chapter 1 the fusion of kyuubi

(naruto and sasuke were in the middle of training)naruto tried to hit sasuke with a round house kick but sasuke ducked under the kick and cought narto in the jaw with a uppercut. naruto flew up and tweenty feet from sasuke naruto cought himself with 1 hand and did a back hand spring. just before he landed he through a kuni knife at sasuke who blocked with anuther kuni and charged naruto and sarted to lay into him with a seires of punches and kicks so fast that naruto couldnt keep up 'shit i cant follow his movements'. KIT USE MY CHAKERA. 'not agensed this baka. U CANT KEEP THIS UP MUCH LONGER U HAVE TO. with that naruto found him self in front of kyuubis cage. "what the hell did u bring me here for bastard fox". WATCH THAT ADITUDE OR I WONT GIVE U MY GIFT. "fine but hurry ive got to beet that baka sasuke". FINE JUST TAKE THE SEAL OFF MY CAGE. "nnnnaaaannnniiiii do u think im stupid or something youll run away". DONT WORRY KIT OUR SOULS ARE BOUND I CANT ESCAPE BUT I CAN MAKE YOU STRONGER. "fine but anny funny business and back u go". and with that naruto riped the seal off and found him self back in the real world.

Red chakera envoloped him and he felt the most incredible pain in his hind qworters "aww my ASS it hurts" but then the chackera dispersed and there stood the new naruto sasuke stood there like he just saw a goast kakashi