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Chapter 12: Heartbeat

* * *

Inuyasha had shown great restraint last night, as Sango had dually noted. For even a half demon, in the midst of sprint love fever, for all creatures great and small mating season was upon them. With this in mind she had fully been expecting to wake up with a blob of white and red canoodling against her best friend Kagome…again!

Yet today all was relatively normal, Kagome was just as she left her, Shippou at balled up to her head, and nicely tucked in with no sign that Inuyasha had ever been in.

But Inuyasha was no ninja, 'HA! He left his tetsusaiga at the door', and so the old half demon dog had been in to check on his love interest, how sweet.

Sango rolled out of her futon and came to kneel on her knees and stretched her arms up, Kilala repositioned herself after tumbling down the blanket next to Sango's thigh. Dressing quietly as to not disturb Kagome or Shippou, she tip toes out of the room and grabbed Inuyasha's sword on her way out.

She didn't have to go far to find him. Half a red clad leg was swinging off the edge of the roof, Sango laughed softly and walked out further into the yard to see if he was awake.

He appeared to be snoozing comfortably away on the roof of the inn one arm spread out to the side and the other over his stomach, oh if only she had Kagomes device for instant picture making.

"Hey Inuyasha, rise and shine, it's a new day, time to do our civil duties" she chimed nudging his dangling foot with the hilt of his sword.

"Nnnrrr" was the unintelligible reply from the rooftop, well at least it was something. Sango sighed and curled her hand on her hip as if she were actually annoyed instead of bemused "Well, I'm going to go wake that monk up and grab some breakfast. Make sure Kagome gets up will you, these long journeys have a way of knocking her out you know" and with that she left him with his golden ticket of opportunity.

Inuyasha lay there for a minute longer, his hands tucked under his head and staring at the light blue sky. He had fallen asleep on the roof, mentally exhausted he cheated himself by peeking in on Kagome, he wanted so bad to hold her during the night, but he was painfully aware of Sango and that stupid little ball wench rolling around to near for his personal comfort, and the last thing he wanted was for them to be getting the wrong idea.

After much thinking he just couldn't deny his urges for Kagome to long and as much as he tried to convince himself that they were just urges, a part of his brain told himself that he also very strong feelings for her also. And that was a part of his brain that was growing in dominance.

Taking a deep relaxing breath he leapt from the roof and casually walked into the room the girls had been sleeping in. in his peripheral vision he saw a glint of silver and fur 'TETSUSAIGA! Holy crap what the hell is wrong with me?' snatching his sword up and fastening it to his pants he quietly walked over to Kagome's sleeping body.

A small smile graced his lips as he watched her completely out of it face breath in and out. He could here the blood whooshing through her heart as it beat in an easy tempo. Her utterly blissful scent washed over him in droves sending goosebumps's all over his skin and igniting an inferno under it at the same time.

With every breath he took the more harder it became to control his urges, but he was determined not to do anything that he might regret later, he had already pushed some pretty hard boundaries between them and didn't want to try his luck without some reassurance again.

Regardless, he had every intension of sauntering over there and curling his arm around her waist. And then her eyes fluttered open killing any thoughts of snuggle time- for now anyway.

"M-morning Inuyasha" Kagome said through a yawn as she stretched the length of her body from under her sleeping bag.

Inuyasha watched her every movement with a small smile, he had thought long about many things last night and had gotten the most restless sleep every because of it, but he had decided that if he were to peruse Kagome, he wouldn't want any of them to be in mortal danger. That means Naraku gone and this stupid quest to save this shiny golden balled queen.

But he was happy in his decision, because deep down he believed it was the right, and sensible choice. And for the first time the dream in which he had envisioned Kikyo in his arms was replaced with a smiling Kagome. And it warmed him inside like he had never felt before.

Kagome couldn't decide if her heart had grown a mind of its own and was trying to break out of the prison that was her ribs by hammering madly against it or plan B, which was to leap up into her throat and out her mouth, she felt like she constantly needed to swallow just to keep her heart inside.

The warm fuzzy feeling creeping up her spine and blush on her face, died in an instant along with Inuyasha's happy thoughts when a shrill scream carried over the hill.

For a moment know one so much as dared to breathe. Shippou was suddenly awake and alert to the sound of villagers starting a commotion. They could here shouting from over the other side of the inn walls and the scurry of villagers heading towards the southern end of the village, close to where Inuysha and Kagome where.

