1Author: This is the main reason people like me should not watch musicals with children. Of course, I can't even watch cooking shows so...

Pairing: Surprise/Cam (it won't be a surprise half way through)

Summary: Cinderalla-esque Ninja Storm.


Cam Watanabe finished his exercises just as dawn was beginning to rise over the horizon. Closing his eyes and letting out a deep breath, he then hurried into the kitchens to where he would be helping the cooks prepare breakfast for Lord Lothor, otherwise known as: that bastard, Cam's uncle. It was amazing how friendly the servants were to him even though they knew that by birth he was nobility, but because of his Uncle usurping his rightful inheritance he had ended up as a servant to the new Duke of Blue Bay Harbor.

"Bastard." He muttered under his breath. Lothor had taken over as Duke after Cam's father's mysterious death by hex, a hex Cam was sure could be traced back to his uncles dark ninja energies. Since Cam had not yet reached the age of majority both Blue Bay Harbor and the Wind Ninja Academy, on the grounds of age, passed the Duke's castle to Lothor, who took great enjoyment in subjecting Cam to life as a servant. He did not view the young man as a threat, since the brunet had never received any official training in the art of ninjutsu, his mother had died early in his life and told his father she never wanted Cam to deal with that type of life. Duke Kanoi had held true to his promise and never trained Cam, though the boy had picked up things on his own, training himself to the point that he was better then most graduated ninja. Still, because of his lack of official training Lothor treated him as a bug that could easily be swatted away. Which was good because it kept Cam in a position to retake his rightful land holding but was annoying because the young man hated to be belittled.

It really did not help that his cousins had taken to calling him 'CinderCam'.


"A letter for you." Lothor looked up as Cam delivered his message to the study, he had to hide a smirk at the obvious mask of diffidence on his nephew's face. He had no doubts about the boy's hate for him, but the boy was weak and untrained and thus unable to do anything about it, but Lothor kept him close just in case. Smirking to himself he deliberately did not dismiss his nephew, amused at the boy's silent anger at being forced to stay here or be punished for being a disobedient servant.

Cam knew his Uncle's game, the butler had beaten him before when he disobeyed Lothor and the brunet did not wish to have to deal with bruises from Zurogane again.

Lothor opened the letter and took out the single piece of paper inside. Skimming the material, he could not help the devious smirk that appeared on his face. Prince Blake had finally decided to marry Duchess Tori, and they were invited to the wedding. Lothor had no doubt it was because they were too socially conscious not to invite him, as he was now in control of the Wind Ninja Academy which Tori was a graduate of. Prince Blake was a graduate of the Thunder Ninja academy and such unions between ninjas of differing talents were rare, but this marriage was odd because of one other thing; Blake was not the eldest son.

Crown Prince Hunter Bradley had refused to marry with such vehemence that King Omino had given up on his eldest adopted son. Personally, Cam could see where he was coming from, marrying for love was difficult to achieve, and at the moment no men or women that would make a good political alliance were of age. Well, except for Cam and his bubble headed cousins. Eyes widening slightly, he fought to keep his face immobile as he realized the possible implications of this turn of events. If Lothor left with Marah and Kapri then Cam would have the time to subvert his claims on Blue Bay Harbor, of course the dark ninja would have the opportunity to gain more power and a closer connection to the throne. Which was a bad thing still if Marah and Kapri had no dowry it might make the prince break off the engagement. Which meant he had only a short amount of time to work his magic while his uncle was gone.

"Pack your bags Cameron, we have been invited to a ball." Lothor's sadistic smirk as the young man stiffened more then he was already angered Cam even further. As he stalked out of the study he ignored the chuckle his uncle was indulging in. Damn the man! He had just wrecked his chances at... or had he?

Beginning to plan a far more difficult scheme, Cam went in search of help, he would need it if he was to pull off a coup from right under his Uncle's nose.


Cam knew that his Uncle would keep him within easy reach and obviously as a servant, since Lothor did not want Cam to be able to chat with anyone who would be able to give him any sort of leverage to gain to estate, and let's face it; it was all a matter of leverage. ((Snort, bad Kat!)) Still Lothor would never check his bags and that was the one thing going for him, his uncle's ego.

The hazel eyed young man was right now searching through a dusty part of the estates attic storage and fighting back a sneeze. The servants saw no need to clean or organize up here and it had taken Cam a while to find what it was he had wanted. It was a trunk of his father's which should contain both his parent's wedding garments, and what Cam needed now was his fathers suit. Picking the lock had been easy, the thing was practically rusted away anyhow and Cam had always been good at mechanical things. In fact, if not for his heritage, the brunet ninja would have been able to make good money on the street not only with mechanical things but charming them too. He had a knack for charming mechanical objects that was very rare and a very prized skill.

And most certainly not something his uncle knew of. Grinning ever so slightly Cam pried the lid to the trunk open and held his breath as the contents breathed out dust.

The first object he saw was an old style sketch of his parents standing in gown and ninja dress that had probably been a rough draft of the man who did the actual painting, which had been stored away at his father's death. Lifting it with careful fingers Cam touched the people on the paper, a melancholic expression on his face. "Mom," he whispered softly. "Dad." Placing the paper down with care Cam then picked up the beautiful gown which would have been his mothers. It was a dark green, as suited his mother with her samurai training, and luxurious to the touch, made of a velvety material that must have been very expensive. Holding it up Cam almost missed the thunk of a fallen object in his thoughts of how his mother must have looked. Turning his head downwards Cam saw a faint glow on the floor in the shape of a pendant. Reaching down he picked up an amulet on a leather strap that was glowing with a soft green light. Eyes widening, Cam realized he had just found the Green Samurai Amulet, an heirloom that had been passed down from generation to generation of Samurai, transforming them into one of the Six Rangers who protected the land. That is, as long as the holder was worthy. If the amulet did not consider the person 'worthy' it seemed to disappear and reappear once some one it approved of appeared. His Mother must have put it away with her wedding clothes believing she would not need it and could rely on her own skills and would simply wait to hand it over to the next holder, instead she had died while Cam was very young, and now the amulet was pulsing in his grip.

Wait . . . pulsing? ((Hee, dirty thoughts))

Hello young man! You look like you're in need of a bit of help there! The cheery voice of a middle aged woman rang through his head. Turning around Cam tried to ascertain if there was anyone in the room with him. In your hand boy! Your hand! With wide eyes the brunet stared at the glowing green stone. Yep! That's me!


Author: You like? I've got more in my head planned! So we've met the evil 'stepmother' (snerk) Cinderella, and the fairy godmother with a few plot threads as to who our 'charming' is. FEEDBACK IS WANTED!