Last Thoughts

By Kate Carter

Disclaimer: See Chapter 1

A/N: Someone asked if I was going to do one every time a character dies. The answer? Probably not. I mean, what defines death? Does Daniel really die in "Meridian"? He ascends to a higher plane, yes, but is that death? Anyway, aside from asking the question of "what qualifies?", there's the fact that it might get old eventually. I'll do it for deaths of beloved characters, significant deaths in the series (first time, big event, went in a spectacular way, etc.), but other than that, probably not, because do you really want the same chapter a few times over for O'Neill in "Abyss"? Enjoy what I do write though. For an explanation as to why the dearly departed characters are still thinking, see Chapter 1.

Chapter 2

Engaging the Enemy

Charles Kawalsky

Spoilers: The Enemy Within, Children of the Gods, "Stargate" the movie

In the last day or so, my knowledge of these Goa'uld guys has increased a hundred times. I know everything there is to know about them. I know their history, I know their culture, I know their mind. I have the ultimate intel on the enemy. Shame I can't share it with Jack or the general.

This Goa'uld, Tuamutef, has taken over my head, my body, my memories. I'm the ultimate prisoner, forced to sit back and watch while my body's controlled by something else. While it acts like me, talks like me, imitates me perfectly. It sucks, know that?

What's worse, it keeps taunting me inside my own head. Telling me I'm weak, telling me my planet will be invaded and enslaved. I had friends in the Gulf, you know, and a couple of them were captured, but the stories they told of torture don't hold compared to mine.

I kept hoping someone would catch on and kill it before it killed someone else. I'm pretty sure that technician guy has a broken arm at least. What else has it done? When Teal'c began to wrestle with it, and I heard Jack shoutin' to hold him, I knew what was going to happen, and I took pleasure in it. And he knew. And he knew I was happy, and he was mad as hell.

So, I guess this is it, the big goodbye. I have gone through my last engagement with the enemy. Nothing like the dogfights I've done. This one may have consequences for the whole planet.

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Shame I didn't get the chance to lead my team through the 'gate. And I'll miss out on "General Kawalsky", I always wanted that.

Jack O'Neill, you better make sure my memorial service is nice, and you say some real nice things about me, or I'll come back and haunt you!