Second Chance

"You feel this?" she grabbed his hand and thrust it against her chest, "It's my heart, Grissom, and right now, it feels like it going to explode. Why can't you understand it? I can't ignore it, I can't ignore us. You know why? Because we exist, because this exists." She pushed his hand harder against her chest to emphasize her point.

Grissom stood silent for a moment, carefully formulating his next words, "I know we exist, but, Sara, we exist fifteen years apart. Doesn't that bother you?"

"Griss," she began, tears welling in her eyes, "I'm holding your hand to my chest to prove my point, does it seem like it bothers me?"

"No" he whispered

"But obviously it bothers you, so," she let his hand fall from her grip, "I'll just go" she walked towards his office door.

"Sara," he breathed, barely audible. Sara only heard it because she wanted to, she was scared to turn though, afraid that his words would make it final. "One more chance?" he asked, looking up slowly.

His sentence wasn't even fully out before Sara was in his arms.


Just something short, sorta based on a true story. People, if you're ever lucky enough for someone to ask you for a second chance, give it to them, if they're willing to ask, they're usually worth it!