With a brief glance at each other, Inuyasha grasped the hilt of his sword and turned so that Kagome could hurriedly get dressed and armed and in moments they dashed out the rice paper doors with the young fox kit trailing at their heels.

They didn't have to run very far before they breached the horizon of a small hill that lead to the villages rice patty fields.

Having dealt with screaming and scared villagers before Inuyasha's first instinct was to sniff out any blood spills.

There was none

His second instinct, should the first instinct fail, was to track down Miroku or Sango and ask them what the bloody hell was going on.

He spotted both of them looking very confused in a mix of people crowding around god knows what.

"Is anyone dead, dying or injured?" he asked them, both shook their heads and shrugged.

"We don't know, we just heard the commotion and came running like everyone else" puzzled the group pushed their way through anxious villagers.

Breaking through to crowd of people the gang didn't know what to think of the scene in front of them.

"I don't get it" Shippou blurted, raising an eyebrow at the village people. "Yeah, me neither" Inuyasha also chipped in leaning on his sheathed sword. To the edge of the forest there was a farmer helping up his wife and pushing his young son behind him toward the crowd. All three of them, as well as the rest of the village had their eyes locked on something in the forest shirting around the fields a few metres away.

The group recognised the statue immediately, it was another one of the temple guardians from Airah's keep sitting as if it had been there for a hundred years staring into the village. But unfortunately that wasn't the case.

"This is a bad omen" an old priest said as he hobbled up to Miroku's side. "I sense she is only here to guide your friends to safety for danger if upon us" the old priest looked up into Miroku's eyes with watery cataract filled eyes, but the wisdom and truth behind them was the young monk.

Kagome suddenly broke away from her friends and strode up to the statue with what looked to be a very dazed expression on her face. The others preoccupied with the old man momentarily had not noticed until she was about five metres away from the forest edge where just on the inside of it the temple guardian sat.

The armoured tiger seemed as lifeless as every other Buddha shrine around it until Kagome and her golden orbed friend got closer to it. The gasps and frightened murmurs of the villagers escalated as the crunch of grass told the group they had taken a few cautious steps backward, away from the giant tiger statues who's eyes appeared to be truly watching them.

Kagome's heart thundered strongly against her rib cage in what felt like an anxiety or excitement that wasn't hers. When she reached out to touch to head of the tigers head, that was a couple of feet above her own, two things became obvious to her. Number one, there was a familiar miko energy flowing through the guardians body giving it a strange yet very feint yellowish light to the pupils of its stony eyes. The second thing was about 10 metres behind it was another large animal, but this one was no statue.

Inuyasha and the others had yet to sense it, she didn't know why that was but she didn't had the luxury to think about it, she could see it. Kagome's body froze and it took all her will to discreetly peer around the statue of the guardian to stare at what had caught her eye.

A pair of large blood red eyes glaring at her from the body of a huge black doglike creature was perched on the ridge of a high-rise of terrain. It was breathing heavily, saliva was poring out if its massive yellowy fanged mouth, it was a stocky heavily built thing a bit like a Rottweiler and a bulldog but the size of a bear and its charcoal black fur was filthy and matted in longish, especially along the scruff of its thick neck.

Kagome took a step back from the beast with the full intension of being a complete and hopeless girl by running towards Inuyasha and behind the safety of his human protecting sword forgetting completely of what Airah had done to her body in order to protect herself.

As she did so the beast moved forward and looked as if it where about to lunge.

"KAGOME!" Inuyasha yelled suddenly seeing the creature once it moved, not dwelling on the fact that he wasn't able to smell it or sense it earlier.

"INUYASHA" Kagome screamed back as she made a bold dash back toward the forest edge. Inuyasha's eyes where livid as the lack hound made a quick start for Kagome who was only just running out of the clearing 20 metres away from him.

The beast tensed to pounce on Kagome but just as it ran past the armoured tiger the statue suddenly became very animated as it leapt up on its hind legs and wrapped its front arms around the black dog's torso, slamming it to the ground with such force the earth beneath them shook.

Kagome made it to Inuyasha and turned in his arms to see the solid stone temple guardian move around as if it were a living creature.

