Disclaimer: I do not own the TMNT, but maybe someday all that 'wishing upon a star' will actually pay off.

Author's note: This story takes place after "Overflow" (which I actually haven't finished, yet) But it's been sitting around on my computer, completely finished, so I figured I might as well get it out of the way and post it.

I came up with this idea about 4 or 5 months ago while in geometry class. (because as everyone knows, nothing happens in Geometry class so there is much time to day dream). I started out with wanteing to use the words. "Mikey's a 'coon?" "Mikey's a 'coon." and this all evolved from there. It won't make sense now but it will later, promise. Here's ch.1

"Whoa, dude! Look what I found!" Mike held up a mail slot that had once been part of a front door. In fact, pieces of wood still clung to the metal slot. It was slightly rusted, gold in color, and the flap swung freely as Mike waved it about. "Can I keep it, Don? Will you put it in my door for me? Huh? Will ya?" He raced over to where Don stood in the junkyard. Don looked up from the car parts he was examining. Mike handed him the mail slot excitedly.

"I dunno, Mikey," Don said slowly turning it over in his hand, "It's pretty old, and it's getting rusted. Plus on top of it all, I might end up damaging your door trying to get it in."

"Pleeeeeeeease!" begged Mike.

"Well," Don hesitated, "Alright..."

"YES!" Mike pumped his fist in the air.

"But only if you ask Splinter or Leo first, then you gotta clean it, shine it, and get the wood chunks off."


Seeing a great opportunity, Don added, "As soon as I get these parts, we can go, but I can't carry those and push that shopping cart back home..." he trailed off glancing over at the shopping cart he'd filled with spare parts and scrap metal.

"I'll push it!" Mike exclaimed, not noticing that he was falling right into Don's (for lack of a better word) trap.

"Meet you at the lair!" Mike shouted to Don as he raced to the cart. He tossed his mail slot on the top and gave the cart a push. Nothing happened. Mike pushed harder. Still the cart didn't budge. Gritting his teeth Mike gave it one last big push, slowly the cart began to roll forward. Don shook his head and laughed.


"I can't believe you let Mike put a mail slot in his door!" Raphael shouted at Leo, then he turned to Don,

"And I can't believe you actually put it in for him." As childish as it was, Raph was a little jealous of Mike's newest addition.

Leo looked up from his book, The Art of War, Don glanced up from the toaster he was fiddling with.

"What's he gonna do with it anyway?" Raph asked, "Shove his comic books back and forth through the slot? He sure as shell isn't gonna get any mail."

"Raph, did you ever think that this'll keep Mikey quiet and occupied the rest of the night?" Leo asked Raph calmly. Raph stopped in his tracks.

"Well, er... no," he stammered.

"Now enjoy the peace and quiet," Leo commanded. Raph flopped onto the couch and flipped the TV on.

On the bright side, he'd have the TV to himself, no need to fight Mike for control of the remote.

It was six thirty, prime time television. After two Friend's episodes, An Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfield and a Three Stooges Re-run, Raph decided he was glad Mike had the simple mail slot to keep him happy.

'If only there was a way to make this last longer,' he thought to himself, full knowing that Mike will have lost interest in the mail slot be morning.

'Wait a sec... what if... yeah...' Raph grinned as his mind formulated a plan.

Heaving himself off the couch, he sauntered to Mike's room. As he neared the door he noticed the flap was up, when he walked even nearer, it banged shut.

"Hey Mike!" Raph banged on the door.

A small piece of paper was shoved through the slot. Raph bent down and picked it up. It read: What?in Mike's messy handwriting.

"I was wondering if you wanted to play a little Truth or Dare?" Raph said talking through the door.

Another paper came through the slot,


Raph smiled. Phase one of the plan was complete.

Although the turtles still called the game Truth or Dare, their rules were just a little bit different. Instead of you choosing whether you want a truth or a dare the person challenging you chooses. And since they know just about everything there is to know about each other, dares are always chosen. Another slip of paper came through.

But you gotta go first.

"You got yourself a deal, Mike." Raph agreed. The next slip passed through the slot.

Is Leo still reading?

"Yeah, Leo's still reading," Raph said puzzled at what he thought was a dare, then he noticed another paper

flutter to the ground.

Go steal his book.

Raph stared at the message for a moment then shrugged his shoulders and said to Mike through the door,

"Ok, it's your funeral." Raph smiled. This was going better than he planned.

Ever since they had learned to read the turtles had learned never to tease Leo by taking away his reading material. Once when they were eight, Mike stole Leo's battered copy of Charlotte's Web, the ensuing rumble ended with Mike pinned to the ground with a black eye. Of course Leo had one, too, and had actually received his first. But his brothers learned just how seriously he took his reading.

Raph crept up behind the couch where Leo was sitting. Leonardo turned the page, totally unsuspecting. In one swift motion Raph lashed his hand out and ripped the book from Leo's hands, then turned and ran for his life.

"Hey!" Leo shouted as he realized what had happened. He leapt up and vaulted over the couch after Raph,

"Get back here!" Meanwhile Raph had nearly made it back to Mike's room. "Give it Back, Raph!" Leo shouted. Upon reaching the door Raph heard chuckling from behind the door. He shoved the book through the slot.

"Eeep!" Mike squealed as he saw the book enter his room. Now he was gonna get it. Meanwhile outside Leo was charging towards Raph.

"O.k. Mikey, here's your dare," Raph shouted through the door, "Keep Leo's book from him for two days."

"In fact, I double-doggy-dare you." he continued just to play it safe.

"RAPHAEL!" Leo yelled, "Give me back my book!"

"Eeep!" Mike squealed again from behind the door. Raph chuckled, Mike would be too scared to come out for days. Don came walking by just as Leo leapt at Raph, taking him down. The two went rolling about on the ground in a wrestling match. Mike watched through the mail slot.

"Where is it, Raph?" Leo asked through gritted teeth.

"Why don't you ask our little mailman?" Raph answered. Leo pinned Raph to the ground, Raph stopped struggling.


"Ask Mikey," Raph grinned devilishly.

Leo got up off the ground and walked towards the door. The small flap closed with a bang and the sound of a locked being turned was heard. Don walked up to Raph

"Was all this your doing?" he whispered.




Leo knocked on the door.

"Mike is my book in there?" no answer. "I'd really like it back." no answer. "I know you're in there, Mike,

give me back my book!" Leo shouted.

Mike's voice came from behind the door "We're sorry, the turtle you are trying to reach is not here at the moment. Please leave a message after the beep..." silence fell.

"Mike, I want..."

"I repeat, please leave a message AFTER the beep, thank you."


"Hold on, Leo," Don said calmly, "Shouting at Mike isn't going to help anything." Leo thought for a moment and then turned viscously in Raph's direction, Don intervened again, "And neither is killing Raph."

"What's your idea then, Don?" Leo asked skeptically.

"Just give me some time and I'll get your book out."

Leo eyed Raph and suppressed the urge to knock his lights out and send little ninja turtles spiraling around his head.

"Alright. Fine," he said, "I'd better have it back by tomorrow at noon, or else! Got it?" he began to walk away.

"Or else what?" Raph taunted.

Leo turned and gave Raph a look that could have been punishment enough for the 'or else' and walked on.

"Okaaay." Don muttered, "Let the fun begin."