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Title: A winters tale

Rating: M

Warnings: Slash A/L

Summery: On a trip to Bree in winter, Legolas opens up his heart towards Estel, letting him know that he is more than just a friend to the elf. But how will the young man take this?

Discalimer: I own nothing of Tolkiens world. Neither Legolas nor Aragorn or anyone or anything else. I make no money with this story, please do not sue me.

The day had been a long and tiring one, as the two friends had walked through the forest that surrounded Imladris, all the while fighting against the thick layer of white snow that had covered the ground, making the walk a hard one.

Now, as the pale sun that had shown through the day vanished behind the curtains of grey snow clouds and the day turned darker, the temperature was falling rapidly, frosting the breath of the two beings even more.

Pulling his cloak tighter around his slim shoulders, Legolas wondered again why he had volunteered to go on this mission. Why, in the name of all the Valar, had he nodded when the Lord of Imladris, Elrond Peredhil, had asked who wanted to go to the village of Bree to negotiate about the goods they would need for the coming winter.

Of course, Estel, Elronds youngest son, had agreed on the spot, always eager to travel outside the borders of his home and to see the world that lay beyond. Always on the run as he was, his young age of barely 20 adding to his enthusiasm, the man had smiled broadly at his father, wishing to go.

And Elrond, seeing his son's smile and the expectant glimmer in Estel´s eyes, had not been able to forbid his son this trip. Although, only under the condition that one would accompany him.

As Estels foster brothers, Elladan and Elrohir, had not been very eager to go, with all the snow and the cold and the tasks they already had to accomplish before the snow would be too high, Legolas had agreed to go. He just could not stand the look of disappointment on his young friends face.

Later that day, when the prince had lain in his comfortable bed, feeling the soft pillows under his head and listening to he snowstorm outside, he had questioned himself if his friends disappointment had been his only reason to volunteer.

Ever since the dark haired human had crossed his path, Legolas felt this slight flutter in his stomach when he saw him, or heard him talk, or laugh or even blink. Smiling slightly, the prince could almost feel the warmth that used to spread in his stomach every time he was near the human. Oh, no. He had not only agreed to go with Estel, because of his friend's supposed look. He would go on this trip, because Estel was going to go. And that, Legolas thought, was reason enough for him.

So it came that the two friend stalked through the thick layer of snow westwards, towards the town of Bree. The snow that had fallen the last night and throughout the day had made them slow down, the white substance almost reaching up to their knees.

More than once, when the snow had become to thick to walk in, they had turned around and headed in another direction, searching for a path that would be more comfortable. More easy for Estel that was, as Legolas, as an elf, had no problems with the snow at all, walking lightly on top of it, his feet leaving not even the faintest of trails.

Because of the white wetness, the young human had often not been able to see the snow drifts that had formed or the frozen water that had been lying dormant under the snow. So it had come that once or twice, the elf had seen it necessary to catch his friend, when Estel had stumbled. Every time that had happened, the agile archer would rush forward, wrapping his strong arms around the humans waist and hold him as long as the human needed to find his footing.

The prince would then joke on his friends clumsiness, but inside he sighed every time he felt the humans warm body near his own, his breath mingling with Estel´s and their hands touching. It was all the elf wished for and when he sensed his friend faltering, he inwardly rejoiced.

But, alas, the elf thought not for the first time, Estel had yet to show that he shared his feelings. That the human felt anything that was more than friendship. During the long years that both knew each other now, not once had Estel shown any sign that he felt more for the elf. More than just camaraderie.

It hurt the prince, but what was he to do? Although male love was common in the elven world, it was not common in the human world, and Legolas doubted that his young friend even knew that such a thing existed. In Imladris, the elves where more secret than in Mirkwood and only one who knew what he had to look for would be able to see the loving gestures, the warm smiles or the quick kisses that the elves stole from each other.

Due to this, Legolas had no real hope that Estel would one day come to him, that he would one day feel his friend's soft lips on his own, the warm breath of Estel butterflying at his ear or the gently touch of the human on his desiring skin.

No, he thought, perhaps it just should not be. But Legolas knew that if he had to hold down his feelings any longer, he would surely explode some day. The longer he stayed in the humans presence, heard his laughter and saw these big, deep grey-silver eyes look at him, the more desperate he became. He would not be able to stand it much longer. Either he had to leave Imladris as soon as they returned or he would have to tell his friend how he felt.

Neither of the two options brought a smile to his lips.

The sun had disappeared behind the horizon, leaving the forest dark and cold. The deep hanging branches of the trees were laden with snow and every now and then one of the branches would throw his burden down onto the ground, creating eerie noises in the otherwise still air.

It was time to set up camp for the night, and when another fistful of wet snow hit the young man straight at his neck, sending icy tendrils of coldness down his spine, he turned to his companion: "Legolas, I think we should stop here for the night. The small clearing is perfect to set up camp."

Legolas, looking around, found that his friend was right, there was nothing to say against the clearing they were currently staying in. Nodding, he agreed: "Yes, my friend. It will be best if we stay here for the night. Shall I help you?"

Gesturing towards the heavy pack that Estel had dropped to the ground, the elf already moved towards it, not waiting for his friend's answer, knowing what it would be. "Yes, Legolas, if you don't mind. It is rather difficult to set it up on your own."

When they had left the Last Homely House, Lord Elrond had insisted that Estel take a tent with him, large enough for two people to lay in. As Estel was a man and had not the superior strength and endurance the elves had, the tent would shelter him in the night and give him some protection from the harsh wind and snow, should the need arise.

