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Summary: who's this blonde boy and why did he go back in time? Will he be able to correct something that shouldn't have happened. Or will he mess up his future more then it is now, or will it be better then he ever thought? (Lame I know but come on last time I didn't even have a summary lol)


"How is it that you never felt a need to tell me this before now?" the blonde boy yelled at this father. The sound of him yelling filled the plush sitting room, as he paced it.

"Because I thought before now you wouldn't be able to comprehend what I was telling you, and I apparently put more faith into you then what should have been." The older blonde said evenly trying to keep himself from getting worked up. "Now if you would sit back down, and if you can control yourself I would like to finish what I was saying."

The boy stood his ground defiantly trying to stare down his father, only having the older man point to a chair that had previously held the boy before his tantrum. He only stood there a second longer before giving into his father and sat.

"Your father died before his time because he was to fool hearty, and cared more for other people then himself." he paused, "he never knew about you I suppose I should have told him. I could have but my cowardice won out in the end."

"But why didn't you tell him father?", The boy interrupted with confusion written on his face.

"I'm not sure why, though I sometimes think if I did then he would be here now with us." He explained, his voice letting slip his sadness. "I was an arrogant conniving prat and all that helped with being a Slytherin, but bravery was never our strongest trait." He smiled slightly, "If I could change one thing in my life that would have been it."

At that moment something flashed in the boys eyes now that he knew who his father was, it was possible to go back and maybe fix something that never should have happened to begin with. He was lost in his thoughts going over ideas in his mind only to be pulled out of his planning by his father calling his name.

"Constantine are you even listening to me." Annoyance clear in his tone.

"Yes Father." His focus went back to his father.

"Well now that I have told you what I needed, do you have any other questions for me?" The older man asked pouring himself a glass of Sheri from the table next to him.

"Does Paris know?" the boy asked quietly

"No, though his parents do, they were your father's friends in school and they are one of the few people that know of who your other father is." Draco said taking a drink of his glass. "Anything else?"

"No not at the moment, thank you father for telling me. Sorry for getting so angry earlier." The blonde apologized.

"It's alright I understand." Draco said sadly pulling a photo from his jacket. "You do look like him you know. You have his eyes, except for the fact that your hair is blonde it's as unruly as his. But you are clearly a Malfoy." he said with pride handing the picture over to the boy. "Now its time for you to go to bed, you go back to school in the morning. You have everything packed?"

"Yes father." Constantine moved out of the chair and walking to his father taking the photo, and hugging him, "good night."

"Good night my son." Draco whispered awkwardly hugging him from his position in the chair.

Constantine made his way up stairs to his room though he did not sleep, but studied the picture. It was slightly faded as many old pictures are, but it still moved. It had a blonde boy looking not to much older then himself it clearly was his father, and another boy was standing next to him with his arm around his fathers shoulders pulling him close both were smiling. This one standing slightly shorter then his father had dark disheveled hair, glasses framing his green eyes. Eyes like his own, he knew there was a reason that his father gave him the photo, the other boy was his dad.

The next day when they went to the station he waited with his father till Paris showed up, and he didn't have to wait to long surprisingly they showed up early for once. He stood at once when he saw his friend come threw the portal with his parents. His red head friend noticed the blonde across the station waving his hands.

"Well you seem to be more hyper then usual this morning." Paris laughed hugging his friend.

"I have something I need to tell you on the train." Constantine whispered in his friend's ear.

Paris just gave his friend a funny look and turned to see his parents looking for him. "Mum, dad over here!" he yelled waving one of his hands.

They saw him and headed his way, and Paris turned to Draco shaking his hand, "Hello Mr. Malfoy."

"Hello Paris, have a nice holiday?" Draco asked the boy.

"Yes wonderful, we went to Romania to visit my uncle Charlie and his family," Paris started only to be cut off by his father.

"Hello Malfoy." Ron said smiling at the other man.

"Weasley." Draco said smirking.

"Good morning Draco." Hermione smiled.

Draco smiled slightly nodding, "Yes it is." Turning his attention to the young girl holding her mothers hand, "Hello Ophelia, how are you?"

The auburn haired girl smiled shyly, "Hello, I'm fine Mr. Malfoy." she said softly.

"Ok children get your stuff, and yourselves on the train it'll be leaving shortly," Ron said checking his watch.

"Bye father see you in the summer." Constantine said hugging his father good bye. Turning to Paris' parents, "good-bye Mr. Weasley, Mrs. Weasley."

Paris and Ophelia hugged their parents good bye, and all three of them went on to the train. As the train started to move they finally found an empty compartment. When the door closed Constantine started to tell his friend and his sister what he found out over their winter holiday.


"I wonder why mum, and dad never thought to say anything before. I mean we wouldn't say anything." Ophelia was still in a kind of shock.

"Cause no one could know, do you have any idea what kind of attention Constantine would have gotten if anyone knew." Paris said clearly acting unfazed by the hole thing, "Remember how much talk there was when he was sorted into Griffindor."

"First Malfoy in generations." Constantin imitating his fathers voice, "he acted like I robbed Gringotts or something." the blonde laughed at the memory.

"He was rather mad wasn't he." Paris agreed smiling, "well I suppose you're more like your other father then Draco thought."

"Yeah well I wouldn't know would I?", the blonde snapped sounding harsher then he meant, "actually that's what I wanted to talk to you about Paris." The blonde smiled with a glint in his green eyes.

"I know that look, I don't like that look it always ends up getting us detention." the red head sounded leery.

"Well if it goes right we won't have to worry about detention for awhile," Constantine said grinning.

"I know this isn't gonna go right but what ever it is im in," Paris shook his head.

"Good cause im gonna need your brains for this my friend," the blonde smirked.

"Flattery will get you every where." Paris gave his own grin.

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