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PART 3 - You're Welcome

Vegeta opened his eyes and stared at the unfamiliar ceiling above him. He raised his head to look around and the room began to spin. Sharp pain raced to his temples and Vegeta remembered the injury on his forehead. He reached up to touch the wound and was surprised when he found it bandaged. Looking down he saw that the cuts on his chest had all been dressed and cleaned as well.

Ignoring the pain, Vegeta sat up and lifted the sheet that covered his legs. His spandex training uniform had been ripped open up to the thigh of his left leg and he saw that the gaping wound, which had traveled down almost to his calf, was now closed and held together by a tourniquet.

"Where the hell am I?" He said aloud angrily. Vegeta hated the thought that he had passed out during the ship's nosedive and he was furious now for having help. The Prince swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up.

Immediately he was hit with a wave of nausea as his left leg jolted pain directly to his brain. His thigh burned with the sudden movement and Vegeta bit his lip to keep from blacking out.

A door slowly creaked open and a man stepped into the room. He turned towards Vegeta and the Prince's eyes went wide with surprise.

"Vegeta, what are you doing out of bed?" Goku came towards the other Saiya-jin and reached for the fighter's arm. Vegeta pulled away and his legs buckled in protest. He started to fall as his calf muscles refused to support his pride and he stumbled helplessly.

Goku bent down and caught him easily, not seeing the flush of shame that flamed Vegeta's face as he looped his arm around the other man's chest.

"Kakarott, what are you doing here?" Vegeta tried to stand on his own and he felt his cheeks burn hotly as his legs give way again. Goku gently pulled the Prince to his feet and Vegeta shrugged off Goku's arms indignantly.

"I saw your ship crash and brought you here to bandage your wounds." Oblivious to the Prince's infracted pride, Goku helped Vegeta back into bed and smiled. "Your lucky I was around or you'd still be caught in there." He drew the covers up over the embarrassed fighter and Vegeta closed his eyes in humiliation.

The Prince felt like dying. His archrival had just saved his life and now the low brow Saiya-jin was tucking him in. Vegeta grabbed the sheets from Goku and turned his nose up disdainfully.

"I'd have rather you just left me Kakarott." He snarled. Vegeta seethed at the thought that he had just needed help to stand on his own two feet.

"Aww, don't say that. You're fine now." Still oblivious, Goku smiled again and slapped Vegeta on the shoulder, offering friendly camaraderie unconsciously like he always did.

"Don't touch me." Vegeta pulled away again and frowned.

Goku shook his head and turned from the bed. He walked over to a nearby closet and after a few moments of rummaging, pulled out an orange gi from a pile of his clothes. "Here." He tossed the gi to Vegeta and the Prince caught the clothing with raised eyebrows. He sent a questioning look to Goku and the other Saiya-jin smiled.

"You can wear that for now, since your uniform is ruined."

Vegeta stared in horror at Goku. "Are you serious? I can't wear your clothes Kakarott!" Indignation filled his voice and he was furious that the imbecile would even consider such thought.

"Oh I don't mind you borrowing one of my gi's. I mean, you don't have anything else to wear."

"I'm royalty Kakarott, I don't borrow anything!"

Goku shrugged. "Suit yourself, you can wear that sheet if you really want instead. I'm gonna go get the breakfast ChiChi made for me in the fridge. I'll bring you something." Goku waved and left the bedroom. Vegeta stared after him in disbelief and then after several minutes reluctantly pulled on the gi.


Vegeta hobbled into the Son kitchen and his eyes widened at the mess that greeted his entrance. Broken plates and bent silverware lay strewn across the floor and the walls and ceiling were coated with splattered remains of bean pastas, pancake batter, mashed tuna fish and several unidentifiable stains that looked suspiciously like peanut butter and jelly.

"What the hell is all this Kakarott?!" Vegeta barely avoided a pile of orange rinds lying in a browning heap as he made his way to the bewildered Goku who had two burnt oven mitts over his hands.

"Well, see, ChiChi is out of town with Gohan. They're gone for the weekend to a national science fair and she left me in charge. ChiChi's only been gone for 12 hours and I've been making the meals since she left. But I don't think I'm doing a very good job." Goku looked over at Vegeta helplessly and the Prince rolled his eyes.

"That's for sure! This place is a mess!" Vegeta made his way to the refrigerator and cautiously looked inside. It was surprising organized, stacked full of large Tupperware containers, each labeled plainly with cooking instructions in neat handwriting. Vegeta peered at one of the blue lidded dishes and read the directions for heating it's contents of lasagna. His stomach growled and he pulled the plastic pan out.

Goku gaped in amazement as Vegeta limped to the microwave and punched in some numbers after closing the lasagna inside.

The Prince ignored Goku's surprised look as he pulled the steaming food out a few minutes later and Vegeta sat down in the only chair not covered with macaroni strands and pizza sauce. He pried open the Tupperware and Goku's mouth fell open as he saw the sizzling dish inside

Vegeta smiled and began to eat the lasagna with his hands, not offering to share, and Goku's eyes grew big from hunger.

"Umm, Vegeta..."

"Hmm?" The Prince didn't look up and continued shoveling food in his mouth, pretending to be too preoccupied to answer.

"Ahh, could I have some?"

Vegeta smiled again and was about to torture some begging out of his rival when he glanced over at the other Saiya-jin. Goku's mouth was watering and his hands were cupped together in hope. Vegeta was struck by the other man's innocent candor and he passed the tray to the drooling warrior with a sigh of disgust. The gratitude on Goku's face as he took the lasagna was so apparent that Vegeta had to look away.

How can he be so guileless? Vegeta wondered and shook his head. He pushed himself to his feet and ignored the blazing pain from his leg as he slowly walked back into the bedroom. Just as he reached the door, Goku's voice carried through the kitchen.

"Thanks Vegeta."

The Prince looked back at the other fighter and saw sauce and cheese covering his face as he smiled broadly. Before he could stop himself, Vegeta gruffly muttered "You're welcome," and then stalked away to lie down.


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