Some hell ferrel noised where coming from its stone jaws, growling and hissing at the threat to its master.

Chaos quickly ensued amongst the villagers who ran for there lives as Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku prepared to defend. The collision of flesh against stone rumbled through the forest. Airah's guard and the hell hound tumbled out of the woods and broke apart from their jaw lock in the meadow and continued to circle each other, the battle was on.

"What the hell is that thing?" Inuyasha cursed out loud, slowly backing away from the fighting beasts with Kagome behind him.

As the pair circled each other, Inuyasha watched the new arrival carefully trying to think of an attack should the stone guardian fail, the bloody eyes frequently locked onto the small frame of Kagome behind him, stirring a familiar primitive instinct within him to protect and kill.

The black hell hound kneeled back on its haunches and raised its massive head to the sky, letting rip a horrific and ear piercing howl.

Covering there ears against the onslaught of sound waves, it dawned on Inuyasha exactly what the thing was calling for.

"IT'S FOUND WHAT IT'S LOOKING FOR! IT'S CALLING FOR REINFORCEMENTS". Inuyasha yelled to the others, out of sheer habit he looked to Kagome who still had her hand wrapped around his elbow.

Inuyasha frowned at her unusual expression, usually she would be bow and arrow at the ready with Shippou at her calf, but her expression was mostly blank. But her eye's where sharp as if she was timing something, anticipating something.

"Kagome?" he grabbed the arms clutching onto his and gently shook her, but with no change. It seemed Airah was up to something again. And he didn't want to stick around and find out what there mystical tag along had in store for them this time.

Everyone could hear the thunderous footsteps of incoming enemies. Inuyasha could smell roughly four more about to break the clearing.

"Where close" Inuyasha swivelled his head, hearing Kagome's quite mumble.

"What?- fuck it, we can't stand around here and chat all day, god knows how many more of those things are coming after us-after you, and that stupid little orb, we gotta move or fight. And I think we should fight-

"We should move" Kagome cut in, this time her voice held a double tone, Airah's voice and Kagome's as one.

She turned to glare at Inuyasha, locking eyes with him, he realised he wasn't talking to Kagome anymore.

"Stay and fight, or follow me" Suddenly with the speed and agility worthy of his brother, Kagome broke away from him with an animalistic growl. His own demon instinct's torn from following her to protect Kagome or backing away from the aura of a rabid and desperate demon.

"KAGOME!" the others shouted after her and started running. Rolling his eyes Inuyasha speedily caught up with the others. The brief thought of how the stone guardian was going to handle all those dog things by itself was squashed when out of the corner of his eyes he spotted an army of about 12 making their way to the meadow. Another three were following Kagome.

"Fuck me, I'm missing out" He said with a smirk and then bounded up to the others.


Meanwhile on one of the distant green covered hill tops some miles away, Sesshomaru was gradually making his way up the manmade path of the mountainside with his ward Rin and his little green skinned, staff wielding, nasally voiced annoyance.

The little shit narrowly avoided a permanent death after making some grandiose assumptions and rather insulting lectures about his lord at Rin who had made a rather innocent yet touchy observation.

"Master Jaken, Do you think the Lord Sesshomaru has been really pouty of late?" she had discreetly as possible whispered into his ear.

"POUTY, MY LORD IS NO SUCH THING!. You insolent, stupid child, the lord has no need for such pathetic human emotions, how dare you assume he be pouty like a child would be after being smacked by a parent on the rear for being INSOLENT and-and STUPID and NAUGHTY like you" he shouted with that very lord standing not but five metres away.

Now Sesshomaru couldn't really explain out loud why that statement irked him so…at least not out loud.

The ominous tick of his eyebrow was all the warning Jaken got before he was promptly kicked in the face, landing about 200 yards away.

He was secretly pleased with himself as it appeared Jaken's ears were still ringing. He had yet to snap at Rin for humming as she often did on these long treks.

The trio rounded the bend on the path they took, a cool breeze gently stirred the strands of hair on Rin and Sesshomaru's heads. Rin closed her eyes and started to pretend she was a leaf caught in the wind which somewhat irritated Jaken, but no one was overly impressed with him to care what he thinks.

"Oof" Rin groaned. She had not been watching where she was going and ran into Sesshomaru's leg causing her to land on her butt.

