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Kevin's life was always one that made him wonder. Wonder about people from his past, things that happened as he grew up and the life he was living now. Of course he couldn't complain..he did pretty well for himself. He married a woman named Keera who he had met through friends when he got his job as a business man in advertising. They instantly fell in love and have been married for a little over a year. He even had a son whom he named Jack Paul Arnold..after his father and his best friend...Paul fulfilling his promise to name their first born son's in someway after each other.

Paul had also done very well for himself...becoming a lawyer in civil suits and also married with two sons. His wife, laughably was his once apon a time girlfriend from junior high...Carla Heeley. She was a professor for a time, but had to put it on hold when she had their first son...Dwight Kevin and in two years they had their second son, Paul Jr.

Kevin loved his life, his job, his family, his son and his wife. This had struck him as odd because he had never really loved any girl except the one who grew up across the street from him and everything that ever happened in his life that really mattered in someway had to do with her...Winnie Cooper. She had also done very well for herself, majoring in art history and working in museums all over Europe. She had also become somewhat of an educator of the arts. She loved it, so Kevin in turn was happy for her, even though it broke his heart for the longest time and he wasn't sure it ever was fully mended. Even when he got married and had Jack, he thought maybe that would do it for good, but no such luck...he still thought about how much richer his life would be had things had worked out for him and Winnie.

Sure Kevin and Winnie kept their promise to always be together by writing one letter a week for the past eight years to each other, but Kevin thought if they had really kept that promise then she would be the one he opened his eyes to every morning...and she would be the mother of his children. But, Kevin laughed at himself for being so foolish and thought those adolescent dreams his used to have were over...besides he had moved on, he had to because she was in Paris and had been for eight years now...but she was coming home in a week.