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As soon as Sango had closed the door, Kagome turned towards the unusually taciturn Inuyasha. Now seemed the best time, with Kirara and Shippo out playing in the grass.

"Inuyasha... you're awfully quiet." She said quietly, and her eyes laid on him.

The half demon could see the kindness in those eyes and turned his head away, unable to bear that look, lest he cave in and reveal all. "It's nothing."

Suddenly his nose was overwhelmed by that soft, alluring scent of her body, and when his head turned back, her face was inches from his.

"What's wrong? You've been acting all weird since this morning." Kagome asked, pursing her lips and staring, as if to bore into his mind and take the answer from him.

Trying to keep his composure, Inuyasha only barely stammered, "I- I told you its nothing!"

"Don't make me say it." The school girl snapped, wagging her finger in warning. "Now tell me what's making you act so funny."

"Just drop it." The half demon said, once more turning his gaze away, his voice sullen and quiet.

"Sit boy."

The heavy thud of Inuyasha's body striking the wooden floor boomed throughout the room.

Predictably, the half demon snapped, "What the hell was that for!"

Kagome sighed. "You were being obstinate." She replied simply. "Now, are you going to tell me what's wrong?"

Huffing, Inuyasha straightened, and once more, glanced away. "Bitch." He grumbled.

"What was that!" the schoolgirl shouted shrilly.

"Nothing." He said quickly.

Sighing, Kagome realized that angling this answer out of Inuyasha would be more difficult than normal. "Please Inuyasha... just tell me."

The softness of her pleading voice must have worked, because the half demon, after a heartbeat of silence, began to talk.

"The monk... Mushin told me that Miroku's Wind Tunnel has grown because of that mantis." Inuyasha explained, not looking at the time traveler, who gasped.

"Oh no... not Miroku... how long?" she asked quietly, looking down, feeling tears at the edges of her vision.

"The old man didn't say." The half demon responded. He glanced back at her, but the two stayed silent for a while longer.

Then, Kagome began to speak. "I heard what you were saying... to Miroku, just before you destroyed all those demons. Why did you say that?"

Inuyasha paused, not sure if he should brush off the question or just answer. After a moment, he simply said, "Because it was true. I didn't want anyone's death on my hands... I won't take that responsibility."

"Is it because of Kikyo?" Kagome's voice was a potent mixture of insight and bitterness, one that caused the half demon unspoken pain.

He stiffened, and looked away, not speaking.

After a moment, Kagome spoke again, quiet and subdued. "Hey... I'm sorry for bringing it up. Its none of my business anyway."

Before Inuyasha could say anything in response, if he would have, Sango, with a red cheeked Miroku, a rolled eyed Shippo, and a silent Kirara entered the room.

And though both would not bring up their conversation, nor even speak for much of the day, they continued to glance at each other, both unsure how to go beyond the barrier that was Kikyo.

Perhaps another day, they both separately, silently said.

There was always another day.

Author's Note

A touch angstier than I planned, but I suppose bringing Kikyo up where Kagome and Inuyasha are concerned... well, it doesn't exactly leave with a happy note.