She looked up to Sesshomaru to see that he had stopped and had his eyes locked on a spot it the distance.

"Lord Sesshomaru?" she questioned in a quite voice. Gently grasping the edge of his Haori she peeked a look at his blank face. Sesshomaru did nothing to acknowledge he had heard her even though he had, he only stared in the direction a most peculiar and ominous scent had come from.

The breeze had carried with it the scent of many things, humans not far off, fire, rice and water but also something more something deadly.

The scent of ash, blood, demons, grime and something else he couldn't quite put a name to, not knowing a scent to a dog demon was most infuriating and troubling.

Jaken had more or less sensed the danger on the wind, the shiver running down his spine having little to do with the mild chill in the air.

"My Lord?" Jaken prodded.

"Hn" was all he responded with.


Kagome couldn't get her thoughts straight for the life of her. She was aware that her legs where burning with the effort to keep sprinting at the rate she was, and that her body was only being fuelled by adrenaline.

She couldn't get queen Airah's thoughts straight either, her mind was not like Kagome's at all, she was vaguely aware that if she had any desires to become a psychologist in her life this would be a prime opportunity to actually be able to get into someone's head like this and truly feel what they feel.

But Airah had enough power in her to conceal precisely what she was thinking, the millions of thoughts, plots, ideas and theories racing through her mind were something Kagome had never been able to hear unless Airah wished it. This meant that Airah was feeling the pressure, the desperation to get to where Airah and her orb where taking Kagome and the others was so great Kagome thought she might start to cry.

She sensed the three temple guardians steadily protecting the rear of the group, but she could also tell that the alarm bell had been released the moment that dog creature had spotted her. She had no idea where it had come from but something told her that Airah knew exactly what was going on.

And she was doing her damndest to not panic. Years of practice had told her that panicking lead to death and failure.

These new demon senses where getting a work out too. Her keen eyes and sharp nose detected obstacles in her way from miles affront. But the most intense sensation was the optical illusion of a golden path lighting the way for her to run in her minds eye, like a memory coming to life after years of being forgotten.

"What is that?" she questioned in a small voice intended for her and her spirit parasite friend.

"It is what it seems. Just follow it, I'll do my best to keep that path clear, just follow my instructions and you'll be fine" Airah had spoken for the first time in a while. Her voice sounding somewhat distant and less like the sassy demoness that she had introduced herself to be, she was eager for her plans to work out.

Kagome heard a deep growl from the left and spotted another dog creature from before, only this one had human looking friends. The shadow soldiers from before where back it seemed, only these ones where draped in tattered black travelling cloaks and wore lighter armour then the others, soldiers for a different purpose like stalking and spying.

Kagome following Airah's lead did her best to ignore them and pushed more energy into her legs, thrusting herself forward and into the tree tops as to serve as an cover should the soldiers follow.

"KAGOME WAIT" the others called out, "Inuyasha go after her, we'll take care of these two" Sango had called out to him, not really needing to for Inuyasha had merely glanced back at them to make sure they and the temple guards could handle themselves before hurriedly following after Kagome and Airah.

The sound of war was growing louder now. The battle from the meadows had managed to follow the queen up the trail, more reinforcements where called for each side who fell, the temple guards made just appeared from places know one could explain as for the hell hounds, they were tracking down the scent of Kagome and the others while their fallen comrades where replaced with shadow soldiers.

The race was on.


Sesshomaru continued to lead his entourage up the mountainside, rarely taking his gaze of the direction to where now audible battles where being fought on the opposing countryside.

Rin could hear the howling of some creature from this distance and was starting to get a little scared. She knew her lord would protect her, but she still had it in for wolves for killing her and her parents. Where it not for Sesshomaru's inherited sword that death would have been a permanent one.

Sesshomaru suddenly stopped on the path that they were on and drew his fighting sword in a swift movement.

It was one of the soldiers from before cutting their way through the thick foliage of the hilltop and heading in the direction of the battle.

At first the soldier just stopped and stared for a moment but then made a move to attack.

Sesshomaru had made quick work with that one, not wanting to have to deal with the same crap he had last time.

It was then that he decided to investigate the commotion on the other side, this may be the chance he was wanting to finally meet the woman's soul hiding in the body of that wench of his younger brother.


