The best artist has that thought alone
Which is contained within the marble shell;
The sculptor's hand can only break the spell
To free the figures slumbering in the stone -Michelangelo

She speaks truth. And I so hate to hear it. But while her strength is speaking truths, her weakness is believing my lies. Niavette...oh so beautiful.

She is a pureblood. That is why I was permitted the marriage. She is absolutely insane. That is why they hated the marriage.

Someone like her is rare. Perhaps her truths are something I should listen to. Only . . . I can't.

When she tells me I am afraid of my father and wonders aloud the reasons why, I slap her.

When she tells me I'm sad and why don't I tell her about it, I kick her in the side.

When she tells me she wishes oh so much that our baby is a girl, I rape her.

Luna Lovegood no longer tells the truth. Nor does she lie. Luna is a beautiful subservient woman. I broke her wings.

And I regret it everyday of my life. And that is my only truth.