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Title: A Spring's tale

Author: Gil Feir (formerly known as MellonNinEstel)

Rating: M (for later chapters)

Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas

Summary: Aragorn and Legolas fell in love. But how will their family take it? And what will happen when jealously enters the stage?

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Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and make no money with this story.

Series: Yes. This is the second story in the series and the sequel to A Winter's tale.

Beta: Firith-Tindóme (thank you, honey!)


There was a pair. Different they were in appearance and mind. A young boy, barely in his manhood and a elf still young in mind and spirit. Friends they were, had been for a long time.

They set out one wintry day, to Bree their errant should take them. But as fate would have it, they chose to walk down a different road, and to different ends fate took them. Instead of reaching Bree, they found each other on the way.

One night, when all was dark and silent, the elf could no longer withstand the temptation the young mortal presented to him, and he followed his heart's desire and kissed him. Right there in the snow, under the stars.

The young human, confused as he was by this, did not return the affection at once. No, he chose loneliness to ponder his heart, while the elf cried silent tears of utter sadness. But late that night, when all hope was lost to the elf, the young man chose to explore this new feeling in his stomach, and he invited his friend to join him in his tent. Love was brought out that night, and so they did not harvest it yet, it grew and grew.

When mornings first light woke them, they set out for Bree, but fate intervened and the young pair was almost separated, for a cold death had reached out for the young man, pulling him into its icy grave. A helping hand saved him, but illness and fever settled in his body. And warmth left him.

One night, when coldness and fever weakened the young man, the elf did the only thing that came to his mind, and warmed him with his own body. The love that had grown between them blossomed, and when their lips found each other, they could not withstand the desire that engulfed them. Love came to full blossom between them, and their fate was sealed.

But as fate would have it, they decided to return to the young human's home, for fever and illness still plagued him. Neither of them knew what the return would bring them, but they were determined to face whatever would come. For they loved each other, and is that not all that mattered?

In a perfect world, maybe, but not in Middle-earth, where treachery and hate can destroy the most pure and handsome things.

This is a story of love, desire and passion. But it is also a story of suspicion, of jealousy, anger and betrayal. Are you ready to follow the path of the two lovers to an uncertain end? Then open your heart and weather the storm in

A Spring's Tale!

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