For those of you who know Sesshomaru and Sango don't mix. Well I put them together because those are my two favorite characters. (Sango 'cos she's cool and Sesshomaru 'cos he's the hottest out of the bunch! 00) I also know some of the stuff are way out of character for Sesshomaru, but who knows how he would act if he fell in love. And quiet you for going like "Wha-? He can never fall in love" 'cos anybody can! Enjoy my very short story, Ja Ne and Stay Sweet

And idiots! Of course I don't own Inuyasha. Who would write that really? Everybody knows it's Rumiko's Takahashi's! Geez! Gr……. . well unless she sold it, but I don't think she did! Sorry……… I love you! Read my story please!

Wounded Womb

An InuYasha Fan Fiction by Necko-San

"Sango! Where are you?" yelled Sesshomaru who was worried for the first time in his life.

"Answer me Sango!"

Seconds later he finally heard her voice, but her screaming voice. He used his good hearing and found Sango lying on the ground surrounded in blood. "What happened?" asked Sesshomaru now more worried than ever.

"I think I had a miscarriage." Replied a crying Sango. Sesshomaru was devastated. He was so much in pain for the lost of his baby and was in pain knowing that his love would not be with child any longer.

"You can smell the baby, can't you." Said Sango "He's dead, you know it."

"I'm sorry Sango." Sesshomaru never could cry, and didn't but wish he could so that he could express his deep, deep sorrow.

"It's my entire fault Sesshomaru! I should have taken more care of myself!"

"Sango, no! I rushed you too much, I over worked you by having us travel for so long. I only blame myself and you too."

"Sesshomaru! Sesshomaru!"


They were holding each other, each crying in their own way.

(One year later)

"I love our new home Sesshomaru, I feel much protected here."

"That was the idea."

"It's been eight months already. I think I'll make it."

"No," said Sesshomaru.

After having him say that a frown grew upon the heart broken Sango, but he continued "I know you'll make it."

He then put his hand over Sango's round belly and stroked it.

"I love you Sango."

"I love you too."

"What should we name her," asked Sesshomaru.

"How about Shiko?"

"What does it mean?"

"A mother's joy."

"Perfect" said Sesshomaru with a smile that years ago Sango would have thought to be evil. Sango stared into his warm eyes and smiled.


(Okay, Mitty wrote the ending from "What should we name her to "thought to be evil")