As Legolas had often travelled with Estel, the tent was set up quickly, the green covers secured to the ground and the tent posts strengthened with stones. As long as no storm came, the tent would stand until the next morning.

Legolas, turning towards his own pack, rolled out his sleeping pallet and his blanket. Even an elf did not like waking up in the morning, covered in snow from head to foot, dripping wet because the snow had melted on his skin.

Soon, a fire was burning merrily in the dark night, sparks flying high into the air and the red and orange flames warming the two friends. Till long in the night they sat and talked and only when Estel tried, unsuccessfully, to suppress his yawn, did they both rise to settle for the night.

Shaking out his blanket and freeing it from the snow that had dropped onto it, Legolas watched as Estel made his way to his tent with slurring feet. It was obvious the young human was tired. Smiling at the man's back, Legolas shook his blanket one more time. And then, it happened.

With his eyes growing wider, Legolas watched as his friend slipped on the white surface, his weight being tilted to one side, the humans arms spreading to balance his body. But Legolas saw that Estel would not be quick enough to do so.

Fast as lightening, the elf jumped forward, trying to catch his friend before he could fall. But he was not fast enough. Wrapping his strong arms around Estels waist, he felt his own body fall forwards and together they fell to the ground, landing in the white and fluffy substance that broke their fall.

In his attempt to help his friend, the elf had somehow managed to turn the man around, so that Estel had landed on his back, Legolas on top of him, their faces only inches apart.

His long blond hair was falling around his face and caressed the human's softly, like a curtain of shining gold that enveloped him. The fall had driven the air out of the man's lungs, and the weight on top of him had only helped to push him deeper into the snow. With startling silver eyes he looked up at the elf and smiled.

It was enough to make the elf gasp for air. Those eyes, those silver orbs that looked at him made him breathless and the smile the man was showing was enough to quicken the elf's heart beat. Legolas felt how his own slender body was being pressed at Estels broad and strong one, their bellies lying over one another, their hips touching.

The flutter in Legolas stomach hit him full force and when Estel exhaled, the frosted breath floating up to Legolas sensitive neck and his face, the elf thought he could taste the sweet taste of the man's breath on his tongue.

A warmth spread through his body, engulfing him, caressing him, overpowering him. And in this very moment, as their bodies melted the snow around them and their breath turned into one, Legolas let all his caution fall and gave way to the desire that burned within him.

With a fluid motion he bent down, towards the human under him, he saw the red lips the partly opened mouth that smiled up to him, the shining silver eyes surrounded by dark and unruly hair. It was enough for Legolas.

Bending down, he closed his eyes and placed his own ruby lips at the man's, tasting the sweetness of the man's lips and felt Estel´s breath in his own desiring mouth. He licked his tongue over the humans bottom lip, caressing it, feeling the heat pulsate through his body. And when he felt the man gasp under him, tensing and shift his body, he knew that it had been worth it.

When this should be the one and only time that his tender heart should feel such pleasure, than he would be glad to die the next moment, only to be able to take this feeling with him to eternity and beyond.

Then, when Legolas tongue had reached the corner of the man's mouth, softly stroking it and feeling the warmth of his friend, the man under him gasped again and then, suddenly, jerked his head away from the elf, eliciting a small and unwanted whimper of displeasure from the elf.

When Legolas opened his eyes to look at his friend, his heart froze and became even colder as the snow they were lying in.

Estel was not smiling anymore.

With a slightly trembling hand the man reached up to his mouth as if to touch it, his eyes wide and staring at Legolas, who still lay on top of him. The hand never reached its destined destination as the man suddenly jerked again, trying to roll free of the elf.

Legolas, too shocked to do anything else, let him go. What else should he have done?

As soon as he was freed the man rose to his feet, faster than Legolas had ever seen him do, taking a few steps back from the prince, who sat now in the snow, alone.

Estel looked at his friend with wide eyes, confusion reflecting in his eyes and disbelief clearly written on his features. He frowned and then he opened his mouth as if to say something, as if to demand an answer from Legolas, but no words escaped him.

Estel took another deep breath and then shook his head as if to clear it from a shadow. His lips moved, but no words came out. Legolas, sitting in the cold snow, rose slowly to his feet. The moment he had seen is friend's face he had know that he had made a mistake. But oh, it had felt so good, so right.

Taking a step towards his friend, Legolas reached out as if to touch the man and Estel took another step back, his eyes looking confused and, to Legolas dismay, afraid. Afraid because his best friend had done something that Estel could not understand. Something that he would perhaps never understand.

Letting his arm fall back to his side, Legolas turned slightly blurred eyes at his friend: "Estel, I am sorry." The prince saw the man shiver, but whether it was from the cold of the night or because of what had happened, he did not know.

All the elf wanted to do at that moment was to comfort the man, to take him into his arms and to shelter him from the pain. But, he could not do that. Because it had been him who had hurt his friend. But, could something that felt so right, be so wrong?

With another shake of his head, Estel moved to the tent that stood besides him and then, with a last long look at Legolas, he vanished inside, shutting the tent flap closed, shutting out the elf.

With a pained sigh and tears starting to prick at his eyes, Legolas staggered towards his bed roll behind the fire. But the fire held no warmth for him, the licking flames not reaching his cold heart.

Drawing up his knees and placing his head on his arms, he silently wept for his loss. What had he done?

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