Kagome could actually see the spells being cast be her spirit companion. Light blue bursts of misty smoke accompanied with the feint look of lightening seemed to come from her head and dissipated miles into the surrounding every 20 seconds or so.

Sometimes the smoke was a light pink and felt more powerfully of her own miko energy then that of a demons, and then there was also the more odd feeling of the golden smoke that seemed to take more energy then the others. That kind of spell wasn't demon or miko but something entirely different.

Airah was casting spells of entrapment, summoning and illusions in rapid speed. Her desperation becoming even more evident the further up the golden spirit trail they went. Sango and Miroko had caught a break from fighting in the form of an army of temple guardians taking care of the enemies perusing them. Gradually they caught up to Inuyasha and Kagome with the help of Kilala.

Inuyasha had complained about where they were running to, thinking that the act was cowardly and that they should fight. But Kagome was not showing any signs of acknowledging him and more then anything Inuyasha was reluctant to leave Kagome's side.

It was almost like a chase to catch up to her, which excited the demon within him for and entirely different purpose. He actually had to shake his head clear after he realised he was staring at her.

Kagome suddenly and finally came to a stop at the base of a mountain. This area of the forest had not been explored for many, many years. There were no human trails or any form of harvest of woods and vegetation. The edge of the mountain they had reached was rocky and covered in moss and flowers, if they were not currently being perused by a pack of rabid looking hounds and a bunch of war crazy soldiers the place would have been very calming and serene.

There were thousands of white butterflies floating around the masses of jasmine plants growing around the structure of the rocks. A sense of déjà vu hit the pair remembering their encounter at the temple they had left prior to coming here.

Kagome searched the side of the mountain with vigour for a few moments ignoring the complaints from Inuyasha that they would have to fight if Airah didn't do something soon.

Kagome put her hands out to feel the edge of the smooth rock slate that was covered heavily in moss, vines and plants the architecture of this part of the mountain seemed a little different then the rest, it looked like an arch had been engraved into the side of the mountain, as if to create an artwork of an entry way.

Parts of the arch bulged out of the wall of rock in a manner that made it look like giant pillars. Kagome went into the space between the set of Pillars to the right and touched the moss covered wall, feeling for something and not saying a word.

"Kagome what is it" Inuyasha walked right up to her putting a hand on her shoulder and spinning her around to face him.

She looked up to him with big greeny/brown eyes, searching his face for some unspoken understanding and trust.

"We enter here" she said in an almost dazed voice. Her expression was so cute, and even though they were at risk of being attacked at any moment, Inuyasha couldn't help himself.

He cupped her face in his hands and lent forward, he lightly dragged the tip of his cold nose up the side of her face inhaling as he went, stopping to languidly smell the fragrance of her lips.

It was that smell again, and her skin was so soft, he pushed her back against the moss covered stone, his eyes flashing red for no more then a moment.

"Inuyasha!" the dog demon in question slowly turned around to face concerned face of Miroku.

The way he had been holding Kagome looked to Sango and Miroku as if he were about to choke her, but also they both sensed the dangerous spike in his demonic aura.

Sango had her weapon held slightly in front of her and Miroku slowly approached Inuyasha with his hands and staff raised as well.

There presence rattled some sense into his head and his eyes changed back to their normal colour, only to change right back with fangs and claws elongated moments later when he spotted Sesshomaru watching the show from behind his two friends.

They all turned to face the stealthy dog lord and prepared themselves for a fight.

The shit had pretty much hit the fan at this point, if they were expected to fight Sesshomaru and an army of hell hounds and shadow soldiers to boot.

"What the hell are you doing here asshole?" Inuyasha sneered, unsheathing his sword in his brother's general direction.

Sesshomaru was the picture of calm and leisurely strolled forward a few metres forcing Sango and Miroku to move back towards an enraged and should be embarrassed hanyou.

"That's my Business little brother" his almost bored patronising tone always managed to piss Inuyasha off over the edge of reason thusly evoking another sickening snarl from his lips.

Sesshomaru smirked and strode closer to Inuyasha, "I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait a little bit longer for me" a ghostly woman's voice spoke only for Sesshomaru's ears, effectively wiping the smirk of his face and stunning him still. His keen eyes locked onto the face of his brothers love interest for so many years.

The container for the soul he was seeking was looking at him from under his brother's arm. The eyes that stared into his were not of the ones that belonged to the girl.

