An Unexpected Kinship
By: Discord

Let me make myself clear - this is NOT a yaoi fic. Yaoi is translated to mean
homosexual hentai (porn between men.) Shounen ai is a term used for two men who love each other. There's a big difference and if you don't know what that difference is then don't read my story.

This is my first shounen ai romance ever and I'm very excited about how it's
going to turn out. My fic features Goku and Vegeta and the affinity that gradually grows
between them.


PART 1 - Beaten Brotherhood

Goku crested the hill with a battered and unconscious man in his arms. He
carried his wounded friend across their familiar training field and ignored the blood that stained his arms and soaked through his gi. Goku held the man to his chest and walked with slow, even steps, careful not to disturb the injured cargo in his arms.


Bulma and ChiChi were sitting on a blanket with the remains of a picnic
spread out around them. Bulma's infant son Trunks sat crying in her lap and both friends were fully engrossed as they each fussed over the red-faced youngster, trying to soothe his wailing complaints.

ChiChi sighed after their fourth attempt to quiet the baby failed. She raised
her head away from Trunks to stretch her neck for a moment. ChiChi turned to the pine forests that surrounded their picnic spot and took a deep breath of the fresh country air. She blocked out the sound of Trunks' crying and let her gaze roam over the peaceful landscape, marred only by the shrieking child.

The almost picturesque scene was abruptly interrupted by a large flock of
birds that suddenly took wing into the air. Entire herds squawked with protest into flight and ChiChi realized something must have disturbed their nesting. She heard a heavy shuffling in the woods and a shadowed form unexpectedly appeared in the trees, trudging through the forest. ChiChi's eyes widened as the traveler drew closer and she recognized him as her husband. She gasped in shock when her gaze fell to the man in Goku's arms and ChiChi tugged on Bulma's sleeve to get the preoccupied mother's attention.

Bulma lifted her head and saw ChiChi point off towards the woods with her
mouth hanging open. The blue haired women turned to look in the same direction and she cried out when she spotted Goku approach with an unconscious Vegeta supported against his chest.

"Oh my God what happened!" Bulma got to her feet in a second and rushed
towards the beaten up pair, fear suddenly weighing heavily down on her shoulders.

Goku continued walking forward until he had cleared the line of trees. The
two women ran anxiously to his side and the usually cheerful Saiya-jin ignored them as he solemnly set Vegeta down on their picnic blanket.

Baby Trunks wailed in his mother's arms and Bulma knelt down beside the
unconscious Prince, tears forming in her eyes as she saw the deep cuts that crisscrossed down his tattered training gi.

Goku stared just beyond Vegeta and a far away look hazed into his eyes.
ChiChi watched her husband worriedly and noticed the blood stains on his arms and chest.

"Goku, you're hurt!" She touched his hand and he turned his head slowly
towards the sound of her cry.

"No, it's not my blood." He mumbled distractedly. Goku moved away from
his wife and bent down to the prone man lying before him. Bulma sat huddled on
Vegeta's right side and she raised her tear-streaked face as Goku knelt down beside Vegeta's left. The unusually subdued Saiya-jin raised one of his hands to Vegeta's face and gently touched the man's cheek with his large palm.

"Vegeta..." he whispered. The warrior closed his eyes and bent his forehead
down to Vegeta's slow rising chest.

"Is he going to be alright Goku?" Bulma asked, with a hand held up at her

"I-I don't know..."


That's the end of part 1, what did everyone think? Is this fic just gonna
be a lost cause? I know exactly where I want the plot to go but if people don't think I should continue I won't. Just leave me your opinion. Thanks everybody!