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Constantine felt himself being pulled awake by shouting he couldn't make anything out of the yelling. He wanted to open his eyes, but they felt vary heavy, much like the rest of his body did. Not only did his body feel heavy, but tight and sore as well. When he finally was able to get his eyelids open he was blinded by light, and he shut them again quickly. He was guessing he was schools hospital wing, as it was the only place that had the much light at one time, and the way the voices were reverberating around.

"What do you mean your not sure how much longer he'll be unconscious." He heard a familiar commanding voice yell, "It's your job."

"Draco calm down, yelling wont get you anywhere." a female voice said calming.

He groaned softly calling the attention of the girl sitting next to him. "Constantine are you awake?" she whispered.

He nodded slowly opening his eyes to see the person that was talking. It was Ophelia her red hair falling over one shoulder the light reflecting off of it made it look like fire, and burned his eyes and squinted to look her in the face.

"What happened?" he asked in a horse voice.

"You and Paris were found in the bathroom unconscious, and you two were brought here." she paused looking to were the adults were, "You both have been out for little over a month." she continued whispering, "Your father had been going mental ever since the Headmaster told our parents about what happened to you two."

He pushed himself up in his bed even though his body protested adamantly catching his father's attention. The blonde came running to the boy's side pulling him into a hug, "Constantine, how do you feel?"

"Not to bad." He said simply not wanting to talk to much.

"Do you remember what happened?" Draco asked worriedly. The blonde boy shook his head. "It's alright your awake now."


(Back flash)

"I said let me go Weasley!" Draco said forcefully getting one of his arms loose, and pulled it back ready to hit the red head.

"Ron let him go!" Hermione ordered before Draco could follow threw with his action.

Ron let go of the struggling blonde, and Draco ran and fell to his knees next to Harry. He still wasn't moving he looked to Hermione and saw tears in her eyes, and back to Harry. His clothes were torn slightly, and he had cuts around his arms and his face.

Draco bended down to Harry, "Harry?", he asked forcing his voice to work. He didn't move, "Answer me!" he demanded pulling Harry into his arms.

He rested his cheek on the boys four head hugging him tightly tears flowing freely from the blonde's stormy eyes. "You promised, you said you were going to be here." His voice choking, "You said we were not going to be alone."He tried to breath, "Lying doesn't suite you, never has don't start being good at it now."

(End flash back)


After a little while and a few potions later Constantine was feeling much better, then he did when he first woke up. Not too long after Constantine woke Paris came around as well looking as bad as Constantine felt when he woke. Soon both boys were fine enough to move around, but they were being kept till the next day as a precaution. They tried to talk about why they were in the bathroom passed out, but neither of them could recall anything vary well.

Around dinner time they could hear students going to the great hall, and they knew they were stuck eating in the infirmary. It wasn't all that bad you got done a whole lot faster, and you didn't have to listen to the loud chatter of inane conversations. After dinner was over Constantine and Paris began a game of Wizards Chess, they heard the doors open but neither payed much attention. They were more interested in watching Paris' night take out one of Constantine's bishops.

"Damn." the blonde said exasperated, as Paris just grinned.

"Watch your language." Malfoy warned from his chair next to Constantine's bed. He was put his book down when he noticed the doors open, folding a page marking his place in the book.

"Oh give the boy a brake." a dark haired man smiled as he approached the blonde boy.


(Flash back)

"Draco." Harry said weakly. Draco's eyes went wide, and looked at the dark haired boy in his arms.

"Harry." the blonde's voice was shaky.

"I'm not going anywhere." Harry gave a weak, "I'm just vary tired."

"Just rest everything will be fine." Draco said kissing the boys four head softly as he passed out.

Hermione took Harry and laid him back down on the ground, and performed some healing charms on some of the more threatening looking gashes. Draco looked around down from where they were and people were huddled around a dark form on the ground. It was the Dark Lord he was finally gone. Even though the leader was dead most of the remaining Death Eaters were still putting up a fight, but the ones that could run away did. All Draco cared about was that Harry finally made it through.

(End of flash backs)

Harry and Ron had entered the ward trailed by Ophelia of course you could have marked her a mile away with that hair of her's.

"So how are you too doing?" Harry asked watching them play their game.

"Oh fine now." Constantine smiled looking up to his dad.

"Yeah you two look much better now that your awake." Ron agreed pointing at chess pieces on the board.

"Hey no cheating." Constantine snapped.

"No one was cheating." Paris said evenly as he could, as he moved his piece to where his father had pointed to.

"Ron let them play their own game." Harry laughed.

"Hey Paris want to play another game later." the blonde smirked after Harry, and Ron left the boys.

"Constantine" Paris blushed slightly looking to Constantine smiling.

"Oh come on Paris it'll be fun," the blonde grinned seductively

"Cheeky prat" Paris whispered giving paranoid looks to the adults trying to keep from blushing.

Constantine grinned as he took advantage of the distraction he just caused, and took out Paris' rook. Ron went over to were Hermione was talking with Pomfrey, and Harry went over to where Draco was sitting.

"Are you almost ready to go." He asked smiling.

Malfoy stood stretching, "Yes I suppose so, now that they are awake."

They made their way over to where Constantine was now beating Paris mercilessly laughing every time when one of his friends pieces went down.

"Well we're leaving now alright." Draco announced getting Constantine's attention.

"Alright, Good bye father." He turned from the game hugging Draco, "Good bye dad." He then hugged Harry.

"Behave Constantine," Draco ordered.

"But not to much." Harry smiling as he moved from the boys.

"We'll see you in a few weeks alright." Malfoy said moving towards the door.

Ron and Hermione made their good byes to Paris and Ophelia and went to where Malfoy was. Harry started to follow, but Constantine walked up to him and hugged him again tightly.

"See you this summer." Harry smiled returning the hug.

The blonde let go not sure why he felt a need to do that but he felt happier after he did. He watched as they left smiling as harry waved at him before closing the doors.

"Come on Constantine let's finish this." Paris said smartly.

"I didn't realize you wanted to be beat so soon, but if you insist." Constantine smiled as he head back to where their game was.


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