with grace that could match a feline...

Was there no hope or miracle for him?