I got this idea after watching the first episode of DearS. Which BTW, is a good anime, just more Innuendo.

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Kagome's Implants

Ayumi, Eri and Yuka were walking home from school.

" Have you heard about Kagome?" asked Eri.

" What aout her?" asked Ayumi.

" It was surgery right?" asked Yuka.

" Yeah, she got implants." Said Eri.

" Really?" asked Ayumi. " I knew they weren't real."

" Of course, There's no way she could get those without surgery." Said Yuka. .

" I also heard her boyfriend likes them a lot." Said Eri.

" Even Hojo liked them, I didn't think he was like that." Said Ayumi.

Higarashi Shrine

Inuyasha and Kagome were cuddling in her room. Inuyasha placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

" I still can't believe you did this for me." Kagome nuzzled him.

" I would do anything for you Anata." Inuyasha blushed slightly.

" What about your mother?" He asked.

" She liked almost as much as you. You know how into things like that she is."

" Oh yeah, she can't enough of them."


" Come in." Said Kagome. It was Kagome's mom.

" Kagome, how much did that surgery cost?"

" Why do you ask?"

" Hitomi said she wanted to get it too, hoping Souta will appericate as much as Inuyasha...and...I might too."

" MOM!"

" What I like them."

" I don't remember, tell her to do an internet serach."

" Ok." Mrs. Higarashi left.

" I'll never understand my mom and her fetish with these things.All girls seem to like them, but it even more extreme for .." Kagome was cut off when Inuyasha pulled her into a deep kiss.

" How'd they do it anyway?" He asked. Kagome reached up to touch her artifical dog ears.

" I think they took them off a dead dog and connected them directly to my skull." She answered.

" Well however they got it, they're beautiful." he said.

" Oh Inuyasha." Kagome pulled him into another kiss.

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