He watched as she turned around to the wall and placed a golden orb with intricate details engraved on it into a hidden creator in the wall. Almost immediately a flash of pinkish energy flashed up between him and his brother's pack, the girl had set a barrier, and it was rising fast over the top of the mountain. The fire cat being the only one caught on the outside, and Shippou had been trying to burry himself into Sango's shoulders for sometime now.

"hm, very well then" Sesshomaru said out loud, not caring if he confused his brother or his stupid human friends, the voice that had spoken through his mind was all that should understand.

"Your woman is getting away, you should follow her" Sesshomaru said at last to Inuyasha. Inuyasha almost laughed at his brothers antics but turned around to be greeted with a green wall of earth.

"WHAT THE HELL?" he shouted, Sango and Miroku ran over to investigate. There was no room for Kagome to have been able to get pat Inuyasha, he had pushed her up against the bloody wall for crying out loud.

"Kagome, Kagome…KAGOME!" they called out for her ignoring the amused look on Sesshomaru's face, the worry for there friend outweighed the humiliation of looking like a complete retard in front of the aristocrat.

"Through here" three heads swivelled to the direction of the wall. It was Shippou and half of his little body was poking out the corner of the protruding part of the design that looked like a pillar exposing the optical illusion of a solid wall and showing the way in.

"Geez you guys are slow, hurry Kagome's already up the stares.

The gang shared a look before Inuyasha put his two cents worth in.

"We're never sleeping over in anymore fucking haunted forests ever again…EVER"


Inside the hidden entryway was a very narrow spiral staircase, carved from the stone of the mountain. Fire torches hung on the sides evidently lighten up from where Kagome had been. They were beyond trying to comprehend the situation at all, simply blindly following the lead of Airah and hopefully in the end they would get their friend back.

Inuyasha swore that once this was all over he was going to continuously lecture them all on how his gut feeling is never wrong, he just knew picking that talking ball up was gonna lead to a hell of a lot of bad news. And so far he was so, so very right.

The tight spiral staircase went up for miles but eventually they made it to the end and promptly became disorientated. There stood Kagome in the centre of a circular room that lead to a dead end.

She was staring at the ceiling, holding the orb in her hands. The others caught up to her, Shippou climbed up onto her shoulder and waved a tiny hand in front of her face in a vein attempt to get her to focus on him.

"We go up" Kagome stated in a monotone voice. "uhh-" Inuyasha was about to retort with the obvious question of how that was going to happen with a solid stone ceiling above them, when Kagome closed her eyes and began moving her lips in a quite rapid motion.

The golden orb's intricate carvings started to glow the very same pattern suddenly illuminated the stony walls activating a spell. The patterns on the ground started to twist and bend matching the carvings above. And then the ground began to rotate, very gracefully the room's floor and ceiling shifted so that the roof rotated upwards and the floor raised Kagome and the others higher.

Once the shuddering of grinding rocks stopped and the power of the magic faded the gang opened their eyes to a massive and other-worldly cave.

They were silent for a long while taking in the sites before them, even Kagome took a good look around. This had to be the final destination they had been waiting for.


They had stepped into a room that had not been entered in over a thousand years. It was the inside of a crystal covered cave set in the higher regions of the mountain, there was one opening and much like the entrance the balcony was cleverly concealed as part of the natural surroundings. The stalactites and stalagmites got bigger and more dangerous looking the further into the mountainside the cave went. Most were coloured in a peculiar jade colour others where an off white and slate coloured. In other parts of the cave huge crystals of green, white, blue and purple implanted themselves into the curves of the walls.

Mushukurako was a sorcerer's paradise, the beautiful crystal lined walls held books, potions, racks or herbs, more golden items, tools, everything and anything to do with magic and sorcery. The sunlight from outside bounced off the blue, green and purple crystals on the walls, sending shards of light in every direction.

Above them amongst the drooping stalactites were bizarre and magnificent ornaments, chimes and other things adding to the collection of magical possessions.

Massive geodes were used as foundations for work tops covered in things that looked like an old fashioned science lab. Furniture was sprawled all over the place, many covered in tattered cloths in an attempt to preserve their lustier.

The part of the cave that the group had stepped into had been manmade to suit the comfort of the owner. A grand four poster bed lay nestled in a higher layer of ground that spiral staircase lead to.

