Good Will Hunting

He pulled his lighter out of his bag eyes still on the red light ahead of him. It was a long drive to California, but he was going. He thought how she'd be now in med school she had only left a few days back. Then will remembered the fight; e blotted it from his mind, because he knew she was right. He was scared he had always been insecure, the day after she left he had realised, what had he done. The one person who did care who was going to care for him and he pushed her away. She's on the other side of the country she had to go, but she had practically begged him to come too. Guilt churned in will's stomach, he didn't want to think about it.

So he continued to drive across America, the dusty motorways he used had no traffic and he had no guilt in speeding as fast as the lump of junk could go. Dust spewing up behind him. The signs past him, he didn't stop at night he ate what he had brought, he had been so often from dust till dawn he didn't need to stop. Now the signs on the roadside were changing and he saw it California. A leap of emphasis came he drove past the entrance of the med school, she was in lectures he knew. So he pulled up to a quiet café. Taking his bag he went into the rest room had a wash something to eat, then went back to the car.

He woke up it was dark he hadn't realised he was dozing off he had been asleep in the car for hour and the orange light of the streetlights woke him. He started the car and drove to the dormitories of the med school, parking his car in a pitiful way he ran to the stairs reading every door buzzer label. Ignoring the state in which he had parked his car, and then he read Skylar his heart jumped with joy. Then a sudden numbness came to his body. What if she didn't care anymore? Then he just pushed the buzzer he could only try.

"Hello," that familiar voice it was Skylar,

"It's will," he said. He heard the sound of a door being swung open and someone running down the stairs. The door in front of Will was flung open skylar jumped out of the door arms around Will he held her too they stood on the door step. For the first time Will cried with happiness.