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Twenty-two year old Hermione Granger sat up in the Astronomy Tower, looking out towards the Forbidden forest thinking while twisting the ring on her left hand's fourth finger occasionally. She was getting married in a months time to her lover, yes he happen to be a Weasley, and no it wasn't her best friend Ron she was getting married to, no he was married to Luna Lovegood and getting ready to have their second child and she couldn't be more thrilled because she was going to be the god-mother to this one, while her love would be its god-father. No it was neither the twins, Fred was married to a American named Samantha Coffman who now went by Samantha Weasley and was due to have their first child in the next month or so. George was Disabled due to the war and was now in a wheel chair complaining that no girl would go out with someone who couldn't use their legs ( Tho I beg to differ),but he still worked at the 3 W's with Fred and Sam; pulling them apart every time they started to making out on the counters.

No it wasn't Percy , He was no longer talking to his family and was now engaged with some women named Deanna Nokia. No it wasn't Bill either, He was Married to Fleur and the just had their fourth child and happiness bounced off that couple like fireworks. Which lead to Ginny and Harry, getting married right after the war at 19 and 20 years of age, needless to say Mrs. Weasley was more then esthetic when she found out and help Ginny plan the wedding tho it was mostly Mrs. Weasley doing everything but when it go to the part of picking the dress Ginny put her straight.

Now there was only one person left in the Weasley family that wasn't Married or well not yet. Yes, Hermione Granger was marrying one, deviously handsome, dragon expert, Charlie Weasley. They where friend since Hermione was introduce to him in her fourth year, and from there to her graduation they were good friend , always writing and missing each other. Yet felt Jealous when ever the opposite sex was flirting with the other, but usually pushed the feeling away thinking nothing about it. But when the war came the day of Hermione, Harry. and Ron's graduation, they took conferred in each other and both realized that their friend ship was much more deeper then that , and realized they really liked each other, hell even Loved each other. Hermione remembered the night when she confessed her feelings to him...


Hermione, Ginny, Mrs.Weasley, Fleur and all the other women that had someone they loved out in that war where sitting in one of the room at Hogwarts that was unknown to anyone of on the dark side, and was a protection to them. Hermione was sitting on one of the chairs that had been put into the room thinking.' How dare they! How dare they tell me I can't fight, yeah Im a girl but Im better then most of the guys out there fighting are!...but Charlie...I think what he told me , made me stay back, that the fact that I was a better Fighter then half the men out there , but I should stay back just incase anyone from the dark side should find then someone as talented as me should help protect the women' and that was what she was doing, Hermione would go up to women she knew or not, and comfort them, telling them that everything will be alright, as well as everyone who is fighting...tho inside she prayed for Harry, Ron and everyone she knew...especially Charlie.' God I can't wait for him to get back safe and sound so I can tell him I love him,' and every day she would pray that would love her in return like she did him...one day the women were sitting down talking quietly to one another when the door to the room flew open, and in a blink of an eye Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Lavender, and some other girls from the D.A. had their wands drawn at the door ready to dual, but soon lowered their wand. There standing in the door way, was Harry Potter smiling ...

"WE WON!" Harry yelled and soon all the good guys filed in.

Hermione hugged Harry, Ron and all the Weasley only to notice that two were missing, George and her Charlie.

"Harry, Ron where's George and Charlie?" Hermione asked with worry in her voice.

The two looked at one another and told her to fallow them, and she did quietly. She fallowed them into the Hospital Wing and Gasped at what she saw. There laying right next to each other were no other then George and Charlie Weasley. Hermione pushed Harry and Ron out of her way and went over to George's bed noticing him awake.

"George what happened?"

"Hi to you to Herm's...well lets see um Malfoy, threw the killing curse while Charlie's back was turned I saw it and pushed him out of the way, the Curse hit my legs, Im lucky it didn't kill me, but now I do...I can't walk ever again Hermione." George explained with a painful look.

" Don't you ever say that again George, being disable isn't a bad thing...what happen to Charlie?"

" He hit his head on a rock when I knocked him down, Madam Pomfrey said he was in a comma and couldn't do anything till he woke up." George said looking a Charlie's body. Hermione turned and ,first time since she got to the wing, looked at himand started to cry.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Hermione yelled at Ron and Harry when theywent to give her a comforting hug,they did what they were told and left her alone with Charlie. Hermione had been staying in the Hospital Wings for 2 nights now, sitting in a arm chair next to his bed either holding his hand or stroking it lightly. Hermione sighed looking atCharlie still in his comma,

" Hey Charlie, its been two days after the war ended and you've been in here. Everyone wants you to wake up soon, you know, I want you awake just as bad, if not more. Why? Well I want you to hold me and tell me everything will be alright, that your alright. I want you to whisper sweet things in my ear, I want to tell you I love you, so please wake up soon!" Hermione said, looking down in her lap the whole time. She didn't even notice the hand now holding on to hers with out her help, or the she had two light blue every staring at her.

" I love you to Hermione." He said loud enough for her to hear, Hermione Jumped up and out of her chair and turned to see Charlie awake and giving her a lazy smile. Hermione jumped on him and Hugged him to death, but then pulled back with shock written on her face.

"Did you just say...you love me?" Hermione asked not believing what she heard, but when he nodded his head giving her a toothy grin, she smiled and kissed him like there was no tomorrow.


Hermione smiled remembering that night al too well, Hermione gave a happy sigh. The door leading on to the Astronomy Tower creaked open making Hermione turn around to see if it was a student out of bed ( she wasn't the Transfiguration professor for nothing you know), but It was just the man she was thinking constantly about.

"Love what are you doing up here? And alone at that?" Charlie asked coming up to her and kissing her nose.

"Nothing just thinking." Hermione said while twisting her ring once again.

" Not having second thought are you?" Charlie asked worried.

"Nope just, remembering something."

"And what would that be?" Charlie said while pulling her in his arm and resting his forehead on her's. Hermione smiled up at Charlie ( seeing as he was 6'2 and her 5'7) and Replied,

"Just about the first time you told me you loved me."Charlie smiled,

" Have I told you I love you today at all?" he asked getting closer to her mouth,

"Hmm nope I cant say you have...what areyou going to do about that?" Hermione asked against his mouth.

"This!" and with that he's mouth covered hers in a passionate kiss. When they finally pulled away, it was nearing 2 o'clock in the morning.

" Come, lets go to bed." Charlie said, he pulled Hermione all the way back to their chambers, where as soon as her head hit the soft pillows on their bed, she fell into a deep sleep with a smile on her face. Charlie smiled once more at her before kissing the top of her head, and whispering,

"Good night my love, let sweet dream come to you in you peaceful slumber." and fell asleep just as fast as Hermione.

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