1A month later the ceremony for Hunter and Cam's marriage was held. The invitation list was long and far more prestigious then the people who had been invited to Tori and Blake's wedding. Cam had said it was Hunter's fault because he was the Crown Prince. Hunter had claimed it was Cam's fault because he ran away and met all those odd people. Behind their backs everyone else just snickered quietly. The two men were nervous and highly excitable as the date approached. Hunter had taken to dragging Shane out of Blue Bay Harbor just so he had someone to beat up, and Cam had a tendency to let loose his sharp tongue on anyone who looked at him the wrong way. And if nothing else came up to help either of them release their tensions, the ninja and the samurai were known for having long, loud fights leading to long, loud bouts of makeup sex.

All in all, while some of the castle staff had been traumatized for life, everyone else was getting along fairly well. Then the day for the wedding came, and both men found themselves close to nervous breakdown.

"What if he really doesn't want to get married? What if he runs away again? If he ran out in the middle of the wedding I'd be so angry. And what if I couldn't find him, or..." Blake stopped his brother's rambling by placing a rather effective hand over his mouth.

"Hunter. Listen. Cam loves you, okay? If he was gonna run he'd have done it when there weren't so many trained ninjas around to stop him." Hunter's shoulders slumped slightly in relief and Blake let out an explosive puff of air. He hoped that Tori and Dustin were doing better with Cam.



"Smile Cam! C'mon! It's your wedding, not your funeral!" Cam shot Dustin a look that spoke for itself. The happy-go-lucky man winced and backed away. He had gotten a little better at withstanding Cam's 'looks' as he had to deal with them off and on for a month with increasing severity, but damn those things were like physical. Idly Dustin wondered why he volunteered for this duty again instead of hanging around Marah so they could implement their plan to 'seduce Shane'. After a little time spent as an official couple both members of the relationship had realized that they needed some grounding in order to make their relationship work. Shane, despite being an Air ninja, was more down to Earth then either of them and had been a big help in their relationship. Plus the big guy was all alone, he needed loving too!

"You're thinking about Shane and Marah again aren't you?" Tori asked when she spotted the goofy grin that was quickly spreading over Dustin's face. Dustin managed to look sheepish before it melted into a grateful smile as Tori shooed him away. He left eagerly leaving Tori to deal with the grumpy green ranger. "Relax Cam, the ceremony will go fine, there aren't any more evil uncles and you have almost every royal family anywhere near here represented in your guest list. Though how you got Billy of Aquitar to come I'll never know. You were never even near Aquitar!" Cam did crack a secretive smile at the girl's whine. It had been his little secret on how he and Billy were connected and it managed to annoy Tori constantly.


As soon as the marriage ceremony was brought to a close the wedding guests clapped loudly and waited for the couple to break their celebratory kiss.

And waited...

...and waited...

...and waited...

Until Cam kneed Hunter in the groin and forced the other man to let go as he doubled over in pain. Smiling widely, Cam motioned to the others that they should exit to the dining room before hitting his whining husband over the head. In the crowd, one of the wedding guests claimed it would take a week before one of them tried to murder the other. (It actually took 11 days, 3 hours, 47 minutes and 25 seconds before the first official murder attempt but very few people believed that Hunter's patience had held out that long.) As he headed for the place of honor, with Hunter trailing slightly behind and wearing the expression of a three legged kicked puppy, Cam found Billy of Aquitar suddenly at his side.

"So that's what you were running from." He said mysteriously and Cam looked slightly ashamed, slightly. Billy grinned at that. "Not so different from King Tommy then, different gender, same reason."

"I thought..." And Cam shot a look at the lurking and scowling King Jason to the happily chatting but tense King Oliver. Raising an eyebrow he turned to the blond beside him.

"Ah. No." Billy laughed and shook his head. "Tommy had a thing for Princess Kimberly but she and he had a falling out one could say. Jason's just never been able to let that go." Cam nodded slightly and ignored his mildly glowering husband. Really, married seconds before and he was not allowed to make conversation with other men? Wait... Princess Kimberly? Cam blanched slightly.

"You don't mean... the Princess Kimberly who served as an ambassador for Crystal Cove do you?" Billy nodded slightly, worry clouding his face.

"Yes, why?"

"...oh, hell." Cam stated as he watched the blonde haired woman dressed in pink sweep into the room. "We kinda invited her too." Behind him Hunter tried to hide a snicker behind a coughing fit but failed miserably. Glaring back at the other he commented, "And that one is so your fault."


Amazingly, everyone made it through the evening without any sort of explosion, battle, or poisoning. Princess Kimberly and King Tommy had even managed to converse civilly. Though King Jason was definitely trying to burn holes into the black haired man's head. Luckily, it seemed that Billy was skilled at the way to distract Jason from bloodbath. It was rather amusing to watch the man's expression go from 'faster pussy cat, kill! Kill!' to 'besotted fool' in the span of a few seconds. Cam, however, had found himself fighting off the overly amorous hands of his newly wedded husband.

"Can you go an hour without trying to have sex with me?" He hissed. Hunter however leered and shook his head no. Snarling Cam wielded his fork in front of the other's nose. "If you don't move your hand I will be forced to defend myself." Reluctantly, the other moved his hand from where it had been petting along Cam's thigh. He pouted as he eyed his plate, Cam's thigh had been so nice and warm.

Across the room Marah hid her giggles by burying her face in Shane's shoulders, while on the other side Dustin bit his fist to stop the laughter from spilling out. Shane himself looked damn close to breaking his smirk with a guffaw but held it in, knowing his situation was not that different. It was a little odd to have your best friend and his girlfriend throwing themselves at you but... Shane could deal. In fact, he was dealing with it most happily at the moment.

When the night ended very few people went to sleep with an empty bed. Well, that is except for the Dino Rangers, because they were far too young for that.

"Why is it all the good ones are either gay or taken?" Kira pouted as she faced her two teammates. King Oliver had wandered off with that pretty blonde to 'talk more' after the feast had ended and it looked like everyone else at the feast had paired off except them.

"Hey, I'm not either!" Ethan stated. Behind his back Conner and Trent were very pointedly not looking at each other.

"Point in fact." Kira stated sarcastically.


And that really is the end. THERE IS NO MORE! REALLY! I only wrote this because some people (you know who you are) threatened to do crazy things (you know what you said) and I felt it was my duty to stop that.