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The sequel to The Return... Sara's all grown up, but is she headed for trouble when she goes on the road with the WWE and finds an unlikely enemy?

Yep, you guys were right. I looked back at the last chapter I posted of "The Return" and remembered I'd already told who the parents were. Silly me!

Chapter 2

Allie glared at her twin brother Jase and he gave her a withering look. "Behave," she reminded him, just before knocking on Vince McMahon's office door.

"You don't have to remind me, Allie. I'm not a child," Jase said.

"You certainly have a tendency to act like one, though," she said, then knocked on the door.

"Come in," Vince called. Allie opened the door and walked inside, followed by Jase, who was slouching with his hands in his pockets. Vince looked up at them and received quite a shock. "Allie! Jase! Look how much you've grown since I last saw you!" he exclaimed in a voice filled with both pride and amazement.

"It has been a while," Allie said, studying him. The man was old as dust. His hair was no longer gray. It was snow white.

"You've aged as well," Jase pointed out. "I see some extra wrinkles, some bald spots..."

Allie punched Jase hard on the shoulder and then smiled apologetically at Vince. "What Jase meant was that you have aged but you've still managed to retain your youth."

"That's not how I interpreted it but thank you," Vince said. "You don't have to sugarcoat it. I know I'm old. I'm just happy to still be here." He smiled at them. "How about you guys take a seat?"

They sat down in the same two seats that Sara and Justin had been sitting in a short while ago.

"First off, I just want to thank you for giving us this opportunity," Allie said to Vince. "Mom was really surprised when you made the offer."

"It's the least I could do, considering... How is Amy?" Vince asked, changing his mind and trying not to bring up the past.

"Mom's fine," Jase said. "She's just great."

"She's seen better days," Allie said with a sigh. "Dad's been coming around lately and she's been depressed."

"Allie!" Jase exclaimed, glaring at his sister. "You really don't need to be discussing our personal lives right now!"

"Jase, Vince is like family," Allie said. "We can trust him. How do you think we made it when Dad was locked up? Only with Vince's help."

"Yeah, ok, I appreciate his help and support but you're talking too much right now!" Jase said angrily. Then he folded his arms and looked the other way, embarrassed at his own outburst and pissed that his sister just had to discuss their personal life.

"I'll try to shy away from any other personal questions," Vince said with a slight grimace.

"Vince, you're family. You're like the dad I never had," Allie said. "You can ask any personal questions that you'd like to ask. It's fine with me."

"But I have to consider the feelings of both you and Jase," Vince said to Allie. "I think it would be unfair to discuss any more personal matters with you if it's against Jase's wishes."

"See?" Jase said to Allie. "Even he knows."

"Whatever, Jase. Whatever," Allie said, shaking her head. Sometimes her twin brother could be so impossible!

Vince shook his head. It was hard to believe those two were really twins. They acted nothing alike. It seemed as if Allie had inherited Amy's characteristics while Jase was more like Paul. Jase had definitely inherited Paul's flaring temper. He still had trouble figuring out how Amy and Paul had hooked up in the first place, but now wasn't exactly the time to be thinking about that. He had business to tend to.

"Now, Allie, Jase, I hear that you two recently graduated from high school," Vince began. "You're both 18 now right?"

"Twins are usually the same age," Jase said. "Well, except for some weird cases. But we're not a weird case." He seemed to have calmed down a little.

"Yes, we're both 18," Allie said, shooting her brother a dark look.

"Good, good. I was wondering if you both would like to work here, sort of behind the scenes, during the summer," Vince said. "It would be a great opportunity to travel to new places, meet new people, and get up close and personal with the talent here."

"Is this a pity thing?" Jase asked. "Because I totally don't do the pity deal."

"Oh no, this isn't a pity deal," Vince said quickly as Allie gave Jase a glare of death. "This is more of a graduation present with a cool way to make money on the side."

"I don't know about Jase, but I would really enjoy that," Allie said to Vince. "I'd love to meet more of the wrestlers around here and work with them."

"What about you, Jase?" Vince asked. "Would you like to do that?"

"Well... Since it's it's not a pity thing, I wouldn't mind doing it," Jase said slowly.

"That's the spirit!" Vince said. "Now, this week your job... Wait a minute, I almost forgot something important. Your contracts." He pulled out two contracts and pushed them across the desk for them. "Before we discuss what your job is this week, I need you guys to sign on the dotted line."

Jase grabbed his contract and looked it over. "Too much fine print. I'm going to have to call my lawyer," he said. He pulled out his cell phone and started dialing a number.

"Is that really necessary, Jason?" Allie asked angrily. Whenever she called him Jason, that meant she was really mad at him. "Vince would never put anything bad in a contract for us and you know that."

"Let him call. It's only fair," Vince said, putting his elbows on his desk and clasping his hands together.

Just then, Allie's cell phone started ringing. Allie looked at the Caller ID, then leaned over and punched Jase. "You idiot," she laughed.

Jase closed his flip phone and put it back in his pocket. "Well, my lawyer won't answer her phone," he said to Vince. "Do you have a pen?"

Vince laughed and handed him a pen. He was glad that the young man was finally starting to calm down. "So what, are you going to be a lawyer or something?" Vince asked Allie.

Allie smiled. "No, I'm not going to be a lawyer. I plan to be a nurse."

"I'm going to be a personal trainer," Jase put in. He signed his contract, then handed Allie the pen. "That way, I'll keep Allie in shape and she'll keep me healthy."

"Those are great goals," Vince said, very pleased that they wanted to actually do something with their lives. He watched Allie sign the contract. When they handed him their contracts, he smiled an evil smile. "You just signed your souls over to me..." He laughed evilly.

"Huh?" Allie asked, looking at him with wide eyes.

"I'm just kidding!" Vince laughed. "If you read the details of this contract, you'd see that I only require you to stay for the beginning of summer, but you can leave when you want after that."

"That's pretty flexible," Jase said, smiling. "This is gonna be fun..."