Anuvuin: episode 1: The future

Anuvuin: episode 1: The future?

          It is a somewhat peaceful time in the galaxy.  (As much as can be expected at any given time before the Force is balanced) The Kritch family has become powerful.  They have their own plans for the galaxy...ones that not everyone will agree with.  Certain characters you have been accustomed to have grown older.  The Maurders are at new heights with their prized "Device".  A certain Skywalker has started his own family and looks to follow the path of his uncle..., which causes problems for other people.  Many things are about to happen in the galaxy...both good and bad.  An ambitious Sith Lord is under his own plans.... doesn't look too good unless someone can stop him...only one can.... a very very young boy who does not know he has the Force.... What will happen?

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