---Time of the Three Jewels---

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OKAY! Here's the long waited (Sort of…) Epilogue…

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"Harry! Come on! Do you seriously want to get left behind?" Sango called out playfully as she ran out the front door to the shrine.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," he gasped for air as he took a full sprint down the stairs and all the way down the flights of stairs to the outside of the shrine.

"It's too bad Kurama and Yusuke couldn't come to the picnic with us" Kagome pouted.

Sango laughed, "You just want to spend more time with Kurama!" she teased.

"You can't deny that you like Yusuke, though" Kagome stuck her tongue out at the demon exterminator.

Crap. Cornered…

Harry laughed at the scenario created and shooed Buyo off the roof of the car.

"Well, c'mon now, I got a permit from the Ministry of Magic…" Kagome drawled.

"WHAT?" Sango and Harry gawked.

The miko held a single slip of paper between her index and middle finger, "Cornelius Fudge said it was okay to do magic, as long as we do the picnic past the river in the forest"

"THANK YOU!" Sango cried out. She had been begging to use her wand for weeks.

Harry saw this as a great opportunity to practice for his second year.

This would be a great summer.

And for my ultra-special…!

Koenma's Office…

The prince's face was red.

Cherry red.

"He asked you what the mission was supposed to be" Kurama sighed, repeating it for the 13th time in a row for Koenma.

Yusuke snorted and leaned against the wall.


Kurama just stood there, looking calm.

/Aww…c'mon! Tell the kid to hurry up! I wanna go to the picnic with my mate/ Youko whined.


/But…what if I don't have any/ Youko challenged.

Kurama mentally rolled his eyes and did not respond.

Yusuke yawned, "Hai" he replied bluntly.


The door to his office creaked open; "K-Koenma…s-s-sir…?" an ogre nervously stuck his hand inside the crack, "here'syourotherpaperworksir" (Here's your other paperwork, sir) he said in a rushed tone, dropping the stack and hastily stumbling out the door again.


"Look, toddler" Yusuke cut Koenma off, "I really gotta get to somebody special right now, so if you could just speed it up here…?" he hinted impatiently.

Koenma got even redder, if that is possible, that is.

In his frustrated state, he grabbed a random paper and tore it to pieces.

Kurama hesitantly cut in, "Err…Koenma, sir…if my memory serves me correct…wasn't that the original copy of the Ningenkai/Reikai peace treaty…?"

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Koenma tore at his hair in frustration.

"Let's go" Yusuke shuffled silently over to Kurama and whispered to him.

From there, they hastily made their getaway.

"To the picnic!" Yusuke announced proudly.



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