The person that wrote a story sum what like this about 2 years ago, and I wanted to know what was going to happen, but I didn't want to wait, so I am writing it myself... in myversion (please note: there are some things that are in the originol, but i made it more of me:-p) hope you like it... and dont hate me!

"Discipline, and strength, gotcha Baba," a little girl said standing at the bottom of a pole stuck vertically in the ground. She wore clothes that Chinese Soldiers in training wear and had her hair tied up into a medium sized bun on the top of her head. She held two straps tied to two large medals. Her father stood alongside her standing with his shoulders straight and his head held high.

"You need both to reach the arrow," he told her with the strict tone of Chinese General.

"I know Baba, I've tried this a hundred times, and I still can't lift these things they are too heavy!" Lian said and grunted as she tried to lift the heavy Medals.

"You're not supposed to have to carry them as a burden. When you use discipline and strength together it works together like teamwork, and it is much easier to carry them. Trust me!" Mulan said and walked over beside the Shang.

"Your mother learned that the hard way," Shang joked.

"After your father tried to convince me to quit," Mulan quipped.

"I was just a captain then, dear you cant hold anything against me. I was stupid then!"

"You still are, baba!" the girl said as she dragged the medals toward the pole sticking out laughing at her father.

"And your mother still married me. The most famous woman in all of China, and she accepts my marriage proposal" Shang said and smiled to Mulan. Mulan knelt down and rubbed her hand in her daughter's hair.

"When Lian grows up, she will become the most famous woman China has ever seen!"

"But first she has to reach…"

(Years Later)

"The arrow! I got it again Baba!" Lian said from the top of a pole stuck vertically in the ground. She had two straps connected to two rounded medals slung over her shoulder. Her father stood on the ground below her, looking up at his daughter.

"Alright you can come down Lian, that's enough training for today," Shang told her as she climbed down the pole.

"I've gone up and down that pole so many times it's getting worn," she commented as she walked toward her father.

"Yes, you've become a very good soldier. If you weren't my daughter I'd be proud to have you in my army," he said as they walked toward the house, the sun beginning to set behind them.

" Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! If I were any other daughter I would be in your army, but that's not fair!" she grumbled.

"Your mother and I have discussed this with you, Lian. You are our daughter, not our son, you will not run away, and you will not dress like a soldier. You will stay here and honor us by getting married. That is an order!"

"But I'm dressed as one now Baba! All the men of both country and court see me as their equal! And you can't order me to get married and have children and never do what I want!"

"As do the women. You meet with the Matchmaker in a matter of days, do well my daughter. And I know you don't want to be married off and do what you are expected to do, but please do this for me?"

"Baba won't you be here?"

"Sadly, no. I've gotten report of disturbances along the Hun boarders, I have leave in the morning."

"But Baba, can't they send the other troops?" Shang looked down and lowered his voice

"They have, three days ago."

"And?" He closed his eyes in pain and said

"Yesterday," he started, "the head of every man in those troops was delivered to the Imperial Palace," he answered and bowed his head. Lian gasped.

"Their… heads?" Lian asked and placed her hand to her throat.

"A soldier's life is not a life of joy, Lian. It is a horrible life to lead."

"Then why do so many men become soldiers Baba?"

"Some men have no where else to go, some try to regain honor, others just had/have much loyalty to China."

"I am loyal to China! I am as loyal as any man!"

"But not as loyal as any daughter, no girl but you would talk to her father in such a tone as you," he said. She walked out in front of him and made him stop walking.

"I was raised a soldier, Baba. Not a daughter, nor a wife. I would much rather die in battle then to bear any child." Lian said furiously.

"I'm sure your husband will be very disappointed," he said and stepped past her and entered the house.

Lian didn't want her farther to leave here. She knew something could happen and she couldn't help.

Lian lay in her bed awake. The sun was just rising and the orange light came through her window and made a shape on the wall at her feet. Her raven black hair fell behind her face. She gripped her pillow tightly as she heard her mother bidding her father farewell. Shang hugged her, kissed her on the check, and promised his quick return. then the sound of his horse trotting out of the yard. She ran to the door to at least wave goodbye. She couldn't do this she yelled, "BABA!"

Shang heard her and stopped his horse and turned around. He watched Lian running towards him, he quickly got off and she ran into his arms. "I love you baba!"

"I love you too Lian." He gave her the pendant he wore around his neck and asked her to hold it for him until they met again. And then he got on his horse and road off. Lian went back in her room and cried herself to sleep.

Fa Li walked into the room and shook her granddaughter awake. Lian moaned slightly not realizing she had fallen back asleep.

"Lian, wake up, you have chores to do," her grandmother told her. Lian sat up and yawned. She matted her hair down hoping she wouldn't look too ridiculous.

"Grandma? What time is it?"

"Seven, and the chickens are getting hungry."

"Then the chickens and I have something in common, hmm," Lian said and rubbed her stomach. Her grandmother sat next to her on the bed.

"Your mother tells me you almost didn't see your father off this morning," she said worriedly.

"I wasn't going to, but I couldn't I love him to much. I wish he didn't have to go."

"Your father has a very powerful job, he has incredible responsibility. He is an honorable man, you should do much to learn this."

"I know he is a good man, a good general, but as a father he leaves things to be desired."

"When your mother was young, very young, your grandfather was a soldier. She said much of the same things about grandpa that you say of your father."

"Yes, but then Grandpa got hurt, and could no longer be a soldier. I don't want to wait for Baba to get hurt before I can have a father."

The rest of the day went normally with less training and more studying, and the nagging feeling that something was missing from the family's life. Lian sat in her bed as the sunset reading by candlelight. She read the words aloud trying to remember them.

"Perform your duties quietly and carefully. Reflect before you act," she said to herself. She huffed angrily and lay back onto her bed. She set the papers on the table beside her bed.

"I can impress the Matchmaker, that's no problem. Whoever I marry will think I'm perfect. Oh but I don't know how I'll be able to live my life as just a housewife. Serve tea, give birth, and raise children, blah, blah, Blah! I will never have any fun. What a great future," she said and blew out the candle. Mulan stood outside her door, listening to her daughter's grief. Mulan sighed and walked away.

The sun had set so the stone sidewalk was cold beneath Mulan's bare feet. She kept a quick pace until she reached the altar where the ancestor slabs were kept. She lit the incense over her family's slabs and knelt.

"Oh great ancestors, you have helped my family and myself much in the past, but please ancestors, help my daughter find joy in her life. She is young but smart beyond her years, and very talented, she is my pride. Please great ancestors of the Fa family, help my daughter find her true happiness," Mulan prayed.