The part that lead to the balcony had three steps down till it reached a wide and elaborate arch draped in a soft golden curtain blowing against a gentle breeze. The ground was tiled with large marble tiles engraved with Airah's royal crest complimenting the archway carved from the limestone in the cave.

There was running water coming from a place further into the cave and Kagome made her way to it.

The others followed her however it was hard not to be distracted by the many strange and wondrous things littered around the place.

The back of the cave was even more amazing then the litter of things found at the front. The water was coming from a big rock pool made entirely of a very pale blue crystal, which seemed to have a light of its own, the refection of the water of the walls of breathtaking to look at. The smell was so pure it would pass as holy water without a prayer.

The area had been cleared of all of the other clutter in the cave only the symbols on the floor indicated that anyone had been there.

The water was trickling down from the very high tops of the cave still it formed a small elegant waterfall into the main body of water. That that body of water Kagome found what she was looking for.

In the very centre of the deep crystal pond, striking against the rest of the bluish crystal water was something that looked like an egg shaped pod.

It was an off green colour and semi translucent, the silhouette of a person just visible from the inside.

"Oh my god, this must be it" Sango whispered peering a little closer into the pond to get a better look. Kagome grabbed her elbow before she could get past her looking her dead in the face.

"You must step well back" she said in a duel voice. Sango nodded once and walked back to stand next to Miroku who stood wisely outside the lines of symbols on the floor, away from the pond.

"Inuyasha" Miroku called out using his more serious monk voice, "You should stand clear", of course he did no such thing and was right behind Kagome every step she tool forward.

On a raised bit of limestone just before the pond, Kagome kneeled down on one knee and placed the orb on its slightly rounded surface, a perfect fit.

The orb glowed so brightly for a moment everyone had to shield their eyes. Once the light had passed the orb started to move. It was like watching a puzzle solve its self, all the lines and markings twisting and turning, realigning itself till it opened.

The pieced of golden orb simply melted away, revealing a mass of floating dark liquid the colour of blood.

As the blob descended the gold started to melt itself into a liquid, blending and coiling with the red mixture it released.

Everyone watched carefully as the strange potion mixed itself together in the makeshift bowl of the limestone, then trickle down backwards into the grooves in the stone, splitting around the edges of the crystal pool until it circled it completely.

For a moment the ring of blood and gold liquid illuminated the edge of the pond. A moment later it fell into the cracks of the crystal water like blood through veins until it reached its goal in the centre.

As more and more of the glowing mixture was pumped into the pod changes started happening quit rapidly to the once serine surroundings.

The once calm surface of the water started getting choppy like the sea on a windy day. A mist was starting to form over the surface of the now bubbling water. The sound piercing that of the melodious trickle of the waterfall, Kagome seemed to come out of her possessed daze and was now looking at the scene in front of her in awe and slight horror at what was happening now.

Inuyasha sensed her distress came to her and pulled her back slightly by her arm "Glad to have you back" he whispered in her ear but didn't take his eyes away from the pool that bad feeling was getting worse.

The pod slowly rose out of the water, thick veins from below kept it firmly in place on the top of the water that was starting to calm down from its frenzy.

As the water stilled again back to its normal pace a tense silence filled the room as nothing more seemed to be happening to the strange looking pod.

Inuyasha wrapped his arm around Kagome's waist keeping her in front of him and with the other hand unsheathed his sword and placed that in front of her, ready to defend her should the being inside suddenly spring out and attack.


A slow and shallow pulse echoed the room. The last of the blood and gold potion making its way into the pod trickled upwards through the vine like veins keeping it on the surface, until the last little drop was sucked into the cacoon.


Again it sounded off, a little stronger then before and gaining a little speed, a heartbeat was alive, for the first time in so many years.

* * * * * *

I'm so sorry I have to stop it there otherwise I'm going to go on and on and on and its just going to take me forever to get what I want out of this story done and urgh, describing that bloody cave was a job and a half, and I'm sorry if its to much description or to little, please bare with me.

I personally think this chapter was shit, I know there's bound to be grammar issues in there somewhere, but I think I'm getting better. But stuff that, shit I really had to resist making it even more shit by not rushing straight to that last scene. At least now I'll have the motivation to write the next chapter .