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Accidental: Prologue

It was fall.

Leaves the colors of change swirled around

Richard Grayson stood, clad in his long, black trench coat, collared white shirt and black slacks, black shoes and red scarf. It was the only bit of color on him except for his eyes, which radiated a contrasting blue that challenged the autumn hues with their brilliance. His fingers rubbed an end of the scarf's fray between them, the softness lulling his thoughts as he got lost in them.

His vision blurred and he frowned, pushing the delicate frames back up the bridge of his nose to settle in front of his eyes. For years he had worn contacts, but somehow he found comfort behind the elegant glasses these days; he wouldn't go so far as to call it a Clark Kent complex, but he wouldn't deny that it wasn't far off either. A wind whipped unkindly through the setting of the practically deserted park and he pulled his coat around him tighter. Winter was making a cameo in the latter end of autumn, infringing on her time frame with typical icy attitude and Richard found himself indignant enough for both him and the season of apple cider and turkeys.

He looked down at his left wrist: 7:21 AM. A sigh and one more spared glance at the tree he had been staring at passed before he began to make his way to his new school. The entrance exams had been difficult but not impossible and apparently he had gotten the top scores, making him default class representative. It wasn't something he was particularly attached to but it was the kind of thing that a person like him was expected to take on, so he did not argue.

Richard Grayson had something to prove, after all: himself. Anything thrown at him, he took head on. Anything offered to him, he analyzed and accepted in a span of seconds if it was deemed worthwhile or useful. Anything that seemed impossible, he had somehow always made possible. This was his trademark, his perfection of the human behavior. He did not thirst for the immaculateness he had attained somehow, but he did strive for it, having grown up all along, being told how good this was and that was, now obsessed with establishing himself as someone apart from the rest.

He needed to be so different he was better...for himself, for his family, and more so perhaps for the rest of the world that he did not quite trust.

So it was with that mindset that Richard took his first steps into the private establishment of the Academy...

...and ran right into someone with the oddest shade of hair he had ever seen.

It was, of course, an accident, nothing more.

He knelt to help her pick up her things—on a second glance he had discerned her to be distinctly female—and apologized. She met his eyes with her own and he was shocked to find them to be a startling violet, deep as the flower and ten times as spellbinding. He felt ridiculous when his heart seemed to skip and as such, he disregarded it. Still, wordlessly, he handed her the fallen books, which she put neatly into the ragged knapsack she had slung over her shoulder.

"Thanks," she offered. They stood there a moment, possibly sizing each other up, if that made any sense. Richard suspected it didn't.

"It was my fault," he said lamely. She shook her head at him.

"No, it was an accident," she corrected him blandly, as if she couldn't care less whether it were a mistake or not.

The bell rang.

He was supposed to be in the auditorium by now as class representative, ready to give a speech. Instead he stood speechless in front of a girl with very pale skin, intense eyes and a mastery over lack of facial expressions.

"You should go. You'll be late," she told him and he moved past her, nodding as though he was blind, walking to where he needed to be. Then, a thought hit him. He turned and called out to her form, which was moving in the opposite direction.

"My name is Richard, Richard Grayson. What's yours?"

Her eyes threatened to drown him.

"Raven," she said shortly and continued to walk away, Richard staring after her for a moment before catching himself at it again and speeding off to the assembly hall, readying an excuse in his head.

Nice way to start, he thought dryly to himself but he realized was not entirely sarcastic as amethyst irises surfaced in his mind and he marveled at the strange stirring the girl had made in him.

He had a reputation for being rather beloved by girls wherever he went to attend school and his last one had been no different, girls asking him to meet them by the fountain or in the court yard, or something, telling him how they felt.

Asking him how he felt.

He was never unkind, but none of them ever made an impression. None of them had been able to move him and as a result, Richard Grayson had begun to suspect he was abnormal, strange even. Shouldn't he feel something when a girl said she liked him? He never had, until now. Without even trying this Raven had left him without a leg to stand on and he wondered if any of the girls who had previously confessed to him felt similarly as he did. If so, he felt bad; it was a rather confusing feeling or set of feelings welling up in him as he took the stage after offering his acceptable excuse to the school's principal.

"Good morning new students of the Academy. My name is Richard Grayson, and I will be your class representative..." the rest of his speech was far more interesting, entertaining even at points, and all the while he found himself searching for familiar violet eyes. So if many of the females in the assembly gave muffled squeals at their good fortune on having such a handsome representative, he did not notice. If the boys perked up at his strength innate in his mannerism and chiseled attitude, he did not notice. If he received a preposterous amount of applause for a banal introductory-to-school speech, he still did not notice.

What he did notice was that he could not spot Raven anywhere, and he wondered about that as he exited stage left.

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