Will had been in California for three days now, a nice place he had thought, brilliant to see Skylar again but he was feeling other strings twitch. He had left a note for Maguire but it had not seemed enough, as well as Chuckie well he had seemingly done hat he had hoped those ten seconds he walks to his door everyday. Even the runt O'mally was playing on his mind. He stared at the bright blue sky exhaling the thick puff of grey. He looked to the medical school white and hygienically pure on this colourful landscape, as he thought it through. He could not leave. But he could not stay this home sick.

He slammed the door open and closed it behind him sun failing to glare through the telephone box glass. He dug in his jeans, which had only been washed once since being there and pulled out a quarter. Only he did not have one. At that moment a quarter seemed vital and he ended up doing something he had never planned.

Skylar finished for the day hanging up the white coat and stepping into the sun sure he would be waiting for her, her eyes danced over the road, his car was not there, although she guessed he must have parked somewhere else. She continued to look but he wasn't there.

"Oh Skylar," the voice behind her made her cringe the slick Dug stood hands on hips behind her as he made his presence ever unwanted. "You should have though twice about him, staring into the street like that just is not healthy," he smiled a queer smirk that seemed patronising to any creature that somehow ended up in the same mile as Dug. "do you want me to walk you home, babe," the pause between the offer and babe Skylar felt insulted and answered bluntly.

"No," she ignored the muscular arrogant boy not even turning to see his reaction as she crossed the street and head to her flat.

"another time then," he shouted as though his confidence in never been rejected could not e broken as Skylar continued to walk from him not looking back or answering he sighed bitch under his breath and turned to walk to his family mansion.

"you have no qualifications,"

"No," The aging man in glasses stared at Will who seemed rather under dressed for the occasion. "But you can call Professor Gerald Lambeau if you need proof,"

"I don't think that will be necessary, thank you," Will stood up laying the pen on the table and handed the professor back his sheet of paper. The man looked terrified how did you get that, the assignment had been laying on the desk Will had simply answered the question.

"call this number if you change your mind," The balding man sat almost gawping at the awful behaviour of the applicant. Will left knowing he had some explaining to do.

He buzzed Skylar and the door unlocked, she did not speak to him though, he walked up the stairs. She would ignore him she had it planned out the door opened and he slipped inside. Skylar continued ripping leaves off the lettuce not turning to look at him.

"I went for an interview," Skylar could not really ignore that, in all her time of knowing Will he had never gone for anything but the labour of the demolition sight. She stared, he did not look to pleased with himself but she could not help it, he was serious and he was staying.

"How was school?" Skylar pulled a face and explained, Will did not jump off the handle but that was worse he was clever did darling Dug have it coming? Skylar just looked at Will no fear for anyone because things were too perfect for that right now.

In the office the aging man sat working out the last step of the assignment tricky but he had cracked it, he finally wrote down the answer and swore. Will's scrawled answer sat above it completely accurate and to twelve decimal places, the aging man picked up the phone.